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By Michael Shaw

October 12, 2008

A Healthy Planet and Individual Liberty are Inseparable

This picture is of land in Santa Cruz County that my wife and I bought in 1985.

The day this picture was taken was in May of 1986. I remember it well because it was the day that my wife and I got married there. The land looked good to us. It had an interesting topography and great ocean views. Half of the land was pasture land; the other half was impenetrable walls of poison oak as much as 40 feet high. But we liked it. We were excited with the potential.

Without grazing cows, you needed plastic pants to walk comfortably through the pasture grasses. This was because you’d be repeatedly stuck and stabbed by the thistles and burrs that were everywhere. We spent over 20 years conducting a slow and steady process that we call “seed bank management”. Our goal was to transform this landscape and to create a landscape that we and others would find desirable. Slowly – slowly - slowly like the Liberty movement itself, we replaced weedy and inhospitable plant communities by managing the seeds that fell. Occasionally we would see a unique plant and we would have it identified. If it was an indigenous plant type we would nurture it.

In April of 2003, the circled portion of the above landscape looked like the landscape below. It was all California plants with hardly a weed in the mix.

Rigorous human disturbance transformed the landscape. Every concept of Sustainable Development land management policies was violated. This is proof that people will achieve great things when they work in their own interests while cooperating with others. These are the ideas that are the American Experience. They define the success at Liberty Garden.

The Precautionary Principle underlies Sustainable Development environmental policy. It is a hoax.
The Precautionary Principle premise is the notion that people are a cancer on the earth. Therefore, if people undertake any action it must cause no “harm” to species or inanimate natural objects. In other words; if your cows walk on the ‘wrong spot’ on your property you may have criminally violated Sustainable Development’s ‘environmental justice’ rules. The Precautionary Principle turns the concept of equal justice on its head. Guilt is presumed and innocence must be proved. The Los Angeles City School District requires that all public schools teach the Precautionary Principle as the Law of the Land.

California has the (so-called) Keeley Environmental Crimes Bill. Fred Keeley was a state legislator from Santa Cruz. California has used this bill to authorize 400 prosecutors who roam the state looking for ‘environmental crimes’. This is not directed at gross polluters; I don’t know any gross polluters do you? Science and technology have delivered remarkably cleaner air to Southern California compared to 25 years ago. Now prosecutors look for people who violate “bio-diversity rules”. These “violations” often occurs after a landowner has been lured or roped into a federal or state “best management practice” or similar “conservation” program. If you are a landowner don’t contract your rights away! Save your land for the benefit of yourself, the American people and the future of mankind.

At the root of the establishment environmental movement is a scheme designed to implement a political philosophy that relies on deception and junk science. Sustainable Development results in a degrading ecology as the rash of western firestorms demonstrate.

The environmental movement answers the question, “Who decides?” with the response, “Not you.” The environmental movement is destroying the potential of a free society through public policy. Don’t fall for the ‘environmental protection’ sing-along that propels establishment environmentalism. The goal of Sustainable Development is to collectivize the American landscape, its resources and the people.

California and the United States are falling into a financial hole. This is not just because of military adventures but because Sustainable Development policy is fed by hundreds of billions of government dollars. We are spending America into bankruptcy in order to steal America from Americans! Remember: Support the repeal of the Endangered Species Act. We can do better than destroy America by implementing Sustainable Development. Historically, American lands have been well managed when compared with alternative political frameworks. The American experience demonstrates that the moral is also practical.

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Liberty Garden demonstrates that private property raises ecological management standards as wealth increases. Private property, individual liberty and equal justice are the ingredients that give rise to an improving world. Sustainable Development is designed to destroy the abundance and prosperity that individual liberty brings to society. Sustainable Development is designed to create natural resource shortages in order to further core Sustainable goals. Those goals are to eliminate the middle class and control a declining human population.

Liberty! or Sustainable Development is a 13 Chapter serial adaptation of the transcript of Michael Shaw’s opening speech from the video: Liberty or Sustainable Development. Michael Shaw is President of Freedom E-mail Michael Shaw.

Prior chapters in this series include:

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Chapter 2 – The Decay of Liberty – An Illustration
Chapter 3 – Defining Sustainable Development
Chapter 4 – Liberty or Sustainable Development
Chapter 5 – A Closer Look at Sustainable Development – Part A
Chapter 6 – A Closer Look at Sustainable Development – Part B
Chapter 7 – Sustainable Development’s Land Use Element
Chapter 8Rooting Sustainable Development in the USA

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Michael Shaw is a licensed attorney, and Certified Public Accountant. He has made a career in real estate having developed a multi state chain of self storage projects. He is President of Freedom and speaks on how Sustainable Development is designed to transform America. He is also proprietor of Liberty Garden, a native plant oasis located on the central coast of California. He is a litigant in cases against Santa Cruz and Alameda Counties in connection with the application of Sustainable policy.

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California and the United States are falling into a financial hole. This is not just because of military adventures but because Sustainable Development policy is fed by hundreds of billions of government dollars.