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By Roy Masters
Author of "Hypnotic States of Americans"
March 18, 2013

Strange how we can find pleasure in pain alone, and how the intensity of the pleasure can be increased with the intensity of the tension—even when it makes us dangerously ill (we can resent that too). Pain distracts, just as pleasure does. A physical discomfort distracts and thus relieves a severe spiritual discomfort—that is how we come to enjoy pain.

The basis of false happiness is the avoidance of the (initially) painful encounter with God. We think we are God, right in our wrong being, doing and having. Like the naughty kids we are, our secret ego-pleasure lies in eating the forbidden fruit in Papa’s pantry.

And like guilty little children, you find that you are fidgety and it is hard to sit still when you meditate.

You seem to be bored, as Reality and anxiety catch up with you.
You have the impulse to run.
You think about things you can do to get away. And thoughts arise about what to do.
Your bones ache for irritation. You see rage rising.

Whatever it is you think about in those moments, it is always for its escape excitement, its relief value in terms of sex and violence.

See now how every decision you make is self-serving. You opt for what will provide tension (false life), and later the “pleasure” you get from the relief of tension’s pain. You buy things for their excitement value, and although you may buy the right things, you use them in the wrong way. You involve yourself in an unholy manner with others for that vitalizing escape, for tension and for pleasure. And you promptly find yourself enslaved.

All decisions embrace the enslaving services of some evil or other because every sinner clings to what teases and pleases. Loving evil (clinging in need) and hating evil, you eventually become that evil, and nothing good ever comes through.

I have said before that the tension that the mortal soul demands can be produced by either of two irritants: sex irritation and/or hostility irritation. But in order to continue to irritate, something must be more and more wrong with the person doing the irritating. Honest people simply will not play the role. Evil alone promotes the growth of the ego and the animal.

None of us could stand it one moment if the world were perfect. If the world were perfect, our tainted souls would be bared to the inner Light. Our present existence, you see, is rooted in the need for excitement. Wickedness is exciting. Wickedness excites when it lies and makes us feel good, and we also delight in our hatred of it. Either way, it distracts us from guilt and makes us feel alive in the deadness of our sin through pleasure and pain.

Men fall for guileful females who have the power to irritate sexually by aggravation. Falling men feel alive in their presence and right in their wrong—such women close the trap on the fools by accepting their fall. The lure of excitement is the bait set for weakness, and the body closes the trap.

Cruelty often translates into sexual desire. Women know that men are good for a little extra “love” after they are tempted with an aggravation. The reason why aggravation arouses a man sexually is because any form of ego failing tends to express itself in sexual terms. The first sensual expression of sin is sex. So when a female opens herself to accept a man, she is in fact supporting what is wrong with that man and men don't know how to deal with that.

We are corrupted when we are teased, and we are again corrupted when we are comforted. And the comfort, being a temptation, brings out the sexual desire for the tempter.

Now there are actually two faces of temptation. There is stress-trauma and comfort-trauma. Both revolve around a temptation theme. One temptation teases and releases energy, and the other draws the tension off. What seduced you and made you what you are will rise to comfort you as you are. And too much comfort can suck you dry. As you roll over in pleasure like a dog being scratched, you meekly, and with great pleasure, surrender your life to what despises you and holds you in the greatest contempt.

The comfort-trauma, then, drains off excess energy, relieving pain and giving pleasure by contrast. But your life drains away. Because that kind of growing pleasure is the only happiness the sinner has, the experience becomes a reward as well as an encouragement to go on sinning (that is, to go on being prideful and ambitious).

To have pleasure, you see, one must also have pain. Pleasure sets us up for more pain and pain sets us up for even greater pleasure, and between the two, we think all is well in ego never-never land. The more wrong a person is, the more right he thinks he is when he relieves the pain.

Basically, resentment sets you up for the ultimate surrender to comfort. Hostility, you see, is a form of obedience in that it is basically an ego-need being served by irritation. Have you ever heard of the phenomenon of fighting and making up in bed? We can take any form of pressure for its temptation-irritation value and then we give in to the pressure-source for the pleasure of relief. We let ourselves see the wickedness just long enough to serve us a judgment value, and soon it begins to look good to us again.

How many times have you come home from a vacation more tired than when you left? Could the reason be that you sought an ego reward, a comfort (in an escape from the tension of life in general) from your vacation experience? Those guileful exploiters at vacationland drained you of money and emotion—because it is their function and their livelihood. Massage parlors offer the same sort of service. There is a special breed of parasite that exists to drain you of excess energy and money, and these psychopaths come offering their services in many forms. Personally, I never enjoyed wasting money on a vacation, partly for this reason, and partly because I never really needed a vacation. While other people seemed oblivious to the contempt and money lust of their hosts, I could see what kind of leeches and hypocrites were providing for my comfort.

Remember the rule again: being irritated and being comforted both necessitate obedience and surrender. You obey when you respond with hostility, and that sets you up for the need to surrender to the comfort.

Many diseases are caused by draining nerve energy from your body. Leukemia is one, and asthma is another.

The sinning populace is like a herd of goats that exists for the parasite-elite. They feed you hay and take your milk and eat your babies—that is, if you don’t devour your own children first.

Once you begin to respond, the reins of your mind are handed over to that which tempted you originally. Your guilt and need addict you to the emotion which all tempters can cleverly generate in you. Your baby hell calls to the parent hell, and up it comes to comfort you with its vampirish love. For this reason, it would be wise never to sleep cuddling one another all night. Husband and wife must find the natural spiritual restoration that comes through proper meditation and sleep.

Animals have two natural triggers that we know as hate and love. But man is turned on by the sub-natural. What made him an animal now keeps him securely lost in his animal self.

