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By Cathy Sherman
September 11, 2015

This notice should be sent to all of your useful idiot acquaintances living in the listed cities below.

Is your city on this list?

Green Bay WI
Notre Dame, IN
Chicago, IL
Woodstock, NY
New York City, NY
Ithaca, Cortland, Pittsburg, PA
Ocean City, NJ
Atlanta, GA
Anaheim, CA
Bay Area, CA
Stockton, CA
Hayward, CA
Albuquerque, NM
Boston, MA
Cambridge, MA

If so, you need to be aware of the Fall Tour of Palestinian Terrorist Bassim Tamimi, ongoing now, throughout September. Not necessarily speaking under his name, he may be a part of panels and symposiums, etc.

Bassem Tamimi heads the “business” that stages clashes each Friday in Nabi Saleh, a Samarian town near Ramallah under the governance of the PA. Ex-prisoner Tamimi is going to be hosted by various American groups, including Amnesty International. Unfortunately, Amnesty has a long track record of aligning with the Tamimi family's causes and has crowned Bassem Tamimi a "prisoner of conscience" which resonates in the world in which it is active.

"Human rights defender" Tamimi has been in the news recently because of some powerful video and photographic imagery – also called Pallywood - depicting his son in a headlock and his daughter biting the arm of an IDF soldier. Consider this: knowing where Bassem Tamimi was physically standing - and what he was doing there as his children were "attacked" - is key to understanding the weekly sham performance in Nabi Saleh, scandalously covered by dozens of reporters.

The Tamimi family business is terrorism by performance. Pallywood is the term recently created to describe this new performance industry. Bassim orchestrates – choreographs – the situations, and his son and daughter are the stars. His son uses the prop of a removable cast on his arm, while daughter has become so famous she is known as “Shirley Temper”. At the above link, pictures and analysis of the latest production are presented, clearly showing Bassim out of camera range, but evidently supervising the performance of his children.

If one can stand watching the excruciating videos produced by this Pallywood family, with intent to analyze the action, it becomes apparent that the activity is phony, though the unwitting participation by young IDF soldiers is unfortunate. Pallywood has foisted on a naïve public many a phony event purporting to show the IDF engaging in abusive action with Palestinian children, especially. A 2006 article disproving the faked videos is important for its documentation of fakery in many notorious videos from Palestinian reporters. Analysis has pointed out dead Arabs suddenly getting up and walking away, something that someone somehow neglected to edit out of film somehow obtained by non-complicit reporters. The famous Al-Dura video of Israeli soldiers hiding behind an Arab youth and his subsequent shooting death was the defining Pallywood moment.

The daughter of Arnold and Frimet Roth was a victim of a Tamimi family member’s aiding of the Sbarro suicide bombing. They have dedicated their lives to outing this family through their blogging sites. One of their readers wrote a recent letter which in part reads, “Bassem's urging of Pallywood charades do no service to his family either.

His cute little son can't even remember which arm to wear his cast on as it keeps floating from one arm to the other. What kind of man, what kind of father encourages his child to engage in this behavior? Or should we conclude that this poor child has had multiple bones broken, in both arms, thereby requiring him to always wear a cast. If so, how horrid is this and shouldn't someone be looking into this?”

It requires no mystical revelation of prophecy to predict that the appearances of Bassim Tamimi will leave an aftermath of anti-Semitic, anti-Israel confrontations in their wake. US colleges have frequently been the sponsor of speakers who push BDS – the boycotting of all things Israeli – and hatred against Israel and its people. The Muslims from “Palestine” have not only created themselves as replacement indigenous people of Israel, but boast at their moral Koranic obligation to lie, called taquiyya. Pallywood, modern technology’s tool for propagandists, is part of that obligation and relies on useful idiots of the world to spread its hateful message.

Americans need to understand the context behind the messages propagated by “Palestinians”. The name Palestine is derived from the term Philistine. The Philistines were a Mediterranean island people whose name means “usurper, occupier or migrant”. Historically these tribes settled in Gaza and created havoc for Israel. The giant Goliath was a Philistine. Unable to pronounce the ph phoneme, Arabs pronounce this term as Palestinian. In historical usage, the Jews of Palestine did not refer to themselves as “Palestinians”, but used other terms such as Judeans, Shomroni, or Yerushalami. They wouldn’t have used the derisive term “Palestinian”, as the name Palestine was bestowed on Israel by the anti-Semitic Roman occupiers of the region.

As an Israeli (American dual citizen), it is a constant frustration and source of anger that no matter how many press releases, articles, videos and so on are published by truth-seeking Israelis, we constantly have to come up against the relentless lying useful idiots in the media, including the leftist media in Israel itself. Why is a lie so much easier for so many to believe, when the truth is confirmed by archeology, historical writings and the Bible itself? We can only answer this rhetorical query with the conclusion that most of the people in the world, and practically all leaders of the world, hate God, His people and His land. Wiping out His people would, if possible, show God to be a liar and a phony and pretty much eliminate the concept of God our Creator, Protector and Savior.

Though it might be veering a bit from the subject, it may be necessary to clarify the statement concerning God’s people. Please be assured the use of the term does not imply a boastful attitude. Though the Jewish people, the descendants of Abraham through his grandson Jacob, were chosen by God to represent Him on earth, it is in no way an easy nor sought-after chosen-ness, except by the very special people called to convert to Judaism.

If it was sought-after, non-Jews would be banging at our doors seeking to become a member of the tribe. For those who do, they are routinely discouraged from converting, because it’s not an easy road, this Judaism, and is not for the faint of heart. Just ask Tevye, the father in the musical Fiddler on the Roof, who demanded of God, “Please choose somebody else next time.”

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Though drafted into this media war under resistance, this writer will try to engage in the pro-Israel crafting of items to the American people intended to provide the context through history and the Bible to counter Islamic propaganda. It’s very crucial the warning goes out about the Tamimi family. Though they portray convincingly that they are the “resisters”, the “freedom fighters”, the “genocide victims” of Israel, their emotional rhetoric fails to provide real facts to prove their lies. Though we’ve been taught that photos are proof, this is now another myth added to the lies of the propagandists through the technological wonders of video editing and Photoshop. Let the viewer beware!.

� 2015 Cathy Sherman - All Rights Reserved

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Cathy Sherman is a freelance writer with a major interest in natural health. She wrote many articles on healthy living. An interest in the fascinating subject of water inspired her to write her recently published children’s book, Drew Drop and the Water Cycle.

After moving to Israel, she realized the need to clarify some of the incorrect and misunderstood narratives surrounding Israel and its conflict with Arab neighbors.




If so, you need to be aware of the Fall Tour of Palestinian Terrorist Bassim Tamimi, ongoing now, throughout September. Not necessarily speaking under his name, he may be a part of panels and symposiums, etc.