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Media Diversion from Iran’s Nukes Targets Israeli PM

ISIS, Hamas, Hitler and the Policy of Appeasement










By Cathy Sherman
February 21, 2015

Is this a contrived diversion or is it indicative of this time of testing?

An incredible story hit the news in January – a story of intrigue and foresight, containing threats and power-feuding, which pitted wisdom against ignorance. As the media focused on demonizing one of the main characters, it revealed itself to be misusing its role to inform in favor of propagandizing.

It all started fairly innocently, if any move in politics can be called innocent. The new more right-leaning Congress decided to confront its concern about Iran and its drive to become a nuclear state by exercising its role to debate sanctions. PM Netanyahu, who daily speaks out about the danger from Iran, seemed a good source of information.

Right away President Obama complained and issued threats and objections to Congress, while he demonized Netanyahu. The threat was an eventual veto of sanctions, the objection being that progress in talks with Iran had yielded fruit and an agreement was on the horizon. The demonization was the insinuation that PM Netanyahu is an opportunist trying to get more votes in an upcoming election.

As far as the agreement goes, well, we’ve been told there’s about a 50-50 chance of an agreement. What type of an agreement we don’t know, but it’s now a cliché to say “a bad deal is worse than no deal at all”. Some in Congress, from both parties, were expecting a bad deal, if there was any at all. What they want is a good deal by which Iran ceases any and all production of nuclear weapons and the necessary uranium.

To prevent a bad deal, many think that it’s mandatory for the US to place sanctions in operation if a good deal isn’t in place by a certain deadline. Do we need to mention that several deadlines have come and gone and Iran just dilly-dallies while it builds new reactors and laughs at the world powers?

Besides a few congressmen from both sides of the aisle, the only other voice requesting heavy sanctions is that of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Israel is that little country a couple of states to the west of Iran which is relentlessly being told by Iran that Iran is going to annihilate it. So what is a good Prime Minister to do? He’d better do his utmost to protect his people.

So when the congressmen invited the Prime Minister to come speak of his concerns to Congress, and the PM accepted, all heck broke loose with the US administration. First they condemned Netanyahu for planning to come speak to Congress. Why condemn Netanyahu for this, when he was responding to an invitation? Might he not be assuming Congress had informed the President, or that the President would know what transpired in Congress? The media reacted in a very biased, pejorative way by beating up on the Israeli PM un-mercilessly.

It seems that no writers, or rather, propagandists, want to look at the real issue, which is the obtaining of nukes by a rogue and irresponsible dangerous Iran. Are the egos of Obama and Kerry more important to Americans than the obtaining of nukes by a country that is run by sociopathic megalomaniacs who want to control the world? Do people really think that Iran would stop after destroying Israel, G-d forbid? Of course not; they would take out Europe and “the Great Satan”, America. America is being led by politicians who don't believe in Muslim aggression and therefore, they would lead the US right over the cliff.

It's all so alarming- Bibi is just doing what any reasonable leader of a country would do, which is speak out on the dangers of this happening. It’s doubtful most Israelis think of it as an election stunt, since Bibi has been continuously trying to warn the world about Iran and nukes for years. Also, it’s questionable to characterize this as an election stunt. Bibi is already so confident of winning that he called for the elections in the first place. Would someone who feared not being re-elected call for the elections early? Either I'm really naïve or Obama and Kerry are so blinded by their egos they can't see straight. But the danger is, they are the leaders of the US.

The other media wrong here is that they continue to characterize the Obama-Netanyahu relationship as mutually contentious. In fact in a search of the web, no Netanyahu slurs against Obama could be found. Indeed, in October, PM Netanyahu was quoted as characterizing the relationship as good. The MSM gets more demerits for insinuating that the disdain between the two leaders is mutual.

Though one might assume Bibi feels dislike for Obama due to the American president’s huge ego and lack of statesmanship, the Prime Minister isn’t expressing this in public. Even though he might err on the side of untruth, it is the role of a statesman to put things in the best light when discussing a fellow leader, especially one who leads an allied country. Judaism teaches that it is one of the worst sins to embarrass or criticize another person publically, to speak evil of him. If this is Bibi’s intention, to refrain from cutting remarks because G-d forbids it, more credit is due him.

Actually, this is all part of the testing of all of us before the last days. G-d seems to be giving us clear choices - the sociopaths of Islam vs the Torah/G-d followers represented by Israel and true Christianity. Obama was wrong about Iran before, when he turned his back on the Green revolution in Iran and didn't help those people who were fighting for democracy in Iran and against the Muslim terror-ocracy. By doing this, he enabled the Middle East to become much more dangerous. He made Israel more dangerous by forbidding the IDF to finish off Hamas in Gaza. Oh, yes, the Obama administration denied support promised by Bush, when Israel pulled out of Gaza with his promise to back Israel against the nuke goals of Iran; instead we see how the Obama is dropping the ball on that.

Where’s the logic in forbidding the threat of stronger sanctions against the Iranian regime unless it negotiates in good faith and ends their path to nukes? The mullahs have proven again and again that they aren't willing to negotiate, but are just dragging out these talks while they continue to build reactors and centrifuges. They still won't let the UN investigate the premises of a key facility to find out what's going on while they lie that they only are interested in the peaceful uses of nuclear power.

Muslims are vocal about their use of taquiyya - lying for their benefit - and yet, Obama treats them as if they can be trusted. They want to kill all infidels and have made this quite clear. All America should be up in arms at the way the US leaders are letting their egos and nefarious goals get in the way of the safety of the western world.

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And then there's the little reported threat by N Korea to attack US bases. Though this was two years ago, one can conceive of a two-pronged attack by Iran and N Korea against the US, and no one will have seen it coming, because for some reason, they don't want to acknowledge the danger they're in. While the media ignores true dangers, Americans can't be oblivious to the so-called spat between Obama and Bibi, which is made up because Bibi is not intent on upstaging Obama, but rather, protecting his nation's survival.

It should be important for Americans to find out why their media would go crazy publishing exaggerations about a spat between Obama and another nation’s leader as a diversion around the real danger on the part of a terrorist state. What is Obama really afraid of, and why?

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Cathy Sherman is a freelance writer with a major interest in natural health. She wrote many articles on healthy living. An interest in the fascinating subject of water inspired her to write her recently published children’s book, Drew Drop and the Water Cycle.

After moving to Israel, she realized the need to clarify some of the incorrect and misunderstood narratives surrounding Israel and its conflict with Arab neighbors.




Muslims are vocal about their use of taquiyya - lying for their benefit - and yet, Obama treats them as if they can be trusted. They want to kill all infidels and have made this quite clear. All America should be up in arms at the way the US leaders are letting their egos and nefarious goals get in the way of the safety of the western world.