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By Jon Christian Ryter
October 22, 2009

In the winter of 1994-95, a few months before the People's Liberation Army began to re-implement a major scheme first initiated by Beijing in 1982 when the communist world began to fear President Ronald Reagan would win control of the 98th Congress. Beijing funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to deserving socialist legislators through their hand-picked money man, Sen. Alan Cranston [D-CA] whom they tried to pit against Reagan in 1984. Cranston, however, could not win the primary from far left Walter Mondale [D-MN], Jimmy Carter's vice president, who looked robustly moderate compared to Cranston. Alan Cranston's deal with the communists was to arrange a permanent nuclear freeze—one-sided, of course. During the FDR-years the Office of Strategic Services [OSS] (the precursor to the CIA) was convinced that Cranston was a Soviet agent since he participated in several Soviet plots to dupe Roosevelt during the early war years.)

Cranston's closest advisor, a future Democratic Senator of Washington State, was Maria Cantwell who joined Cranston's presidential campaign as a key strategist. Cranston became the keeper of the keys for Beijing's bailout of needy socialists losing to Reaganite candidates. Beijing gave him their Senatorial wish list and Cranston doled out the gratuities through the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. (There was also a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee keeper of the keys as well, but I have never been able to learn the identity of that person. I suspected it was Cantwell solely because of her close ties with Cranston, but I've never found anything definitive to suggest she was anything other than a Cranston aide.)

Cantwell, like Obama, is a socialist globalist. She was one of Clinton's earliest supporters of NAFTA. As a Congresswoman, Cantwell barely won election with 48.7% of the vote. It wasn't exactly the type of majority one needs to win reelection after making the voters swallow an unpopular globalist program designed not only to steal jobs, but entire industries. The voters in Washington booted her out of office in in the Republican Revolution 1994 for her support of NAFTA.

They should have barricaded Pennsylvania Avenue and never let her back in that town, but on the Senate side of Pennsylvania Avenue, big money donors seem to love communists. (It should be noted that Obama who may not be able to count on the war chest he had previously tucked away for ACORN, found it necessary to hold a "just-in-case" massive fund raising effort in San Francisco on Fri., Oct. 16, with more planned. Votes, after all, cost money. Lots of money. The fundraisers Obama planned were for a new civil activist arm of the Democratic National Committee, "Organizing America." (But, with the Department of Homeland Security funneling $5 million to ACORN and then embarrassingly admitting they had no knowledge that Congress had cut off all funding to to ACORN, American should begin to wonder about the intelligence gathering capabilities of an agency of the federal government that can't even read a newspaper or tune in to the major breaking story on FOX News. Because an intelligence gathering agency that confines their newspaper reading to the New York Times and their news gathering to ABC and NBC are worthless. But then, when Congress was talking about creating a super-agency to oversee all of the spy agencies we all knew the real purpose of the agency was to conceal the news not reveal the news.)

The mid-term election of 2012 is only 13 months off. California voters, like Washington State voters have short memories concerning the integrity of their elected officials and even shorter memories on the words inscribed in the Constitution of the United States.

That's why Washington State is fast becoming the Massachusetts of the far West. It's being overrun by retiring liberals who are trying to steal that State the same way the Muslims are stealing Europe. They are simply overpopulating the opposition. On top of that, the Washington State Democrats have to be dumber than sled tracks in Florida in July because, in face of all the evidence to the contrary, they choose to believe the lies of the left before they accept the honest realities of the right that anyone with 20-50 vision can see. They are absolutely certain that liberals like Barney Franks, aluminum-foil freezer-bagman William Jefferson and Charlie Rangel would never lie to them because the left repeatedly tells them they don't lie and everyone knows that anyone who belongs to the the party of Andy Jackson would never fib. But, wait...that was Washington who never told a lie. Andy was known to tell some real Mississippi whoppers—like him killin' him a b'ar when he was only 3. And Honest George wasn't a Democrat. He was a Federalist.

Oh well, same difference. Both were politicians. Even though before graft became the major part of the politicians undeclared income, legislators were part-time politicians who actually had real jobs. Today, for most politicians, collecting graft has become their real job. Sadly, where the graft comes from apparently no longer matters—even if the money comes from Beijing, Moscow, Tehran, Riyah, Amman, Caracas, Jakarta, Karachi, or Nairobi. Since the left views the world as one big apple cart, money's money even if it comes from a foreign country—and that country is our enemy. That is, unless the left discovers that someone from the right picked a few ripe dollars from an American money tree that belonged to some local lobbyist, of that a former staffer of a Congressman went to work for a lobbyist who spread his client's wealth around K Street. Both would be enough to indict the Republican, but taking hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars from the head of Chinese intelligence by a Democratic President or Vice President wouldn't be considered newswowrthy by any liberal paper in the United States. Nor, would the voters give it credence, either. They would simply shrug and say, "Everyone does it."


In 1998 Clinton convinced major Democratic donor, Rob Glaser, owner of RealNetworks, the first digital audio/visual Internet streaming company, hired Maria Cantwell as his VP of Marketing. Clinton wanted something. RealNetworks was the first Internet company to incorporate the Clipper Chip spyware that could track everything a viewer watched or downloaded. Clinton wanted Microsoft magnate Bill Gates to create spyware similar to the Clipper Chip and bury it in Windows95. Gates refused. The Clipper Chip tracked very program and download watched by any unsuspecting user. Clinton wanted more. He wanted to be able to read everything that was on the computer—including encrypted files through backdoors created by Bill Gates. Gates' refusal cost him his friendship with Clinton, and cost him a class action lawsuiit jointly initiated by AOL and Netscape. By 2002, half the Internet opearting systems in Europe joined the lawsuit, hoping to raid Microsoft and steal their patented technology.. The lawsuit was settled on May 30, 2003 for $750 million. Microsoft kept their proprietory information.

