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PART 1 of 5


By Debra Rae
June 22, 2015

Part 1 —The Dialectic Scheme: Priming the Pump (1960s); Testing the Waters (1970s)

Middle American Baby Boomers can’t help but wonder, “What made our culture shift as it has?” More importantly, ”Is the America of our childhood lost forever?” Some credit this phenomenon to Darwin’s theory of historic optimism, or social Darwinism, presupposing that apart from God a natural succession of gradual reforms in human thinking, philosophy, and destiny progressively improve—past the Bible and the U.S. Constitution—to some higher evolutionary rung of enlightenment. To discard that theory, one need only ponder the question, “How’s that working?” Apparently not so well.[1]

Guiding the evolutionary process, German philosopher George Hegel (1770-1831) advanced a methodology called the dialectic whereby all discussions are masterfully fashioned to ensure consensus with some predetermined outcome. Consensus is a soviet term, which means “collective opinion.” It uses the Marxist decision-making process of dialectics, featuring three stages: 1) fact-based “thesis”; 2) feelings-based “antithesis”; 3) compromise “synthesis.” Applying conflict resolution methodology, Hegelian Dialectic effectively undermines the notion of fixed rights and wrongs. First developed by the Rand Corporation in the late 1950s, the Delphi Technique is yet another term for this psychological process.[2]

The Dialectic Scheme

To initiate the technique, a cordial facilitator “unfreezes” a group, thus establishing a sense of comradeship, before purposefully introducing a contentious issue. All must participate; none may escape the ensuing discussion, which goes like this: The fact-based thesis—e.g., marriage is between one man and one woman—is countered with a feelings-based antithesis—e.g., marriage involves any who choose to love one another. To ease groupthink, a change agent deconstructs the language of absolutes with politically correct alternatives.[3] “Gay orientation” replaces “sodomy” or “deviation”; “partner” replaces “husband” or “wife”; “intergenerational sex” supersedes “pedophilia.” Once bits and pieces are skillfully deconstructed and rearranged, information more easily lends itself to synthesis, or compromise—in this case, “civil unions.”[4]

Trained to do so, the change agent spots independent thinkers and “archaic” verbiage. Without the participants’ knowledge or permission, and purportedly for the higher good, the facilitator applies guilt, deceit, and/or manipulation to achieve coveted groupthink. Facilitators (also a soviet concept) freely employ velvet-hammer put-downs to quell independent thought—e.g., “Any thinking person can understand” or “Even Tom knows” (intimating “Even a child knows”).

To maintain genial relationships, independents are coached to preface their thoughts with “I think” or “I feel.” To achieve collective thought, their fact-based absolutes (the didactic) must bow to feelings-based “opinions” (the dialectic). If the facilitator has done his job well, each participant embraces the predetermined outcome as his own and, doing so, surrenders his original position to an opinion upon which all can agree. Once the question is posed, “Can we all agree with this?” no one dares disrupt group harmony.

Broadly employed in communist and fascist regimes, this “brainwashing” process was likewise exploited by gay marriage advocates in order to undermine cultural norms that civilizations throughout the millennia had universally recognized—namely, that marriage is God’s provision for the biological imperative (to procreate) and for the cultural imperative (personal companionship and community-building). Biblical moralists accept this definition on God’s terms, not according to human preferences or orientations. Postmodernists do not.[5]

A New Mental Construct

Bottom line: This methodology applied repeatedly throughout many decades dramatically undermined marriage as God designed it, and the resulting paradigm shift arguably shattered the essential foundation of Western culture. No longer is the nuclear family the basic unit of every community. In subsequent articles, I’ll attempt to explain how this progression happened: In the 1960s, fomented discontentment and rebellion jumpstarted the process and thereby primed the pump for progressive thought. Consensus-destined dialogue in the 1970s essentially tested the waters. With the introduction of AIDS (1980s), change agents launched a disinformation campaign and courted the reluctant by championing tolerance, otherwise known as diversity.
Achieved by deconstructing language and re-imaging all things traditional, a new mental construct emerged in the 1990s. By the 2000s the gay agenda was soundly legitimized and, by the 2010s, it was broadly enforced. Your mama’s America no longer existed, nor were its values anymore relevant.

