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By Pastor Butch Paugh
August 17, 2013

A wise man once said, “That which we tolerate today, we will embrace tomorrow.” Toleration is the first step to damnation, for an individual and for a nation.

We are not referring to temporal and frivolous issues like the color of carpet for your bedroom, but rather all things regarding God’s word and laws.

There has never been a more deadly delusion than the modern wave of toleration tranquilizers. “Don’t worry, be happy” has destroyed many souls and families. Don’t worry, Christ’s grace will allow God to tolerate your “little” sin. One drink of that devil alcohol won’t hurt. Allowing your daughter to wear provocative clothing is okay. Everyone else is doing it! Surely allowing them to go to the movies made in “Hellywood” is okay. They will see the evil someplace else anyway. Just because our daughter committed fornication and is now having an illegitimate child, we can’t take too strong a stand against that deadly sin. We might hurt their “feelings.”

We must not break fellowship (acting like no sin was committed). This is ignoring God’s word in Eph. 5:11. Surely we shouldn’t expect a broken and contrite heart of repentance. Just because she is still living in the world (sin) we should overlook this and treat all things as “normal.” Surely Christ wasn’t speaking to and about “our little sin” in Luke 13:3. And the same goes for the young man that also committed fornication, a sin that a Holy God pronounced the death penalty in Deut. 22:21 and Rom 1:29. We should just overlook this law of course. They just made a “simple mistake”. Isn’t it strange how God doesn’t consider it a mistake?

Tolerance has rocked multitudes to sleep, many of them once were people of holiness. It has stopped the mouths of many who used to cry out against sin in every form. It has neutralized, and made useless in battle, many once powerful soldiers of the cross until they have become nothing but statues and relics of once effective servants of Christ. They now, through tolerance, excuse sin that once made them blush. They no longer blush or show any repentance. (Jer. 6:15) For the most part, tolerance has caused the “church” to cease from being a “peculiar (Strong’s 4045, purchased possession) people”. (I Pet. 2:9) Multitudes, who used to have real Bible salvation, now have more desire to be “accepted” by their friends and families and more love for the world than for Christ. The once saved and sanctified called out church has now become the popular, accepted and non-judgmental church of the god of this world.

Of course, those who know the Lord have a deep “Agape” love for the souls of all men. “And of some have compassion, making a difference: and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh). (Jude 23) But we must be able to discern when there is no hope or help for the ones who are reprobate. (Matt. 7:6, Rom. 1:25-28) We must not compromise or tolerate what a righteous God tells us to love, and that which we are commanded to hate. (Ps. 97:10, Rom 12:9)

Many, if not most Christians have now become “sentimental” and soft against sin and the sinner. Especially in their own families. This is truly a satanic influence that has penetrated the once mighty church. No one can be tolerant toward sin (I John 3:4) of any kind and walk in complete fellowship with the Lord (Ps. 66:18).

People say to me, “Well, why do the worldly people prosper and seem to be blessed?” The answer to that question is that if you think their prosperity is of God, that is a sure sign that you do not have the Spiritual Discernment that you need yourself. When people sell out to the devil, to go along with him and his crowd, he stops opposing them, and it is easy for them to get along. Their “god” blesses them unto damnation! The sad part of this is the fact they face little, if any, oppression from those who profess (not necessarily possess) to be true Christians.

Ironically, this makes it even easier for them to prosper and seem to be blessed. But if any of these “famous” people come out of the world and take a stand against evil, all hell will array their forces against them. They will probably lose their “blessings”. But then they will obtain the real blessings of a Holy God upon their souls, and be on their way to heaven. (Gal: 6:22)

Folks, because we have tolerated “little” sins, sin has abounded all around us. We tolerated the murders of unborn babies and now it is being discussed if parents have the right to determine if a child can be murdered up to 3 years of age. They only become “real” people when the parents “feel” like they are real people.

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We tolerated “free love” (sex) in the 60’s, uni-sex clothing and acceptance of nudity in the 70’s, “gay” rights being discussed into the 80’s, 90’s until now we have the Supreme Court ruling that it is the right of these perverts to not only do as they please, but to spread their evil into all of society. (Rom 1:32) Now the sick, perverted pedophiles are claiming the same “rights” as sodomites and lesbians! It’s just another “sexual orientation” and we shouldn’t discriminate against them. Bestiality will be next!

Brothers and sisters, watch your attitude toward sin and the world, and if you find yourself getting soft in your attitude toward the things that you once saw to be wrong, flee to the place of prayer and call on God to give you back your discernment and your spiritual backbone! For any time you get soft in your attitude toward wrong, you not only endanger your own soul, but those of your family and even society in general. Let us return to our first love and remember that we were purchased and purged from our sins. (Rev. 2:4, II Peter 1: 9-10) We must not return unto our vomit (worldly and foolish ways). (Prov. 26:11)

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Many, if not most Christians have now become “sentimental” and soft against sin and the sinner. Especially in their own families. This is truly a satanic influence that has penetrated the once mighty church.