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By Michael Shaw

August 24, 2008

A Closer Look at Sustainable Development

What else is not sustainable under the terms of sister documents the Rio Accords and the Global Bio-Diversity Assessment Report? In their own words:

Private property is not sustainable,
Nor are golf courses and ski lodges;
Irrigation, monotheism, commercial agriculture and the family unit are not “sustainable.”

Is the United Nations committed to eliminating private ownership of land and natural resources? The 1976 Habitat I Conference Report stated that; “Private land ownership is also principally an instrument of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable.”

People often reach a point where they say, “All right, the United Nations has these crazy notions but they have no force or effect in the United States. Why should we be concerned?”
Well, here’s why we ought to be concerned. During the Rio Earth Summit, President George Bush was a passenger on a British Royal yacht parked off shore of Rio. While there, he signed the Rio Accords.

That is when the federal government began to administratively implement Agenda 21 policies. Congress never examined the policies and the general public never knew about it. Yet today all federal agencies are designed around the concept of implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development, Agenda 21 within the United States. A year later, President Clinton established the President’s Council for Sustainable Development. (This is a bi-partisan effort.)

This Presidential apex council included major environmental organization heads and included two business guys; Ken Lay of Enron and the Chairman of California’s Pacific Gas & Electric. Since then, Associations of mayors, county supervisors and the governors have all adopted the principles of Sustainable Development. Most of them do not know what they’re doing.

J. Gary Lawrence was an advisor to President Clinton’s counsel on Sustainable Development, a U.S. Delegate to the 1996 United Nations Habitat Two Conference, a director for the Center for Sustainable Communities in the state of Washington and a chief planner for Sustainable Seattle.

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He acknowledged that, “Participating in a U.N. advocated planning process would very likely bring out many who would actively work to defeat any elected official who was undertaking local Agenda 21. So we call our processes something else, such as Comprehensive Planning, [Wisconsin State is engaged in what the state house calls comprehensive planning], growth management, [such as in Oregon] or [as California calls it] Smart Growth. Since Lawrence made these comments in 1998, other imaginative warm and fuzzy terms have been adopted for implementing Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 including ‘visioning’ or ‘common’ or ‘20/20’ or ‘community plan’. Be wary of all these and similar warm and fuzzy terms.

Liberty! or Sustainable Development is a 13 Chapter serial adaptation of the transcript of Michael Shaw’s opening speech from the video: Liberty or Sustainable Development. Michael Shaw is President of Freedom He can be reached at

Prior chapters in this series include:

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Chapter 4 – Liberty or Sustainable Development
Chapter 5 – A Closer Look at Sustainable Development (a)

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Michael Shaw is a licensed attorney, and Certified Public Accountant. He has made a career in real estate having developed a multi state chain of self storage projects. He is President of Freedom and speaks on how Sustainable Development is designed to transform America. He is also proprietor of Liberty Garden, a native plant oasis located on the central coast of California. He is a litigant in cases against Santa Cruz and Alameda Counties in connection with the application of Sustainable policy.

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Is the United Nations committed to eliminating private ownership of land and natural resources?