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By Jon Christian Ryter
February 17, 2010

The Latest Climategate Folly

On Jan. 21 news leaked that there were five major and very deliberate errors in what is supposed to be the world's most accurate and authoritative report on global warming. The errors were found in a 2007 UN-affiliatred Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] report. The results? The Nobel Prize-winning panel of "climate scientists" (for their work on that report) wrote an official apology and promised to be more careful in the future. The multitude of errors in a report, which is used by every government in the world to formulate climate change policy, should, by this time, force open the eyes of every reasonable human with a mind clear enough to process thought that man-induced climate change—whether warming or cooling—is a fraud perpetuated by men who will exorbitantly profit from the draconian tax they will levy on the American taxpayers to punish them for the factories rich men built in this nation during the industrial age in America—factories which, by the way, no longer pollute the skies over deserted cities in this nation.

The 2007 IPCC report suggests that the glaciers in the Himalayas (at least one of them) could melt away by 2035—hundreds of years before other IPCC computer model data suggests it will happen.

The 2007 report states that the Slachen Glacier which divides India and Pakistan (about 469 miles northwest of Jammu, India) was melting faster than any glacier anywhere else in the world, and might be gone by 2035. The IPCC now admits that statement was not backed by science but was the hypothesis of a university student. If the IPCC was honest with the world they would admit that none of their data is backed up by science even though the IPCC insists all of their claims are backed by peer-review science. The IPCC initially claimed the melting glaciers were attributed to the World Wildlife Fund when only one sentence in their entire report came from that source.
The "scientific conclusions" which drive the global warming debate are based entirely on computer models that began with the conclusion that global warming is real, and that it is an eminent threat. Only data that supported that predetermined conclusion was fit into the computer models being constructed. Thus, the ecoalarmist climate scientists are not surprised when the computer models confirmed their suspicions that man, not cyclic solar activity, was the cause of global warming.

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, vice chairman of the IPCC defended the IPCC report which the media has already dubbed as "Glaciergate," said the mistake did not undermine the report's key conclusions: that global warming is accelerating glacier melt. "I don't see how one mistake in a 3,000 page report can damage the credibility of the overall report," he told the BBC. "Some people will attempt to use it to damage the credibility of the IPCC, but if we can uncover it and explain it and change it, it should strengthen the IPCC's credibility [by] showing we are ready to learn from our mistakes." A lie remains a lie before, during and after it's caught. When you begin with no credibility, admitting you lied doesn't give you instant credibility.

As the UN prepared for their much vaunted UN Summit on Global Warming, David Hollard chose that time to release reams of hacked emails revealing the fraud of global warming crowd. After an embarrassing moment, the UN, which was preparing to reap trillions of dollars in carbon taxes levied against Americans as the prime carbon polluters of the world, even though the United States has few factories polluting the atmosphere since most of those factories are now located in India, China, Indonesia and Africa where the human capital which will be tomorrow's primary consumer who has nothing and needs everything, lives.

When the latest Climategate scandal broke Canadian blogger Peter Foster, writing in the National Post noted the error "...showed how the IPCC's task has always been not objectively to examine science, but to make the case for man-made climate change by any means available." In 2002 the UN tapped Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the TERI Institute in India (The Energy and Resources Institute) an iconic leader of the Sustainable Development movement during the Clinton years.
Pachauri, like the rest of the ecoalarmists, is a one-worlder who believes in global democracy.

Pachauri, like the super rich elites of Europe and the United States, who see the human capital of the third world as the primary consumers of the 21st century, should govern the world through a democratic bicameral global parliament in which the world's population elects the parliamentarians and majority rules.

When you do the math, you discover the bureaucrats in the overpopulated totalitarian third world nations would become the permanent majority voice to make, and enforce, new global laws on the rest of us. Once more, doing the math, there are more dictatorships in the world than true democracies. So, when the global Senate and the global parliament are facilitated, Marxist communists, whether Islamic or atheist, will control the governments of the world.


