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By Dr. Stanley Monteith
June 11, 2011

Last time, we answered several questions which relate to the current status of the United States. One last question remains.

Who was Colonel House, and why is he important today?

Colonel Edward Mandell House never held public office, but he was the most important political figure of the twentieth century. Colonel House controlled the Wilson administration, prolonged World War I, brought the U.S. into the Great War, helped write the Treaty of Versailles that led to World War II, aided the Bolsheviks, helped J.P. Morgan organize the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a close personal friend of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.[1]

How did Colonel House control President Wilson and his administration? Arthur Howden Smith knew Colonel House, and wrote:

"Colonel House would come into an office and say a few words quietly, and after he had gone you would suddenly become seized by a good idea. You would suggest that idea to your friends or superiors and be congratulated for it; it would work first rate, beyond your wildest dreams. You might forget about it. But some time, as sure as shooting, in cogitating profoundly over it, you would come to an abrupt realization that that idea had been oozed into your brain by Colonel House in the course of conversation."[2]

How did Colonel House "ooze" his ideas into other men's minds? Ambassador Gerard was the American Ambassador to Germany from 1913-1917. Ambassador Gerard knew Colonel House, but didn't understand the source of his mysterious ability.

Ambassador Gerard described a tragic event that took place at that time:

"In the early months of 1915 it became apparent that the German blitzkrieg had lost its initial force. The push for Paris and the German sweep to a quick victory had failed. . . . The Germans . . . knew that the quickest way to the ear of Washington was through me, and in due course it was intimated to me that Germany was ready to make peace. . . . I felt justified, on February 11, 1915, (seven months after the war began - ed) in sending President Wilson the following cable in code.
It is my conviction that if a reasonable peace proposition were offered Germany very many men of influence would be inclined to use their efforts to induce Germany to accept the proposition. If peace does not come immediately a new and protracted phase of the war will commence. It will be fatal to hesitate or wait a moment; success is dependent on immediate action. It is my belief that if you seize the present opportunity you will be the instrument of bringing about the greatest peace which has ever been signed, but it will be fatal to hesitate or wait a moment."

Germany wanted to end the war, but Colonel House had a different agenda.

Ambassador Gerard continued:

"The response to this cable was an instruction from President Wilson to refer everything to Colonel House, who, the communication specified, had been 'fully instructed and commissioned to act in all these matters'. . . .

All authority, therefore, had been vested in Colonel House, and as I was directed to report to Colonel House direct, the President ceased to be even a conduit of communications. . . .

Certainly Colonel E. Mandell House occupied a unique position in the annals of American diplomacy. He, who had never been appointed to any position and who had never be passed upon by the Senate, was 'fully instructed and commissioned' to act in the most grave situation. I have never ceased to wonder how he managed to attain such power and influence."[4]

How did Colonel House attain his "power and influence"? The August Radio Liberty letter described the occult background of the organizations that were primarily responsible for World War I; i.e., the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge, and Cecil Rhodes' secret society. Sir Edward Grey precipitated the conflict. If you read Sir Edward's autobiography, you will discover he was closely affiliated with the Milner Group that was involved in the occult, and Colonel Edward Mandell House was a close friend.

The September Radio Liberty letter discussed Rasputin, the Russian mystic who controlled the Romanov family, and the part J.P. Morgan played in inciting the war. J.P. Morgan was involved in astrology.


How did Colonel House control President Wilson and his administration? Corinne McLaughlin and her husband, Gordon Davidson, answered that question in their book, "Spiritual Politics." They wote:

"Colonel Edward Mandell House, a close aide of President Wilson - who was called a 'man of mystery' -was guided inwardly to bring the idea of a League of Nations to the world. Colonel House was a quiet, self-effacing adviser with tremendous dedication, practical intelligence, and skill. 'By his idealism he touched those belonging to the Inner Government of the world, and by his mastery of practical politics he was able to influence those who governed the outer,' noted metaphysician Theodore Heline. Colonel House was also called by some, 'the Hidden Master of the New Deal.'"[5]

I believe Colonel House was involved in occult practices, and I believe he used occult power to touch "those belonging to the Inner Government of the world." Dr. Dennis Cuddy researched the events that took place during that era, and wrote:

"In Changing Esoteric Values by Foster Bailey, on page 58, Colonel House is referred to as a 'disciple,' and President Wilson is referred to as a 'sixth ray disciple.' Foster's wife, Alice Bailey (the leading occultist of the day), referred to FDR as 'that great first ray disciple' in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, in which she wrote of those who 'will develop the new world religion . . . [and] the new civilization. . . . They can, however, be delayed by the reactionary types of people, by the ultra-conservative and closed minds. . . . These must all be brought under the power of death.'"[6]

Why did Colonel House prolong World War I, and kill millions of innocent people? Colonel House answered that question in an article published in Foreign Affairs magazine in June 1923. Foreign Affairs is the official journal of the Council on Foreign Relations:

"If war had not come in 1914 in fierce and exaggerated form, the idea of an association of nations would probably have remained dormant, for great reforms seldom materialize except during great upheavals. . . . If law and order are good within states (nations), there can be no reason why they should not be good between states (nations)."[7]

Colonel House prolonged World War I because he wanted world government. I believe Colonel House, President Wilson, and President Roosevelt were knowingly, or unknowingly, involved in the occult movement, and I believe the men who lead the BOD are knowingly or unknowingly involved in the occult movement today.

The world is changing. The U.S. economy is contracting. U2 unemployment is 9.6%, U6 unemployment is over 16%, and if you remove "the birth-death ratio," U6 unemployment is over 22%. One-and-a-half million families have lost their homes since January 2009, four million homes are in some stage of foreclosure, the price of food and household necessities is increasing, and the FED is funding the major (BOD) banks that created the problem.

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Most people realize something is seriously wrong, but they don't understand the spiritual component of the battle. The Republican sweep of the House of Representatives reflects the growing awareness of the American people. We must stay the course, and expose the "dark force" that controls our nation because:

Then to side with truth is noble, When we share her wretched crust,
Ere her cause bring fame and profit. And 'tis prosperous to be just,
Then it is the brave man chooses, While the coward stands aside,
Till the multitude make virtue, Of the faith they have denied. . . .
Though the cause of evil prosper, Yet 'tis truth alone is strong;
Though her portion be the scaffold, And upon the throne be wrong.
Yet that scaffold sways the future, And, behind the dim unknown,
Standeth God within the shadow, Keeping watch above his own.

Barbara and I appreciate your faithful prayers and your loyal support:

Yours in Christ,

Stanley Monteith

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� 2011 Dr. Stanley Monteith - All Rights Reserved

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Dr. Stanley Monteith has been studying the movement to create a world government for almost 40 years. During his 35-year career as an orthopedic surgeon he traveled to Europe, lived in South Africa, and researched the records of the men and the organizations that are working to bring our nation under the control of a corporate elite.

Dr. Monteith currently spends five hours daily on talk radio across the nation. He writes extensively, and lectures on geopolitics. He is the author of AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic and his most recent book Brotherhood of Darkness is in its 8th printing.

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Colonel Edward Mandell House never held public office, but he was the most important political figure of the twentieth century.