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By Jon Christian Ryter
October 22, 2009

In 1998 Bernard Schwartz, the CEO of Loral donated $1.3 million to Clinton for his reelection, the price of the quid pro quo was to get the his "communications" satellite on a Chinese Long March 3B rocket. The Loral satellite was actually a military satellite that should not have been anywhere near Chinese soil. The Hughes satellite was a commercial communications satellite. The Long March 3B rocket was owned by China Aerospace Corporation, a wholly-owned PLA entity. The operating head of CAC was Lt. Col. Liu Chaoying who was a major player in the funneling of illegal money to the Clintons and Gore at least from 1992 to 1998. The Long March 3 Rocket carrying the Loral and Hughes satellites exploded on takeover, killing most of the people in the Chinese village where the launch occurred—and destroyed Loral's $200 million satellite.

It is at this point that Loral Space and Hughes Electgronics committed treason. Desperate to launch their satellite, Loral and Hughes decided to help the PLA perfect the Long March 3 Rocket. Loral and Hughes scientists prepared a 200 page report that pinpointed the flaws in the March 3 Rocket and told the Chinese how to fix them. The problem was, both companies had committed treason.

When the military learned the technology had been compromised, a Defense Department report confirmed that US national security had been compromised and enough evidence existed to charge both companies with espionage. But, before the second shoe dropped, Clinton blindsided its own Justice Department by issuing a backdated waiver giving two major Cliinton-Gore contributors authority to do irreparable damage to the United States.

China lacked only one thing to completely perfect the Long March 3 rocket as an intercontinental ballistics missile—a super-computer to accurately configure coordinates that could guide the March 3 rocket to a specific target anywhere in the world—like New York, Washington, DC, and any number of key military installations in the US or around the world. The quid pro quo provided to Lt. Co. Liu Chaoying and her father, the head of Chinese military intelligence, Gen. Liu Huaqing, was the present not of one, but 300 super computers.

When Clinton left office, most of us thought things like Chinagate were over. We forgot about Chinagate for about a minute. And just as quickly as we forgot names like Charlie Trie and Johnny Chung and Maria Hsia, new named popped up. We learned that when former Presidents begin work on their Presidential Library the restrictions that prevent sitting Presidents from taking bribes from foreign governments don't apply to former Presidents—even when the donor is an enemy nation who offers to contribute outlandishly large sums of money. Not even when the wife of the former President was a sitting US Senator (who now happens to be a sitting US Secretary of State). There appears to be no end to new ways to manipulate foreign governments into coughing up a handful of banknotes whether they are Renminbia or Yuan, or Pakistani or Indian Rupees, or any other denomination whether Francs, Reichmarks, Pesos or rupiah will get a politicians attention faster than a vote.

When US District Court Judge Manuel Real addressed former DNC chairman during the trial of Johnny Chung and Charlie Trie, and listened to Fowler and DNC Finance Chairman Richard Sullivan's excuse that they didn't known enemy agents were funding the Clinton's run for the White House, Real said: "...If Mr. Fowler and Mr. Sullivan didn't know what was going on, I think they are the dumbest politicians I've ever seen."

Synthetic Hillary, who has always been about as real as a Barbie Doll with latex gonads, stepped back from her Chinese friends who lost access to the White House when Bill Clinton became an ex-president and Hillary became the the junior US Senator from New York with too many people watching eery move she made. The perpetual money manipulator, Hillary found even greener pastures elsewhere without the risk of being embarrassed when her bagmen were revealed as Chinese agents.. Among her new money pastures on foreign soil was one in India fertilized by Cisco Systems who began laying off high income workers in its American Infosys facilities as they moved their offices to Bangalore, India. Hillary discovered a new donor mechanism—outsourcing US jobs to India and Pakistan.