But sitting on the tip of the pinnacle of global power will be the same small cabal of powerful, greedy men who have controlled the direction of the world when the first sounds of cannonfire from the first world war was nothing more than a distant rumbling like the thunder of an impending storm before the 20th century broke on the horizon of time. The "war to end all wars" failed to end all wars because buried in the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War I was the League of Nations Charter that would have merged all of the nation states of the world into a super nation governed by a global parliament at The Hague in Brussels, Belgium. And buried in the Charter was a provision which required all signatory nations to surrender their external sovereignty to the world government. The United States refused to sign the Treaty.

On Aug. 10, 1941, 119 days before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and 123 days before Germany declared war on the United States, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill off the coast of Newfoundland to sign what became known to the world as the Atlantic Charter. The media called it a historic event. It was a historic subterfuge.
What FDR and Churchill were doing was masterminding a twofold strategy to bring the United States into Britain's war against Japan, Italy and Germany and how they would divide the spoils of a conflict that would become World War II. Unlike the war to end all wars in 1917, this would be the war to end all nations with the ushering in of world government—something the barons of business and banking and the princes of industry had been trying to accomplish since 1906.

The most important part of the meeting between Churchill and Roosevelt off the coast of Newfoundland was to use sleight-of-hand to transform the weak and ineffective League of Nations by disguising it as a brand new wholly-American entity with a New York address. Since 1920 Churchill and the leaders of Europe reluctantly accepted the fact that the United States would never join the League of Nations. Without the participation of the United States, world government could not happen. The current task at hand was to make the Americans believe the League had been dissolved and replaced with a new, American-controlled amalgamation of nations that would rise from the ashes of what would be World War II. In point of fact, the League of Nations in its entirety would simply be transformed into the United Nations. No one seemed to notice. The same European bureaucrats remained in control.

Eric Drummond, the 7th Earl of Perth was the first Secretary-general of the League. He served from the Leagues birth in 1920 until July 3, 1933. He was succeeded by Joseph Louis Anne Avenol of France replaced him on July 3 and served until Aug. 31, 1940. Sean Lester of Ireland served as the last Secretary-general of the League and the first co-Secretary-General of the United States even though he has never been acknowledged as such. He served as Secretary-general from Aug. 31, 1940 to April, 1946. The first official UN Secretary-general was a Norwegian, Trygve Lie, who was elected on Feb. 2, 1946. Lester worked with Lie for six months to transition him into the League of Nations which was now called the United Nations. Lie resigned in November, 1952 and was replaced by Dag Hammarskjold. Most Americans believe Hammarskjold was the first Secretary-general of the UN. He died in office on Sept. 18, 1961. Although most Americans will stoutly deny it, the United Nations is the League of Nations, and the League of Nations—which was as corrupt and ineffective as the United Nations—is the United Nations.

Only this time around, the sovereignty mandate that caused the United States to reject the Treaty of Versailles, was conspicuously absent even though one troubling clause in the UN Charter, Chapter XVI, Article 103 states that members' obligations under the UN Charter overrides the obligations citizens have to obey national laws that conflict with any article in the UN Charter. The Social Progressives seem to understand that principle. It must be why no one questions the fact that we have an illegal alien in the White House.

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Article 103 which will ultimately collapse national sovereignty was inserted in the Charter. All new UN Treaties immediately supersede any existing treaty, or law, by any nation. Since the US Constitution is a treaty between the United States and its people, we now have an inkling why the social progressives who have been ignoring the Constitution since the 1950s act like it no longer exists. In the context of Article 103, as far as they are concerned, it doesn't. In their view, the Constitution of the United States died on Oct. 24. 1945, the day the UN Charter was ratified.

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Shortly after the Clintons arrived in Washington, DC, Vice President Al Gore pushed House Committee on Science, Space and Technology chairman George Brown, Jr. [D-for early hearings on global warning and ozone depletion.