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By Paul McGuire
June 26, 2012

Russia, China and Iran are now involved in the Syrian situation. There is the possibility that Israel could conduct strikes on Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons in order to keep them from being used by Hezbollah and al Qaeda terrorists. Shortly after 911 there were unconfirmed satellite reports that Iraq sent WMDs into Syria via truck convoys. Syria is modernizing its long-range missile systems in cooperation with Russia, North Korea, and possibly China. In addition, Syria could be sharing its missile technology with Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is controlled by Iran, which according to DEBKA, plans to attack Israel with a low grade nuclear device. DEBKA stated, “Israel’s war preparations are based on the estimate that by the end of 2012, Iran will be able to produce a crude nuclear device as well as a dirty bomb. It calculates as high the risk that Tehran will decide to use those devices for war against Israel in the short term, and not wait until it has a complete nuclear warhead ready for a ballistic missile.”

Potential military intervention in Syria, along with the NATO missile defense shield along Russia's southern and western borders, could provoke a Russian military response that could pull in Iran, China and lead to a regional thermonuclear war in the Persian Gulf. In Isaiah 17:1, we read of a future prophecy of the destruction of Damascus, the capital of Syria, which is destroyed by what appears to be a nuclear weapon. This event could take place during a literal seven year period which the Bible calls the Tribulation Period. It is during the Tribulation Period, that I believe we will see not only space based weapons, but multi-dimensional weapons. Thus, we will see battlefields in space and wars coming from a parallel universe or different dimensions.

“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” -Isaiah 17:1

Whether or not a conflict of that level emerges from the present conflict remains to be seen. The list of nations that are in the news today and that could be involved in some kind Middle Eastern conflict were clearly identified in the predictions of the prophet Ezekiel that were made from 593 to 571 B.C. and the prophet Daniel.. In addition, the Apostle John’s vision, recorded in the Book of Revelation, written in A.D. 95

Although, there are disagreements regarding the identity of certain nations and the sequence of these events, many prophecy scholars believe that Ezekiel 38 predicts a future invasion of Israel by Russia, Iran and an alliance of nations. Here is an outline of the ancient nations and their modern equivalents, which are accepted by many scholars:

The land of Magog -------------------   Russia
Meshech and Tubal ------------------  The region of Russia
Persia -------------------------------   Iran, Iraq, Afganistán
Ethiopia -----------------------------  Ethiopia and Sudan
Libya --------------------------------  Libya
Ashkenaz ---------------------------- Austria and
Gomer ------------------------------- Eastern Europe, Germany
Togarmah Southeastern Europe ------ Turkey
“Many peoples with Thee" ----------- Other nations

The question may be asked where are nations like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Great Britain, America, China, Japan, Korea Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia; are they identified in the Scriptures? In the case of Ezekiel 38, or the War of Gog and Magog, there is a list of nations. But scholars debate as to whether or not Ezekiel 38 is referring to Armageddon or a separate battle that comes before Armageddon. If we simply acknowledge that both Ezekiel 38 and Armageddon are prophecies of future conflicts that will lead us to the End of the Age, the list of key nations expands beyond the Ezekiel 38 list. In Ezekiel 38, one of the primary messages in this passage of Scriptures is that Russia, Iran and the nations who invade Israel are supernaturally defeated by God and not by any human army. Giant hailstones and earthquakes strike these armies.

Many of the nations absent from Ezekiel 38 are found in Psalm 83, which leads many scholars to argue that there will be a distinct Psalm 83 war before Ezekiel 38. In an article in the February 9, 2010 Omega Letter, entitled, “Psalm 83 Revisited?” by Jack Kinsella, he credits Bill Salus, author of “Isralestine,” for much of the research. Salus believes a Psalm 83 war is imminent.

Despite numerous arguments to the contrary, America is not specifically named in the Bible. It very well may be there indirectly, by inference. America may be described as one of the young lions of Tarshish, which are the national descendants of the nation represented by the lion, which is Great Britain. America may be referred to in the verse, “Those who dwell at ease in the Isles.”
America will probably be part of the Revived Roman Empire and some believe America is what is referred to as Babylon in the Book of Revelation. Some scholars believe that Gog is the title of a human political leader of Magog, the prince of the land of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal. Yet, Gog may not be a human leader at all. Gog may very well be a territorial spirit who rules over Russia.
The prophet Daniel talks about spirits or powerful angelic beings that control geographic territories.

Daniel speaks of the Prince of Persia or Iran, and the Prince of Greece. These are not earthly princes. These are ruling demonic beings that control geographic territories and nations from another dimension. Powerful angels like Michael and Gabriel are waging war in a parallel universe against beings like the Prince of Persia. Any attempt at “Full Spectrum Dominance” and spaced-based weapons is incomplete without an understanding of the reality of multi-dimensional warfare. The future of war will take place in both outer space and in other dimensions.

Both the Book of Joel and the Book of Revelation describe armies coming from the Abyss or a different dimension. As the world moves towards Armageddon, there will be an invasion of supernatural armies that will come from a dimension beyond Time. Although the concept of multi-dimensional warfare may be difficult for some to grasp, there was a time, not that long ago, when the reality of space-based weapons seemed impossibility. It wasn’t until the Russian and U.S. space programs were launched, that warfare in and from space became a reality.

At some point in the future, most likely during the Tribulation Period, nations like Russia, China and in some form, the United States, will employ space-based weapons. The Russian goal for space before 2030 is establishing a base on the moon. According to the document to the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, Russia plans to run an orbital lunar station and maintain large spacecraft and inter-orbital spaceships on near-Earth orbits by 2020. The military potential in all of this is obvious.

Mars is also a goal both the U.S. and Russia. When there is a manned landing on Mars, we may well begin the era of multi-dimensional warfare. Remember that the prophet Daniel predicted a Revived Roman Empire. The Romans were enamored with the god of War, who was called Mars. Although, hotly disputed and some say discredited, there are parallel images on both Mars and Earth, such as the Pentagon shape.

There are many scientists who believe that the earth has been visited by extraterrestrial races. This belief is embedded in popular movies like, “Prometheus.” It is also a belief that goes back to the Tower of Babel and Genesis Chapter 6, where there is a reference made to the “Sons of God” mating with human women and producing a race called the Nephilim. Many believe the “Sons of God” were aliens who visited the earth. However, a growing number of Biblical scholars believe that these beings actually came from another dimension and are angelic or demonic beings.

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During Armageddon there is a reappearance of the Nephilim. The existence of the Nephilim, coupled with the military applications of transhumanism and space-based weapons lead inevitably to the final battlefield, which is interdimensional. The existence of this dimension, which lies beyond space and time, has been proven by the String Theory in physics. In the world of theology, this world is often referred to as the invisible realm or spiritual world. When Bible prophecy refers to the last days, or the End of the Age, it is also referring to the end of this present age and the dimension of time. We are rapidly approaching a world beyond time and that means the human race is about to enter eternity. For both mankind as a race and us as individuals, that has profound implications.

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Hezbollah is controlled by Iran, which according to DEBKA, plans to attack Israel with a low grade nuclear device. DEBKA stated, “Israel’s war preparations are based on the estimate that by the end of 2012, Iran will be able to produce a crude nuclear device as well as a dirty bomb.