When you call your local bank after hours to check the balance of your account, or you want to find out if a particular check has cleared the bank, and you hear a voice with a distinctly Pakistani or Indian accent (and we aren't talking Cherokee here), or you get the same accent when you're placing a macy's orf JCPenney catalog order, or answering an ad on an all night infomercial, the odds are about 50-50 that Hillary Clinton was paid handsomely for outsourcing those US jobs to India, Pakistan, Indonesia, or China. Since the Clintons were no longer in the White House they could no longer use the super-size money-laundering washing machines at the Democratic National Committee to scrub quid pro quo dollars from foreign countries to make them look like squeaky clean American working class contributions. Instead, those paying for a US Senator's help to outsource hundreds of thousands of telemarketing jobs from the United States simply donated money to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library. No cleaning needed. Most of Infosys' 850 American employees have been outsourced to India. According to a 2006 Newsweek article, Cisco Systems transferred over 3,000 jobs to India and was also building a new Infosys office in Monterray, Mexico. The quid pro quo in this case? Bill Clinton made two speeches to Cisco employees to the tune of $150 thousand per speech. Cisco employees—or at least those who still had jobs in the United States—donated $39,450 to Hillary's reelection campaign.

As pressure mounted by Congressmen and Senators to kill outsourcing legislation, Clinton, Sen. John Kerry and Sen. Chuck Schumer were instrumental in creating the Senate India Caucus to pressure Congressmen and Senators who were trying to derail their efforts. Their primary ally in the House was Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Hillary went to India with Dr. Sant Singh Chatwal in late February, 2008 where Indian businessmen, led by Chatwal, raised $5 million for Hillary's presidential campaign. When Hillary returned she told the media that "...outsourcing will continue. There is no way to legislate against reality. We are not in favor of putting up fences." In Hillary's mind, as Secretary of State for the United States of America, if we can't move the businesses—like Macy's or Walmart or your local bank—to the third world where's tomorrow's consumers need jobs, we'll simply move the jobs. The Delaware-based IT Professionals Association of America [ITPAA] responded to Clinton's arrogance by awarding her its Weasel Award.

Now there's a new man in the White House. (Notice I did not say "new president".) A man who spend millions of dollars to conceals the truth of his birth is clearly a man who [a] was not born in the United States, and thus, cannot be construed as an Article II citizen, and [b] cannot constitutionally seek, or hold, the office of President of the United States. Which, or course, also means any laws, decrees or other documents he signed while sitting in the Oval Office are constitutionally null and void.

The man currently occupying the White House who has yet to satisfy the American people that he is actually an Article II citizen of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, has turned back the pages of history to the Clinton Era when Bill Clinton began issuing militarily-sensitive waivers under the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 to America's deadliest enemy. Obama did what Clinton did in 1996 when he transferred the authority to issue military technology waivers from the Department of Defense to the Department of Commerce, The current decisions was likely made by Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Weapons Czar Ashton Carter (a former Undersecretary of Defense during the Clinton years) and Chief Technology Czar Aneesh Paul Chopra (and a Harvard friend of Obama.) The reason? Bush-43 Defense Secretary Robert Gates was, first and foremost, too patriotic to serve in the Obama Administration. Gates served in some of the most sensitive defense roles in the nation. He spent 26 years in the Central Intelligence Agency and in the National Security Agency under President George H.W. Bush. Prior to that, he was a wartime officer in the USAF. Under President George W. Bush, he served as head of Defense. It's safe to say that Gates was the the last person Obama wanted either at Langley or at the Pentagon. Obama wanted Leon Panetta in Langley. And Obama. had already picked Sen.Chuck Hagel [R-NE] for the job at the Pentagon because Hagel was just another decorated antiwar Vietnam veteran.. Who could ask for a better choice for the DoD?

When Hagel's personal problems bit him in the behind, Richard Danzig, SecNav under Clinton, became Obama's next top choice. Danzig was followed by John Hamre, Deputy Defense Secretary under Clinton's Defense Secretary William Cohen. With his short list running out after Colin Powell flatly turned him down Obama appeared to be, at least temporarily, stuck with Bush's man, Gates. Which explains why Obama did the same thing Clinton did in 1996. William Cohen, Clinton's Defense Secretary was also a Republican. While Cohen was a liberal, Clinton didn't fully trust him and knew if Cohen suspected that Clinton was selling technology to China that was detrimental to the United States, his friends in the Senate would learn about it very quickly.

