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By Debbie O'Hara
September 2, 2003

As America's kids head back to government schools, officials are scrambling to figure out how to get "their kids" to meet the new federal guidelines under President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" school bill. Their very survival depends on it as schools are being threatened with closure if they are unable to meet them. While billions more dollars are poured into this system, children keep getting dumber and school campuses are becoming ever more dangerous places to be. Can this really be accidental, or is there a more sinister plan for the "state's children"? By threatening schools with closure, the government is very serious about having these new guidelines followed. Do you know what these guidelines are? Do you realize that their intent is to change your child's attitude, values and beliefs, especially if they are Christian, so that they will better fit into their state-approved job in the new global workforce? It is time to stop handing these people money and find out what is happening to your children in these schools! Is it really the job of "the state" to shape your child's religious views to serve state interests? This is a battle to the finish for the souls of America's kids.

While the term "separation of church and state" is not in any of our country's founding documents, it is still a valid statement. God gave different duties to each of those bodies and it would be disastrous having either the church running the state or the state running the church. However, that does not mean keeping religion out of politics because as I stated in a recent article [Could Democide Come To America?] all thought is religious. The laws in our respective states and for our country as a whole are made according to the religious faith of those people in our legislative bodies. So, if all thought is religious, then that must mean that all teaching is religious and should lead us to the logical question, "should we have government schools at all?" Whose religion is being taught as the foundation of learning in those schools and whose job is it to teach religion anyway?

Though at one time the religion that government promoted in America was Christianity, it was never our founders' intent that there be government control over the schooling of America's children. Not a single mention is made in the Constitution regarding education. Education falls under the Tenth Amendment leaving it to the individual states and the people. Though government was not to regulate religion or control the education of American children, government money was used to buy Bibles as textbooks, some schools using them up to as late as the early 1950's. There is clear documentation that the founders' intent was to mix the Christian religion with education, law, government and society in general. After all, Christianity was the base on which their liberty stood without whose knowledge the freedom for future generations would be lost. In a free country, pluralism was tolerated, but only Christianity was encouraged. Those who came here knew it was a Christian nation and though they themselves may not have been Christians, they appreciated the freedom they found here to worship in their own way. Today, Christianity seems to be the only religion allowed to be ridiculed in the government schools. Why would this be?

Those whose intent it has been to destroy the freedom America once enjoyed know that changing the religious beliefs of the young through mass education would erase the knowledge required to perpetuate their system of freedom. In ignorance we sold ourselves into slavery through our own tax dollars that have been used to fund the un-Constitutional federal government school system that benefits only an elite few. U.S. policy now embraces a state-planned economy where federal law forms a new structure that opposes free enterprise and representative government. ( As Adolph Hitler said, "Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state." That is how important the education of our children is and yet so many of us don't even give it a second thought as we send our children out the door each morning.

What is the religious faith being taught to our children in the government schools now? They are taught that our universe made itself and that man appeared on earth through the process of evolution. Evolution is the basis for the Satanic ideology of Karl Marx, the founder of our new system of government, democratic socialism. It is the basis for racism and the murder of millions of people considered inferior or problematic to their governments around the world. How many children realize that the word universe literally means "one word"? God spoke and the world came into being! History is taught as just a bunch of disjointed names and dates. As we Christians know, history is really His Story and without God it has no meaning which makes it a boring subject for many. After going through 12 years of school and several years of college, most people say their worst subject was history. Was it any accident that our children have been taught to abhor what they need most to remain a free nation of god-fearing people?

Occasionally I get a reminder that the Bible can be legally taught in government schools and that some are working hard to get creation taught alongside evolution, but is that really the answer? While our children need to learn dissenting views, they should be well grounded in truth first or they will be lost to a pagan world. What good will it do to read from the Bible and then go down the hall to a sex education class where you are taught that homosexuality and other sexual perversions are just as normal as the relations that take place between the God-ordained union of husband and wife? The religious views of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger are the foundation of sex ed classes. Sanger was fascinated with the occult. Being promiscuous and perverse, she did not believe in the sanctity of the marriage bed, sometimes having several affairs in a single day. One of her many lovers authored nearly 50 books of obscenity and ran an underground network for both homosexual and heterosexual encounters. Are these religious views of Sanger's mixed with a little Bible reading as a sideline going to save our children?

The biggest attack in government schools is on God's most vital institution, the family. American kids are continually reminded that they don't need to tell their unreasonable parents anything. Have a problem? Tell your schoolteacher, school counselor, school psychologist, etc. In trouble? Pregnant? Not to worry. Why tell your parents? Those nice government workers can take you for an abortion without your parents' consent or even knowledge! It's none of the parent's business to know what is going on in the life of the "government's child". Do you ever wonder why kids are under so much stress today? Depression, suicide and feelings of despair run rampant. They are being torn between what their parents are teaching them at home, and the total opposite to it that is being taught at school. Talk about a split life! Most adults couldn't hold up under such pressure and yet we expect our children to stand up to it.

Some Christian parents say they don't pull their kids out of government school because if all the Christians left, who would be "salt and light" to the other children? The best comeback I have heard to that is, "if you have a heart for the public schools by all means volunteer to work there, they need you. But why would you send your children there? That is like Christian missionaries staying home while they send their children out to the mission field." I bet very few children have found faith in Christ at a government school, but I'll bet many a child has lost it there. Many children lose their faith even after attending Christian schools for 12 years and then going off to secular colleges. You might have only 18 years to give your young ones the instruction they need in apologetics. Why would you leave your precious children in a pagan government run school system?

Too many churches have that same emphasis on evangelizing "the lost" while we are losing our own Christian children. After 35 hours per week in government schools, the church thinks it can undo the harm done with an hour or two on Sunday and an occasional pizza gathering during the week. While evangelizing "the lost" is certainly important, the number one duty of the church is to make sure that Christ receives a spotless bride by ministering unto the body first. Christian children must be made a priority! While the parents have the main responsibility for their children's education, the church is to support them. As Gail and Ray Moore, Founders of Exodus Mandate, say " Every church a school, every parent a teacher." (

Even children already receiving a Christian education are not safe. You need to stay informed! The "No Child Left Behind Bill" means what it says. No child is to escape this system. Those who do not conform to government mandated religious values will not get the best jobs, have difficulty getting a driver's license, etc. Give your children the strength to stand for the most important thing in their lives - their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a huge undertaking, but what is more worthy of your time than your precious children? Your material possessions that you work so hard to acquire will not belong to you after you die and this earthly life passes away so swiftly. None of the "things" that you think are so important now will be in heaven with you. Will your children be there?

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Debbie O'Hara is a homeschooler and avid reader. She has held a position in management in the aerospace industry in Southern California. She left the business world to become a full time mother. Doing the research necessary to provide a comprehensive homeschool curriculum led her to a keen interest in the direction of our country. She has had numerous letters published in her local newspaper and she and her children are active in the political process both locally and nationally. She is a wife and mother of eight children. E-Mail:








" one time the religion that government promoted in America was Christianity, it was never our founders' intent that there be government control over the schooling of America's children. Not a single mention is made in the Constitution regarding education. Education falls under the Tenth Amendment leaving it to the individual states and the people..."