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By Debbie O'Hara
September 27, 2003

With an historic governor recall coming up, California has a real chance to make some changes for the better by electing Tom McLintock- but will they? I'm hearing the same grumblings I hear at every election about how the people have to vote for the lesser of two evils because the guy who would be right for the job, "can't win". I have even heard people say that they will vote "no recall" because Cruz Bustamante and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the only contenders for the job that can win and they are no better or are even worse than what we already have in Gov. Gray Davis. That one really blew me away. That's all we need is to have this corrupt, big spending, anti-family governor, think he has a mandate! If things don't get better, we will have no one but ourselves to blame if we didn't even vote for the right man. Many know the right thing to do, but don't do it. Why?

Often times we don't do the right thing because after picking up our morning paper or catching the evening news we start to think that maybe we are more old fashioned than everyone else. We are made to feel that since we can't make a difference, maybe we should just go with the flow. While the majority of people realize that the mainstream media has a liberal bias, I don't think they really understand that there is a revolutionary political agenda behind that bias. Throughout history mass media has played a pivotal role in any revolution's grab at power because they need to get the people with traditional values to feel helpless. One way to do that is to make them feel that left-wing policies are what most people want and that fighting against them is hopeless. People who feel hopeless give up voting altogether or vote for the "lesser of two evils". Either way it is actually helping the revolutionary power grab to continue its climb up the ladder. All successful revolutions have gained popularity with those they eventually enslaved by creating the impression that they were popular among the people through mass media deception.

A free society cannot exist without a news media that transmits accurate information to the citizens in order for them to make informed decisions. When the news media doesn't tell the truth it can change or even warp people's perceptions. Would-be tyrants have always tried to manipulate public opinion by gaining press coverage. Hitler highly publicized his Nuremberg and Munich rallies in the government owned press. Lenin used his newspaper Iskra to gain popularity for his Bolshevik revolution. He focused on discontents to gain power for himself. While our media outlets are not government owned like they were in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, we need to understand that they are not free. Understanding that we don't have a free press is very important so that we are able to read between the lines. We cannot make informed decisions unless we understand that the end goal of what is really a media cartel is a new international socialist order ruled by an elite few.

I say media cartel because while there are many different channels, they are controlled by just a handful of transnational conglomerates - AOL Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corp and Sony. If media consolidation continues the current trend, there is certainly the sinister possibility that all of the information we receive whether it be from a local newspaper, a bookstore, a video shop, the internet, a radio station, a TV channel, etc., could all come through one corporate filter. If that is not a scary scenario, I don't know what is.

More importantly these conglomerates are also all connected to a semi-secret exclusive club that has been trying to bring about a New World Order for years. Get yourself a list of the members of this elite club called The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). Presidential administrations for the past few decades have been full of their members. Major corporations, academia elites, financial tycoons, tax exempt foundations, and media moguls are all members of this exclusive club. In a Washington Post article called Ruling Class Journalists Richard Harwood wrote about "CFR Membership - the ruling establishment of the United States". Georgetown Professor, Carroll Quigley, who Bill Clinton called his mentor when he accepted the Democratic nomination, wrote that the network of people who founded the CFR "aim to create a world system of financial control, in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country, and the world as a whole." How do they plan to get the American people to go along with this agenda? Propagandize them through the mass media of course.

Following are a few examples of what having mass media in just a few hands has done. (Of course collusion with government and major corporations and other organizations is an essential part, too.) It is easy for them to black out stories that they don't want you to see and to play the ones they do want shown. In order for journalists to get ahead in their jobs they don't necessarily need to bring their bosses true stories, just the "right" stories. In this way they can change our perceptions of the world and get us to go along with just about anything they want.

Mainstream media has played a pivotal role in eradicating traditional values. An example of media duplicity is when they made a martyr out of 21-year-old Matthew Shephard, a homosexual man who was robbed and murdered in 1998, but then gave zero coverage a year later to 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising who was brutally raped and murdered by two homosexual men. Interestingly zero coverage was given to little ten-year old Jeffrey Curley who was sodomized and killed by two adult homosexuals in the year before the Shephard case. America was saturated with stories about Matthew Shephard and many were calling for "hate crime" legislation. The internationalists didn't care about the little boys because knowledge of them would have damaged their homosexual political agenda.

Another big goal of these internationalists is to disarm the American people. Capitalizing on a 1999 shooting at a Jewish day care center in Los Angles, the mass media introduced us to a "regular" mom named Donna Dees-Thomases. We were told that this "regular" mom had never been politically active until this shooting, but finally fed up with all the violence she single handedly got the "Million Mom March" together to demand more gun control. What the media didn't tell us is that the "Million Mom March" fell far short of its name. They also didn't tell us that this "regular non- politically active" mom had given $1,000 to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign one day before the shooting and had spent several years as a congressional staff member for Democrats Russell Long and Bennett Johnston. While she was quoted in the Washington Post as saying " I couldn't organize a class picnic", she organized the CBS News Washington bureau election coverage during the 1988 presidential campaign. Why did not one major news outlet tell us the truth about this woman's credentials? I imagine that it is because it would have ruined her part in the internationalist's plot to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Abortion survivors like Gianna Jessen are censored by the media. They are censored because they threaten the internationalist's abortion agenda. Jessen survived an abortion as a seven- and-one-half-month-old fetus and she has quite a story to tell. Another story the media don't want you to hear about is a 21-week-old unborn baby named Samuel Alexander Armas who was being operated on in utero. During the operation his little hand came out and grabbed hold of the doctor's finger! You can visit the story and see a picture at If that picture doesn't tug at your heart, nothing will. The internationalists will keep these stories under wraps at all costs because their abortion agenda must not be threatened.

Let's give these international socialists a run for their money. Don't vote for their candidates. Don't you ever wonder why there is never a shift in our country's direction whichever major party candidate gets elected to office? The media play their tricks on us and don't give much if any time to the good guys because they don't want them in office to spoil the socialist plans for us. They give us liberal candidate D and liberal candidate R and they make us think we have a choice.

"The two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shift in policy." Carroll Quigley, Georgetown professor - from his book "Tragedy and Hope" referring to the secret network that started the CFR.

Let's fool them and vote for the good guy. We owe it to Jesse Dirkhising, Jeffrey Curley, Gianna Jessen, Samuel Alexander Armas and others like them. And we owe it to all those who will come after us.

� 2003 Debbie O'Hara - All Rights Reserved


Debbie O'Hara is a homeschooler and avid reader. She has held a position in management in the aerospace industry in Southern California. She left the business world to become a full time mother. Doing the research necessary to provide a comprehensive homeschool curriculum led her to a keen interest in the direction of our country. She and her children are active in the political process both locally and nationally. She is a wife and mother of eight children. Debbie is a contributing writer to  E-Mail:








"Abortion survivors like Gianna Jessen are censored by the media. They are censored because they threaten the internationalist's abortion agenda."