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By Debra Rae
December 19, 2010

Politician-industrialist Cecil Rhodes once reasoned “the press owns the minds of the people.” He was not alone in that belief. Journalist, playwright, and essayist Arthur S. Miller pinpointed “a pervasive system of thought control” in the United States—this, by “employment of the mass media” coupled with “the system of public education.” Both, he added, tell people what to think about.[1]

In an op-ed piece about the role of the Council on Foreign Relations media members, Washington Post ombudsman Richard Harwood once characterized their membership as “an acknowledgement of ascension into the American ruling class.” These are not restricted to mere analysis and interpretation; they “help make” foreign policy.[2]

Left or Right?

In December of 2004 the Associated Press News Service referenced former PBS journalist Bill Moyer for his indictment of “an ideological press that’s interested in the election of Republicans.” Though likeable and highly regarded, Moyer overlooks that reporters, writers, and others in the media vote overwhelmingly for liberal Democrats; and a substantial majority is “pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-separation of church and state, pro-feminism, pro-affirmative action, and supportive of gay rights”—all left-centric and globalism friendly.[3] Even Peter Jennings acknowledges that for many years the media has been more of a liberal persuasion.[4]

Hard or Soft News?

On one segment of Bill Moyer’s Journal, Moyer admitted to ending each day with Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Whereas comedian-host Jon Stewart boasts of “faking the news,” Moyer credits him for delivering real news with extraordinary impact. Increasingly, young people look to Stewart for hard news; older fans lap up Stewart’s infectious satire. Admittedly, he’s tickled my funny bone more than once.

The Colbert Report is a spin-off and counterpart of The Daily Show. Both critique and satirize personality-driven politics. The fictional Stephen Colbert is portrayed as a fact-averse, self-aggrandizing anchorman. In my view, many segments of The Colbert Report are downright hilarious; still, Colbert’s character is a hyper-patriotic, theologically bereft, right-wing egomaniac feigning to hate liberals.

In reality Colbert is a registered Democrat. Problem is The Report all too often is embraced as non-satirical journalism. Even the reputable dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster named as its 2006 “Word of the Year” a term Colbert coined (“truthiness”).[5]

Media Nannies

Neither Ann Coulter nor Michael Moore ranks high on the “nicey-nice” scale. But it’s the former who took a pie in the face—literally! Moreover, media elitists criticized over forty citations within Coulter’s book, Slander. The upshot of Coulter’s treachery, they reasoned, is that “casual” readers are certain to be misled by her scathing accusation of liberal bias and unfair representation of conservatism in the mainstream media.

Presuming the American public to be inept at analysis, media nannies work hard to protect dimwits from the likes of Coulter. At the same time, true-to-form liberal bastions as The New York Times and the Washington Post praise Michael Moore for his sharp “populist instincts” and “admirable forbearance.”[6]

Key Omissions by Design

In 1990 when the World Federalist Association faulted the American press for being slow at grasping most global developments, the WFA failed to reveal that, more likely than not, key omissions were by design.[7]

Just ask David Rockefeller. At a Bilderberg Society meeting in Baden, Germany, he thanked attendees from the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other distinguished publications. For nearly forty years, he gushed, these friends of global governance had “respected their promises of discretion.” Now that the world was adequately primed to welcome a new world order and the cat was out of the bag, globalists were free to go public. This, too, was by design.[8]

Globalism: Evangelized in State Schools

In 1983 the Education Department issued a broadly circulated report, A Nation at Risk. “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose upon Americans the mediocre educational performance that exists today,” it cautioned, “we might well have viewed it as an act of war.” And so we should. This stunning declaration fittingly shook the education establishment to its core.[9]

Conveniently, the traditional family took the fall when, according to columnist John Steinbacher, Dr. Chester Pierce of Harvard University suggested that every child in America entering school at the age of five is “mentally ill.” Educators must make these “sick” children well by creating and nurturing “the international child of the future.” Over time, social engineering to reverse pesky behavior patterns picked up at home, in churches, and in synagogues was coupled with systematic legal drugging of millions of youngsters.[10]

Therapeutic Restructuring

Today, millions of school-aged children are chemically restrained with psychotropic drugs for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) in children five years of age and younger.

Systematic drugging is turning millions of school-aged children into patients. Consequently, Title I programs fund a flood of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and the like to address any languishing self-esteem arguably resulting from colossal failure of the state school system. By the mid-1990s, child psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and special educators in and around U.S. public schools nearly outnumbered teachers, popularly known today as “change agents.”

The fitting question arises, “Have too many children been labeled and subsequently medicated?” A December 1999 report by the surgeon general revealed that an alleged twenty percent of American children suffer from “psychiatric disorders.”

In a lengthy, well-researched paper, Dr. Fred A. Baughman, Jr., suggests that few, if any, questions can be addressed properly without an honest answer to this: “Is ADHD a disease with a confirmatory physical (including chemical) abnormality, or isn’t it?”

The good doctor agrees with his colleagues that some three decades of research have offered no definitive answer for warranting the medication of one in five American youngsters.[11]

It can be argued that widespread drugging serves the unfolding global agenda by fostering subdued compliance.