The same was true about Obama and Gates. Obama knew if Gates controlled whether or not waivers on military technology were issued to nations that might sell the technology to our enemies, or use the technology against us themselves, Gates would rule against the waiver. In Clinton's case, there were few men he trusted as completely as he did Big Bill Daley, the former Mayor of Chicago, and one of the few politicians in American who knows how to get the dead fto vote when his boss needs a few \ more votes to win an election. Clinton moved control of the waivers from the Defense Department where it rightly belongs, to Commerce where Daley and John Huang, one of Gen. Liu Huaqing agents, would do his bidding.

On Sept. 29 Obama issued a Presidential Determination that copied the Presidential Decision Directive issued by Bill Clinton that transferred the waiver authority from the Department of Defense to the Department of Commerce. Only in this case, Obama's Presidential Determination altered one key provision in the Defense Authorization Act of 1999 that was designed to defang overzealous presidents. When Clinton sold China 300 super computers, he did irreparable harm to the United States. Congress was determined that no future president would possess the power to arbitrarily transfer critical technology without first notifying Congress what he was doing, and getting their consent to complete the transfer the technology.

Only, Obama's Presidential Determination violates Section 1512 of the the Defense Authorization Act of 1999 by ignoring the proviision that requires the President or his agent in the Department of Defense (or elsewhere) to notify Congress whether the transfer of missile or space technology to China (in this instance), would harm the space-launch technology of the United States, or in any way, help or assist China advance their missile programs or systems. The law was passed in the aftermath of the Loral Space Systems and Hughes Electronics espionage case. Loral was fined $20 million in that case, and Hughes Electronics was fined $32 million by the State Department. It was imperative, in 1998, that Bernard Schwartz of Loral and Mike Smith of Hughes Electronics should have been criminally-charged with espionage and made to stand trial for treason against the United States of America. Both men should be spending the balance of their natural lives in prison. In our society, rich men are exempt from the full penalty of the law because those who contribute millions of dollars to politicians can expect politicians to exceed on their behalf and pardon their crimes.

However, today, even though Obama chose to signore that provision of law, Section 1512 of the Defense Authorization Act mandates that the President of the United States certify that the technology he is allowing to pass into other hands will not harm the United States if that information falls into the wrong hands, nor will it benefit the recipient's efforts to develop either guided missiles or rockets for space exploration. Obama apparently chose to ignore that requirement because he knows he is not an Article II citizen, and thus, is not constitutionally the president of anything. The new policy, with appears to structure a new era of cooperation between the United States and China can, and likely will have, extremely dangerous consequences for the United States. China now possesses the power to collapse the economy of the United States at will, whenever they wish. And while US economists are convinced it will harm China equally as bad, any nation with the brute power to regulate its currency by fiat, has an internallly secure monetary system.

Henry Sokolski, Director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, noted early during the Vietnam War that had Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter not forced the US military under their command to use UN Rules of Engagement (which meant not using any more force than that which your enemy possesses) the United States would have won the Vietnam War in less than 90 days. By forcing the major powers to use UN rules of engagement in the future, the United States and the industrialized nations will never again be able to win a war against any inferior third world terrorist nation. Watching Obama make Clinton's mistakes all over again, Sokolski said "...It was foolish for us to do this in the 1990s and is even more dangerous for us to do this now."

Gary Milhollin, Director of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control said he, too was shocked by the decision to shift that responsibility back to Commerce—a change that George W. Bush never made. "It''s shocking that it would be delegated to the Secretary of Commerce whose job it is to promote trade, rather than to the Secretary of State or the Secretary of Defense who have far more knowledge of responsibility within their organizations for missile technology."

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The Chinese got Loral-Hughes, Part I in 1998. It appears that under Obama, they expect to get Loral-Hughes, Part II. The new green light for China suggests that the Manchurian Candidate we currently have at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had three masters all along, First were his Muslim father and Muslim stepfather who taught him to hate every white—including his mother whose race he denounced. Second was his Muslim mentor, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia who paid for his Harvard education. And finally, his communist political mentor, George Soros who led him down the primrose path to the bankers to whom he has surrendered. For part one click below.

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The new green light for China suggests that the Manchurian Candidate we currently have at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had three masters all along, First were his Muslim father and Muslim stepfather who taught him to hate every white—including his mother whose race he denounced.