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By Debbie O'Hara
February 22, 2004

I hear Christians say that they believe in the sovereignty of God, but I wonder how many really do? To say that God is sovereign but then to not show that belief through their actions is hypocrisy.

Many say that we must not abandon President George W. Bush in this year's presidential election. After all, no matter how godly another candidate looks, he has no real chance of winning. We must vote for the lesser of two evils they say because we really only have two choices, Democrat or Republican. We are told that no matter how un-Christian the actions of President Bush have been, at least he is better than the Democrat would have been. The question we must ask ourselves is, "Would God approve of that choice?" Would God approve of us choosing a leader, who among many other grave sins, believes in the civil union of homosexuals and has done little to help stop the bloodshed of tens of millions of innocents in the womb?

It is not surprising that President Bush has done little to help stop the bloodshed of the unborn. In fact why should he? Even with his terrible track record on Life Issues, the Christian vote gave him the presidency.

Bush has said that he is pro-life except for in the case of incest or rape. How can you be pro-life with exception? It doesn't make sense - you are either pro-life or you're not. If we are able to rationalize a reason to kill the innocent, we have opened the door to further compromise. And Bush has certainly done a lot of compromising.

As governor of Texas, Bush named Mike McKinney, a pro-abortion Democrat, as Commissioner of Health and Human Services. While claiming to be pro-traditional marriage and pro-life, he appointed people like Martha Hill Jamison, a supporter of Planned Parenthood and the Gay and Lesbian Caucus to Houston's 164th District Court. Saying he supports parental notification laws, it is interesting that 3 of Bush's 4 appointees to the Texas Supreme Court weakened parental notification laws when they nullified a lower court's decision that a 17-year old girl wasn�t mature enough to make a decision to have an abortion without her parent's consent. And let�s not forget how Bush said he couldn't wait to campaign across America for Christine Todd Whitman, the New Jersey governor who for her entire political career has stood with the pro-abortion feminist lobby that opposes restriction of any kind on abortion. Whitman even vetoed the partial-birth abortion ban that was passed by the New Jersey legislature. Would someone who was really pro-life actively campaign for such a person? To be pro-life with exceptions is to be not pro-life at all. When Christians decided to cast their vote in 2000 to elect a man with such a dismal record to the presidency, is it really any surprise that we have seen no turn around in our "culture of death" and that the attack on marriage has continued unabated?

Many Christians say that the only reason they voted for Bush was because of his pro-life stance and they feel vindicated by his presidential signature on the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. I hope you will check out Dave Brownlow�s article " Partial Birth Abortion Ban- The Betrayal is Now Complete". It would be surprising if any lives would actually be saved by such a bill. It appears to me that it was just another ruse to keep up the pro-life fa�ade so that he wouldn't lose the Christian following that got him elected to office in the first place. I think it is high time to wake up to the fact that the American people have been duped. The same anti-Christian agenda is forging ahead no matter which major political party is in office. (See my article, "Who Are the Bad Guys - Democrats or Republicans?")

Why do so many Christians continue to place their faith in this man? Unfortunately part of the reason is because they see respected Christian leaders like D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries do it. Recently on Kennedy's "Truths that Transform" he had Stephen Mansfield, the author of "The Faith of George Bush" on his program. Perhaps millions of people tuned in to Kennedy's program where excuses were being made for Bush's caving into the homosexual agenda and for his saying Islam is a peaceful religion. (They forgot to mention that President Bush also says that Christians worship the same God as Muslims.) Kennedy is generally very outspoken about the sin of homosexuality, but what good does it do when excuses are made for those who promote the agenda? What it boiled down to is that these men felt that Bush, being a politician, has to say and do those things in order to represent everyone. But isn't the duty of every Christian to represent Christ? If what these men say is true, that being in public office means you have to compromise your faith, then one would have to wonder whether you can be in public office and be a Christian.

Unfortunately, the faith of the American people has been placed in an earthly political system and in an earthly government rather than in God. Christians say that God raises leaders up and puts them down. If that is true, and I agree that it is, isn't our only duty then to vote for the godliest candidate and leave the results to God?

Do you remember how David's faith allowed him to defeat the giant, Goliath? King Saul wanted David to wear the king's armor and his sword, but David knew that he could not use the weapons of the world to fight the battle. He had to use his own methods - the ones that the Lord taught him - in order to win. "For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world; and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith." (I John 5:4) We will never overcome this world by following the ways of men by voting for the lesser of two evils, but only by placing our faith and confidence in the ways of God.

Even though there are millions of people in this country that call themselves by His name, there is an incredible lack of faith in Almighty God. While the schools and the churches have largely been a failure in instructing us and our children, the biggest failure has been in our very own homes where instruction is supposed to originate. If there is any hope of turning this country around, then it must start with us in our own homes. We must teach our children that fear of the Lord and keeping His commandments is our first priority. Our greatest asset is not in our abilities or cleverness but in our faith that God has the ability to overcome in our behalf.

God�s plan may not be to save America. We have come down so far that we rightfully deserve judgment. God does not just punish sinful individuals but sinful nations as well. Big government Republicans work to their advantage the fact that Christians are more afraid of the Democrats than they are of God. Ask yourself how can compromising with evil save us?

Won't you join me this year in making a goal of holding our nation and her leaders up in prayer every day? We need to pray that the Lord would either change the hearts of those in public office to walk in His ways or to help us raise up godly leaders to take their places. We also need to pray for discernment for ourselves so that we are not taken in by those who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. And when you go to the polls will you remember that God really is in charge? He is sovereign and all He asks of us is to love Him and to do what we know is right. He'll take it from there.

� 2004 Debbie O'Hara - All Rights Reserved


Debbie O'Hara is a homemaker, wife and mother of eight children. During her business career she held a position in management in the aerospace industry in Southern California. She left the business world to become a full time mother. She is an avid reader, and did the necessary research to provide a comprehensive homeschool curriculum for her children. This led her to closely examine the political direction our country has been following. Debbie and her children are now active in the political process both locally and nationally. Debbie is a contributing writer to  E-Mail:








"As governor of Texas, Bush named Mike McKinney, a pro-abortion Democrat, as Commissioner of Health and Human Services. While claiming to be pro-traditional marriage and pro-life, he appointed people like Martha Hill Jamison, a supporter of Planned Parenthood and the Gay and Lesbian Caucus to Houston�s 164th District Court."