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By Roy Masters
Author of "Hypnotic States of Americans"
December 18, 2012

We become spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even biochemically changed and addicted to whatever we "use" for this comfort. Our minds and bodies undergo severe changes and, when they become adapted, they cry out for the environment that begat them. Despotic tyrants of every society know how to exploit man's need for reinforcement and breed women to make beasts out of men who will serve that system.

The woman who makes her husband think he is the boss is really the boss of her husband. The businessman who makes the customer think he is "king" is really the customer's king. We are ruled as we are served by the delusions of grandeur our puny egos crave. The ruling principality continues to rule whether by selling women beauty creams to charm the men (and tempting the ladies to do that) or by selling the man cigarettes which make men feel manly (and tempting to buy the illusion that he really is). Either way, the tempted consumer ends up being consumed.

The variations of this corrupt-and-comfort principle are legion. Our medicine men live on the sick, even as the sick sometimes turn the tables on their doctors.

The unknown cause and the remedy are two forms of the same temptation. The cure—because it comforts (but without effecting a fundamental cure of the root cause)—is a form of temptation that is as much a part of the sickness as the sickness itself . Doctors then become our gods and lord it over us. The cure—the evolved embodiment of the original cause—is given a place of honor with other forms of temptation. The symptom of error is sickness. We really have no business being comforted or cured until we straighten out as a people. Because the cure is also an ego-comfort, it becomes the cause of a new symptom that cries out for the comfort to save it.

Bear in mind the main principle, which is that evil has two forms. First, evil tempts us to do wrong, then completes its kill by entertainment and various forms of reward. The pain of sex can be similar to the need for a medicinal remedy. Both the need for a doctor that arises from sickness and the sexual need for a woman are based on faulty reactions from the beginning. The cure never really solves the problem but it creates a bigger one to solve. You can no more fulfill a diseased man with medicine than you can help a dope addict with more drugs, or help a male find his ego fulfillment from a female—except they first be returned to the state of health they held just before they fell to need those assurances.

The sex-crazed, the sick man, the dope addict and the drinkers all must awaken to realize their enslavement—but, without God's Grace, what happens? They struggle to be free from medicine, sex, drink or drugs, but the suffering caused by their conflicts and craven needs, cry out more degenerate¬ly for the only answer they know: It becomes a need that cannot be disputed. The longer we are "free" from remedy, the more our sin nature cries to temptation to soothe and save it. We are like fishes in water—we have fallen to an element called temptation, we have adapted to it, it is the only life we know. The more we swim in it, the more of a fish we become and the more guilty we are for being a "fish" instead of a person. Take us out of that element and we flop all over the deck gasping for water! You try to break loose from your vice but, as you deny yourself comfort, there is the growing craving for your element that cannot be denied. If only I had a smoke, a companion, a lover, a drink—-anything! The longer we go without, the more anxiety we feel for what we are and the more tormented we become, and our dying ego craves the very life that will eventually kill us. "It isn't worth it!" we cry to ourselves. "My need must be proper because I cannot live without it!" So back we go to our swill of women (or men), our doctors, pot, pills, or drink. Yet always, you return to them to be tortured by the greater guilt of having yielded, and the painful realization of being at the mercy of our comforter.

There is something very wrong with the attitude that leans toward the "remedy." Whoever reaches for any remedy is ringing the service bell to hell. Rather, we should find it natural to lean the other way.

Drink, once it is used to buoy the ego, becomes an irresistible force. From the wrong relationship with women, all remedies become irresistible after a man falls to need them. Then, the very presence of the remedy becomes a temptation; it makes us sick with need for it until we join or yield. And once again, we have lost our life to the temptation.

I cannot echo the danger enough times! What tempts us to fall and what comforts us in that falling are one and the same. Whatever wounds us, rushes to our "rescue" and stabs us again; each comfort becomes another agony that needs comforting.

The lie is the soul food for the foolish ego. People feel alive and right as they emotionally respond to the lie, but they are dying to the Truth, alive only in a sin-centered nature destined for destruction.

Pain never awakens the incorrigible egocentric to realize that his way is wrong. Pain is the evidence of failing but, rather than view it that way, the ego sees something wrong with pain. Always with the help of temptation, the victim removes the evidence—lo and behold, he feels innocent in a way that heaps coals of fire on his head. Because that kind of person hates the truth he will never realize that he is dying; and, because he doesn't want to see, he can't realize his fascination with death and failure. It appears to him as an involvement with life and success. The glory we want cannot ever be in Reality's light, so we sink down into the realm of illusion for it. The "spirit of evil" knows what you need before you ask and rushes to answer your cry as if you had crooned sweetly for his presence. This describes the way that leads to destruction and many are those who go that way—all deceived by delusions of grandeur and gain and salvation.