The spiritually dying seek reassurances through the only life they know—the animal life, which is triggered and stroked by evil. Failing to find the source of God’s life-fulfillment and inner warmth, something must be employed to serve, develop and sustain the ego-animal life.

There is the animal life that comes from motion, and there is that true spiritual life which comes from the stillness. The life from the stillness does not answer to the pressures of the world, and it projects a beautiful environment for your body to perfect itself in. The life that comes from emotion projects an ugly world for you to grub in and die in.

The life from the world projects its need to be irritated, and something shoots out of you into others and charges them to play the devil’s role you need in terms of sex and violence. And all the while, as your needs are being serviced, you are being corrupted and enslaved. To be carnally minded is death. And through your preoccupation, involvements and identification with excitement sources, you become separated from the life of stillness and you become mortally dependent upon the evils and upsets of the world.

Be very still now. Observe your bones aching, crying out for life, and let the irritation pass.

Do you see two opposing forms of need here? One of them is to run from the stillness through the sex or rage energy your ego calls up. But the other, true need is to be still so that you may experience the kind of energy that is called forth by patience.

Every fallen ego fulfills its need for tension through resentment or irritation. Guilty people always throw a monkey wrench into the works to stir up any peaceful relationship. We all tend to be threatened by too much peace. With too much peace, your animal self begins to die and your ego is tormented before its time. Your pride is threatened by the divine peace, by the Truth, the original life that comes from stillness.

If you wish to find the spiritual life and breath, you must be still and let the need for irritation pass. You must give up objects of escape and stimulation. Let the need to reach for something or someone pass. Let the need to flee from the moment into fantasy pass.

Don’t run from the shame, the pain in the stillness, to fulfill your own ego-life needs in some kind of excitement or activity. You have done it all before. Remember how it made matters worse?

Observe, then, your need to be irritated. Observe yourself thinking up fantasies and distractions, something exciting to do, from someone to sex to something to be angry about.

Let that moment pass then, and lo! Discover a new reward: the warmth, the comfort of true life that comes in through the stillness.

The motion that springs from rest revolves about the will of God.

The motion that comes from emotion is nothing more than a willful escape that serves Satan’s will and purpose on earth as it is in hell. But don't struggle against your compulsion to run, lest you become more willfully and emotionally involved. You can never free yourself. Only the Truth will make you free. Realizing this will help you find peace and rest.

The divine rest leads back to the reward of motion (life) through that true rest. And any motion that comes from that rest produces a co-creative life without fear and without conflict.

Without the emotions of love and hate there is no (false) hope, no ego life and breath. Therefore if you can let the need to be aroused pass, then you will not be addicted to its relief!

You see how it is? The tension we need to release us from guilt and deadness on one hand leads around to the clinging, selfish affection for that which releases us from the guilt of that false life on the other hand. Alas, the drain of love lays bare our guilt again, and guilt sets up the need for a violent tension. Do you see why, for example, a drunk needs a good upset? Otherwise, he cannot enjoy the relief of his drinking. It is the “no pain, no pleasure” principle. Evil provides pain and evil provides pleasure. Pleasure is the only happiness of a sinner, and through it he meekly surrenders his soul.

So now do you see why egocentric men delight in the very tensions and emotions they ought to be mastering? The guilt, rising from reacting to the evil stress they need, drives them to embrace the evil stress of comfort, and the evil comfort of stress, with greater and greater intensity. Through the stress of sex or violence does the heart of man give out and does he die before his time. And through excessive comfort is his soul punctured and do his brains and bones and sinew ooze out, his blood vessels collapse.

While a male tends to give up energy as he is relieved, a female tends to bloat up with power that is not good for her to have. And so guileful females, like wicked politicians, can learn to relieve the guilt of power through drinking in more power, either through being of too easy virtue or through being bitchy, witchy, and aggravating the life out of everyone around them.

When men find true love from the stillness, they stop giving power to women and politicians. They also cease holding high the whores of art, religion and science. And when the Satan principle has been exposed, and those super-stars fall from the heavens like ripe figs off a shaken tree, then shall the Kingdom of God come.

The total lesson here is that you must realize the danger of the excitement of your subnormal relationships and shrink from them completely. Then you must look at your more natural needs and not escape into them anymore. For instance, don’t make more out of sex and food than is honestly there. For it is the wrong relationship with your more natural needs that intensifies the pleasure of normal feelings, and that abuse will lead to sickness and guilt, and to seeking the services of the more bizarre helpers.

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You can never be free of anything until you relate to it properly. Your work, your marriage, your food, were never meant to enslave, nor were friendship or material things. But they do, because you use them to get high. If you promote things and people to play the tempter's role, you change their nature, drawing up evil through them to serve and enslave you. And that evil which you embrace in them contemptuously enslaves your soul. Alas, you will enjoy your resentment in your servitude. For your servitude supports the wickedness you need to provide you with hate and love.

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Puzzled by the hypnotist's mysterious power, Roy distinctly remembers pondering the question: "Why can't hypnotism be used to make people act sensibly, rather than foolishly?" Inspired by the idea of harnessing this baffling force for good, he later pursued the art of hypnotism and established a successful hypnotherapy practice.

After several years of practice, Masters made his central and pivotal discovery about the root of people's emotional problems, addictions and complexes. He realized that people did not need hypnosis, because their core problem was that they are already hypnotized not by a clever stage performer, but by the stresses, pressures and seductions of daily life.

He used his knowledge to discover a way to help us become de-hypnotized, and discovered that the root of the power of negative suggestion lay in our wrong emotional response, that of resentment. Masters' remarkably effective exercise, a simple observation technique called Be Still and Know is at the core of his unmatched track record in helping people overcome even the most serious mental-emotional problems, and is the centerpiece of a successful program within the U.S. military community (Patriot Outreach) that is helping thousands of military personnel and their families cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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