RealNetworks didn't fare as well. When it was revealed that RealNetworks used the Clipper Chip, Maria Cantwell played the innocent dupe, and made a public statement, demanding RealNetworks stop using it. When she ran for the US Senate, Cantwell campaigned as a privacy rights candidate which, of course, she wasn't, She was the huckseter who was selling the Clipper Chip. Rick Glaser of RealNetworks was forced to disclose everyone they sold private data to. Several lawsuits were settled out of court. Cantwell, the Clipper Chip marketing director, became the "privacy rights" US Senator.

Among the "companies" who purchased the Clipper Chip technology from Cantwell—who became a multimillionaire on the deal—was the United States government. (The Clipper Chip was the spyware that Obama installed in the government's clunker rebate program.) You can bet that for however long Obama is in control of the US government, that spyware will be tied to every government website and many covert websites that pose as antigovernment sites.

Between 1984 and 1988 the Chinese, through Indonesian banker Mochtar Riady and his son James, invested what was believed by the US Congressional Thompson Committee chairman Fred Thompson to be well in excess of $600 million in illegal contributions to the Clinton Campaign through straw donors in the United States posing as legitimate donors.

During the Presidential Campaign of 1988 The Clintons and Gore pretended they had no knowledge that any of the contributions they received were illegal. When the nature of those illegal donations were revealed—and only then—did the White House made a pretense of returning them. Even though Al Gore dreamed up the notion of selling access to the White House (a crime) through a series of "coffees" in which, for money, contributors would be granted access to key members of the Administration including the President and First Lady.

There were 108 coffees held at the White House during the last six months of 1995. Thos specific coffees brought in $27 million. On June 18, 1996 there were two coffees held at the White House on the same day. Both coffees were held in the Map Room. Both were headed by DNC Chairman Don Fowler, and the guest of honor at both functions was the President of the United States. The coffees, originally scheduled as one event, contained a problem for Fowler. Among the list of American citizen contributors was a group of Chinese donors who were brought to the White House by Pauline Kanchanakak, an intelligence officer from the People's Liberation Army. The donors were all either Chinese businessmen with ties to the PRC, or Thai businessmen whose companies were owned by the PLA. One was the donors was the head of CP Group, the largest exporter in China. CP Group is owned by the PLA.

Shocking as it may seem, one of the donors who posed for a photo op with the President that day was a major gun runner who supplies most of the automatic weapons used by street gangs in the United States. (You weren't stupid enough to believe the rubbish spewed by far left that the guns used by street gangs come from legal gun shops, and regulating them stops the flow of illegal guns, were you?) Don Fowler tried to refuse to attend that portion of the June 18 coffee which contained foreigners who could not legally contribute to a US political candidate—or an administration who would be violating the several laws by accepting contributions from even a legitimate donor in any federal office. Clinton forced him to make the introductions before excusing him from the meeting to attend another more pressing engagement—called CYA. According to federal law, any office in the Executive branch used for an official government function (i.e., meeting with constituents in which the President, Vice President, First Lady, or any department head attends), is legally construed to be used for an official government function. Accepting contributions in any of those functions is a federal crime. But, even more, accepting money from any foreigner, or an enemy of the United States at any of those functions can be construed as treason. It is an impeachable offense. William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Al Gore, Jr. Should have been impeached, removed from office, tried and imprisoned for accepting hundreds of millions of dollars from America's deadliest enemy and for allowing themselves to be bribed by the People's Republic of China from 1988 to 1998.

Furthermore, since there is no statute of limitations on treason, any Congressman and Senator who has taken money from the Soviet Union or the People's Republic of China or any foreign nation, ally or neutral, should be removed from office by impeachment, forced to stand trial for bribery and sentenced to prison for 20 years to life. Barack Obama noted in his San Francisco speech on the 16th that he and Nancy Pelosi had gotten a couple of big brooms to clean up the mess left behind by George W. Bush. He asked everyone to pitch in and help. I think we should. Only, in addition to cleaning the trash out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avneue, we also need to clean the trash out of the Dirkson, Hart and Russell Senate Buildings and the Cannon, Longworth and Rayburn House Buildings.. The trash that needs to be swept out are the thieves who soiled the institutions to which they belonged, and who have sold their souls not only to money barons in the United States, but more important, to this nation's enemies who are using those politicians to weaken this nation and prepare it for destruction.

Clinton paid his quid pro quos in spades to his Chinese benefactors when Hughes Electronics and Loral Space Communications needed to launch a new communications satellite, but the United States had no rockets ready to launch. Under the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917, US law forbade US companies (without a special waiver from the President) to provide military weapons or weapons parts, ammunition, or any technology that can be used to advance the creation of weapons.

Why we would have a law on the books that lets any American company, under any circumstance, sell weapons, munitions or military technology that can, and will, kill Americans to the very enemies we are fighting? But, such laws exist, and Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon. Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have all exercised the option. At the end of his second term, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people to beware of the indusrial-military complex. American should have listened. We should have listened, and whenever one of them climbed in bed with a politician, we should have thrown both of them in prison. But, we lack the inanimate gonads that brass monkeys come with out of the kiln.

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Under the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917, no US company can provide any military technology, war materials, or anything to assist the war effort of an enemy or ally of an enemy of the United States without a special waiver signed by the President of the United States. While it seems ridiculous that any Congress, past or present, would grant any US President the right to issue a waiver that would allow any American corporation the right to sell any materials or technology that could be used by an enemy or the ally of an enemy of this nation, to help defeat or destroy us. For part two click below.

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The new green light for China suggests that the Manchurian Candidate we currently have at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had three masters all along, First were his Muslim father and Muslim stepfather who taught him to hate every white—including his mother whose race he denounced.