Curriculum Restructuring

The late U.S. Senator Sam Hayakawa lamented that the functional task in today’s education is no longer to acquire knowledge and skills. Rather, it is therapy. Forget that little Johnny can’t read. Schools harp on self-esteem, ethnic pride, alternative lifestyles, global citizenship, safe sex, diversity, drugs, mandated volunteerism, and death/dying—all globalism-friendly themes.[12]

With Big Brother wrestling the family reins from parental grasp, Mom and Dad eventually forfeit power to exercise their God-given authority. If ratified, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) could prosecute parents who deny their own children access to violent movies, music, videos, or computer games.[13]

That the focus has shifted dramatically from home to state schools and from academics to emotional health begs the question, “How is this working?” Apparently, not well. Whistle blower Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt uncovered the mother lode, armed herself with it, and then fled the U.S. Department of Education for which she had served as senior official.[14]

Grooming Human Resources for Cosmic Citizenship

In December 1980, the UN General Assembly formulated The United Nations Global Education Project as a model for global education and course for teacher training and curriculum development of all nations. The project is based on New Age mystic Dr. Robert Müller’s UNESCO prize-winning, holistic World Core Curriculum.[15]

Theosophist Dr. Shirley McCune offers her own prescription for “sick” children—that being a “quantum leap” to higher, group (or collaborative) consciousness. In a speech she gave at the 1989 Kansas Governor’s Conference on Education, Dr. McCune disclosed “we no longer see the teaching of facts and information as the primary outcome of education.”

Instead, she added, we look to a “total transformation of our society.”[16]

In Creating the Future, edited by Dee Dickinson, Dr. McCune proposes the direction of desired change toward universal societal transformation—namely, “moving out of the business of schooling and into the business of human resource development.”[17]

Apparently McCune embraces the cradle-to-grave vision for lifelong learning as conceived by Marc Tucker and former First Lady Hillary Clinton. Increasingly, world citizens are viewed as mere human resources to be groomed and fitted in the global economy as workers, not thinkers; followers, not leaders; group members, not individuals

“The Possibilities Mind”

Longtime colleagues and friends Drs. Shirley McCune, Andrew Griffin, and Robert Carkhuff share interest in the disturbingly esoteric study of the paranormal and human potential. See for yourself in The Light Shall Set You Free[18] and The Possibilities Mind[19] by Drs. McCune and Carkhuff, respectively.

In pursuit of transpersonal psychology, Dr. Carkhuff applies his own make-believe formula (Energy=PE²1³) to measure human energy toward self-actualization, clarified by McCune as looking to “the Light within” in our collective journey. Cosmic mindfulness is entered into through altered states of consciousness. The way to that “Light,” McCune claims, is to increase one’s “vibration frequency.”

Sounds to me like a spiritual experience. True, Dr. McCune has the constitutional right to believe as she does; however, the “path to power,” in her view, “requires a whole new curriculum and set of guidelines.” Don’t think for a moment that this federal liaison refrains from exposing children to her arcane theological grid.[20]

Be sure the utopian brave new world of infinite possibilities, purportedly achieved by Carkhuff’s Links Project, costs taxpayers millions of dollars in federal grants, yet he identifies “the possibilities mind” as god—yes, god—who allegedly co-processes with us to illuminate mysteries.[21]

If this isn’t weird enough, “the possibilities mind” discards what is dubbed dysfunctional traditional math for “constructivist learning.” Forget numerals. Students are required not to solve a problem with its correct answer, but rather to use their “team voices” to “think about mathematics” and how it makes them feel. Carkhuff advances a similarly troublesome new science of possibilities.[22]

Conclusion: Revolution-Ready Evangelists of the System

For progressive liberals to unhinge the establishment in the name of egalitarianism, student-led reform is called to bat. Founded by Adam Fletcher in April 2000, the left-wing Free Child Project promotes radical democracy toward achieving a more fair, sustainable, and peaceful world. A youth-driven training ground, the project serves as think tank and advocacy group, especially for minority races, gays, women, and animals.

Marxism assumes center stage in directing the global social revolution against national sovereignty, traditionalism, and capitalism. By accessing the Internet and liberal media, young activists pit themselves against youth-fearing grown-ups (otherwise known as “ephebiphobic” adult authorities). Incited youth bemoan the digital divide, oppose captive breeding, denounce medical testing, and champion “my-body—my-choice.”[23]

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Hard-core direct action propelled by “a spirit of resistance” frequently involves civil disobedience, boycotts, and occupation. Says the late Redwood Forest tree-sitting anarchist, the late Anita Roddick, this is “the rent we pay to live on the planet.”[24]

More to follow in, Part 5.

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� 2010 Debra Rae - All Rights Reserved

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Daughter of an Army Colonel, Debra graduated with distinction from the University of Iowa. She then completed a Master of Education degree from the University of Washington. These were followed by Bachelor of Theology and Master of Ministries degrees-both from Pacific School of Theology.

While a teacher in Kuwait, Debra undertook a three-month journey from the Persian Gulf to London by means of VW "bug"! One summer, she tutored the daughter of Kuwait's Head of Parliament while serving as superintendent of Kuwait's first Vacation Bible School.

Having authored the ABCs of Globalism and ABCs of Cultural -Isms, Debra speaks to Christian and secular groups alike. Her radio spots air globally. Presently, Debra co-hosts WOMANTalk radio with Sharon Hughes and Friends, and she contributes monthly commentaries to Changing Worldviews and Debra calls the Pacific Northwest home.

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In 1983 the Education Department issued a broadly circulated report, A Nation at Risk. “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose upon Americans the mediocre educational performance that exists today,” it cautioned, “we might well have viewed it as an act of war.”