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By Pastor Butch Paugh, PPP
December 15, 2015

For those that have no idea who I am, and probably don't care, I'll tell you anyway. I am a blood bought, Holy Christ filled, born again follower of Jesus Christ. The only Savior of mankind, and the only way to eternal life and path to His Father! The reason I wanted to let you know this is because the question I am about to ask, and the way I am going to ask it may seem a little "harsh" and shock many of you because it is coming from a sincere Christian and pastor. Here is the question: "What the hell is wrong with you people?!" This is a question posed to all of the folks that listen to, and believe the main stream lying news media.

Please allow me to explain my point: Almost monthly in the "good ole" USA, we have a "mass" shooting. It only takes someone with an IQ ten points higher than a potted plant to see that most, if not all, are staged events designed for mass deception and mind control. And, of course, the only answer to this situation is to take away your gun, and my guns! It's those dang evil guns that cause all murders, robberies, and probably the "chicken pox" too you see!

We have a huge number of elected officials, local and Federal, judges and magistrates who either believe, or are "paid" to believe that disarming me and you will solve all of most of the criminal activity in our society. Never mind that there has been almost a total gun ban in Australia and the murder rate went up "THREE HUNDRED" percent! But even with all the proof throughout the history of disarming people has caused violent crime of all types, including from the citizen's own government causing the death of countless millions. We still have the G.D.P. (Generally dumbed-down public) who believe that disarming you and me will solve all of our problems nationally and worldwide!


Have you ever taken the time to notice that most of these real idiots, or "paid" idiots, are anti-second amendment, but pro-murder of the unborn, and either are themselves or they support sexual deviants and perverts?

Now, I realize folks that some people are (genuinely?) sincere in their support of disarming the people. They usually believe that the second amendment is so we can go hunting. Many of them claim to be Christians. They are truly ignorant, or willfully ignorant of the Scriptures that teach about the people's right and duty to be armed, and of the evils of disarming the people! Only slaves are disarmed! and only tyrants and our enemies desire to disarm us!

Read I Samuel, chapter 13 to prove this from the Bible! Read Numbers, chapter 1 to see for yourself that the "people" were to arm themselves in order to defend themselves, tribes and nation! The people were to be the citizen militia. A necessity for a free society! It was a God-ordained commandment. It's a Christian duty to be armed! The same in Nehemiah, chapter 4. Not to mention that Christ himself commanded His followers of all ages to arm themselves! Even if they had to sell their coats to do it themselves. (Luke 22:36).

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One more point to be made before I go. The only role of a righteous government is to protect your God-given unalienable rights! This includes your right and duty to be armed for the defense of life, liberty and property! It is not on any level the duty of government to protect, defend or provide for you! I know that this fact is totally foreign to most people in the nation today, but it is still a Biblical and Constitutional truth! Law enforcement was meant only to be keepers of the peace, not law enforcement in general. If keeping the peace meant protecting the people, then that is their Godly and constitutional duty! But in most all cases, it is our DUTY to protect ourselves, families and nation if necessary!

You will see that after my name is three P's. They simply stand for "pistol packing preacher". As for me and my house, we will serve and obey the Lord and defend ourselves. Obama and all others who wish to disarm me and others like me, I will simply give this warning, "DON'T TREAD ON ME"!

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Here is the question: "What the hell is wrong with you people?!" This is a question posed to all of the folks that listen to, and believe the main stream lying news media.