Priming the Pump (1960s)

Employing circular reasoning, Sigmund Freud had birthed a quasi-religious cult of personality that attracted a “coterie of fawning sycophants” whose affinity with socialism and Marxism was consistent with the political component of the burgeoning world order. While boosting the drug-infused sexual revolution, change agents of the 1960s jumpstarted the dialectic by fomenting discontentment and rebellion. Although Freud’s psychobabble revealed more of an ecclesiastical than a rationalistic bent, and his so-called “science” drew from literature and philosophy, none other has exceeded Freud’s impact on psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. To this day, Freud’s influence is felt in education reform, False Memory Syndrome, and the homosexual agenda it unleashed.[6]

Freud was not alone. Zoologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey played a key role in affecting what, at the time, seemed an inconceivable shift away from traditionalism. Kinsey’s reports provided “scientific” foundation for “free” sex and homoeroticism. Indeed, Dr. Kinsey endorsed a broad range of acceptable human practices akin to animal sexuality. His infamous Table 34 documents egregious child abuse in gathering research data, and SIECUS (Sex Instruction/ Information Education Committee in the United States) became the educational arm of the Kinsey Institute. Receiving funding from Rockefeller and Playboy Foundations, SIECUS is likewise its propaganda arm.[7]

Over time, “evil” became a meaningless word.[8] Amidst the 1960’s elation of guiltless “free love”—embracing need for, and right to, nonproductive sexual gratification of one’s choosing at any age—the Supreme Court established a legal category of “soft” porn.[9] Pandora’s Box was opened. That Kinsey identified ten percent of the population as homosexual inspired the counter community to demand civil rights; and before long, the National Drug and Sex Forum had trained over fifty thousand sex professionals, called sexologists; and Illinois had legalized sodomy. Angry protests, sit-in’s, drug- and sexual- experimentation, love-in’s, rebellion from authority, and general dissatisfaction with the status quo—i.e., all things traditional—primed the pump for what was to follow.[10] The movement’s voice was first heard in 1969 when a routine raid on a gay bar in Greenwich Village set off the infamous Stonewall Riot.[11]

Testing the Waters (1970s)

The 1960s provided the perfect platform for engaging discontented masses in dialogue, similar to how the serpent enticed Eve. The evocative question, “Hath God said?” introduced needed uncertainty, seducing Eve to toy with possibilities that perhaps she’d misunderstood God’s mandate, or maybe God was wrong.[12] So it was in the 1970s when the National Institute for Mental Health and the American Psychological Association normalized behavior that, historically, had been criminalized,[13] behavior that God had expressly forbidden.[14]

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, most gays huddled “in the closet,” understandably so; but by the 1970s the “coming out” process was well underway. The modern movement took root in the political arena of San Francisco. Considered by many to be the founder of the modern American Gay Rights Movement, the late Henry "Harry" Hay started the country's first gay rights organization, the largely underground Mattachine Society.[15] In the 1970s, Hay formed the gay men’s spiritual group, the Radical Faeries.[16] America’s first out-of-the-closet gay man elected to public office (San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk) openly celebrated his gayness at the seventh annual Gay Pride Parade, and Unitarians freely welcomed GLBT members into their congregations.[17]

When news leaked that Hugh Hefner had performed in a homosexual porn film, the Playboy industry generously funded the ACLU to educate the public on presumed-to-be “victimless crimes.” In fact, the ACLU dedicated an entire branch to gay rights.[18] Instead of sodomy, gay enthusiasts advocated criminalizing “bias” when an alleged victim felt threatened, or if the purported perpetrator were perceived as more powerful, had a hostile tone of voice, or stood too closely. Thus, the advent of “thought police.”

The 1972 Gay Rights Platform demanded federal support for homosexual educators to present sodomy as a valid, even healthy lifestyle. It also called for abolishing age-of-consent laws.[19] Limits were pressed even further with release of the SEICUS Guide to Adult/ Child (Intergenerational) Sex. Public school classrooms opened the discussion,[20] and the UN- endorsed North American Man/ Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) posted the news. In the Weekly Standard, Mary Eberstadt reported, “The social consensus against the sexual exploitation of children … is apparently eroding.” Pedophiles had civil rights, too, did they not?[21]

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By the 1980s the gay movement had gained astonishing political power, wealth, and legal protections worldwide. Signed by President Carter, but never ratified by the Senate, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (1979) to this day gets dusted off and resurrected repeatedly as part of the international movement to lower age-of-consent laws. A Dutch law reduced the statutory age of consent to twelve (under certain circumstances) as being a “good model of reasonable legislation.” Why not? Mohammed married a six-year-old named Aisha.

More to follow in Part 2 next week.

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The 1972 Gay Rights Platform demanded federal support for homosexual educators to present sodomy as a valid, even healthy lifestyle. It also called for abolishing age-of-consent laws. Limits were pressed even further with release of the SEICUS Guide to Adult/ Child (Intergenerational) Sex.