The bleak barren earth upon which man has fallen tries to tell him of his disgrace and his fallen state. But it never does. Instead he strives to forget the anxiety of Being by trying to remind himself how wonderful he is. This pride is the cause of many pains that also fail to awaken the sinner. Instead of utilizing his time on earth to reflect upon the nature of failing and the meaning of life, he runs away from the Truth, and falls again and again. And so man is led by great and powerful leaders who rise to embody the concept of greatness. Big cities spring up testifying to the glory of mankind—works of our hands to shape the reward of paradise. Within those heartless stone walls are worlds within worlds within worlds. Every world is closer to hell as it seems to be closer to hog heaven. Each world has its own kind of excitement and appeal that draws us into it—its music, its art, its religion. All sorts of temptations are considered to be culture and art forms; but they are nothing but lie forms that corrupt as much as they console, make us worse as they make us seem better, make us guilty as they make us seem innocent, make us sick as they make us "well." Everything is geared to give us the illusions we need for the power the tempter wants. All is designed to make you embrace hell's "saving" grace—to save your ego from heavenly pain that would make your soul realize its shame. In your pride, hell has always seemed like heaven and heaven seemed to be hell, therefore you cleaved closer to the author of living death. Every parlor of delight is a chamber of horrors. Beyond the end of experience is the pain that cries for more exotic temptations. Each time the high priest of consolations appears on the scene to anoint us, to make us high with religion, drugs and all the rest.

The way you react is the key to life and death. The egotistical man wants to go on reacting emotionally because through those feelings he comes in contact with the lie source and experiences his own peculiar truth. Without emotions there is no contact, no forgetting the Truth in order to be that truth. Without reacting, he cannot experience those illusions his ego needs to grow—to have his kind of hope that leads to his "kind of life" which is nothing but death.

You see people hurling headlong into failure. Every¬where, people are flirting with death. To the eyes of the untrained observer, it seems as though failure and death are what they wanted out of life. From their reference point, it appears that they are aiming at success in life. They can't see the hellions they are involved with as they really are—nor can those leading angels of hell see themselves walking backwards into an endless black pit.

All systems, originating in antiquity back to the first man's ego-trip, are populated by people at different levels of shame. These systems claim you for death, at birth. We are preceded into this world by psychopaths who themselves were marked for death at birth. Some have become high priests of illusions and power. They, like those before them, hold up glory to your ego, and that is how they get and hold on to their power.

Your children are like flowers, delicate plants amongst weeds. You must therefore cultivate them, which is to say, you must keep the weeds away so that they can grow to become stronger than the weeds. Weeds are native to this world. They are naturally adapted to their environment and, if allowed to flourish, they steal nutrients and smother the life from your precious plants. You must therefore protect you child from too much socializing. It is untrue that children need the companionship of other children. Even among children you have a feudal system of slaves and masters, learned from their own parents.

Worldly friendships are ego-building experiences. They are potentially destructive to real character growth. Jesus told us that we must love one another as He loved us. He was not a friend in the generally accepted sense of the word. His Presence would never make us feel great or important. He would never accept us as we are because then He would have been tempting us and living on us, just as the evil one does who has no life of his own. He came to save us from that kind of hell with His reality. With His teaching He gives us true life in exchange for giving up illusion and power.

But we have never understood Him. Wicked preachers have erected their version of His image in our minds as a monument to temptation, so we believe we are saved—but who will save us from the real Christ? Christians believe they have been saved by Christ's love when instead their egos have been suckered into a big put-on. Christians are still slaves to diabolical churches that continue to waste the people's lives for the sake of their power in the feudal system of priesthood.

You must therefore back away from those kinds of churches. You must stop loving in exchange for being loved, as well has hating for being hated. You must give up socializing; you must have no more friends. Be cheerful and friendly of course, but back away from the buddy system. I'm sure you understand what I mean: Doing things together, reinforcing each other's egos, partying and the like. When you are present in a club or gathering, you must stand out like a sore thumb. Your conversation must be embarrassingly meaningful. Don't be afraid if you must go it alone—you must if you are to survive as a true individual of God. This does not mean to say that you are to be a recluse. Jesus said we must live in the world (and we must), but we must not be of the world.

If you are meditating properly, you know how to live with people, rather than on them. You will cheerfully go about your business unemotionally involved with the world. Your friendship must be somewhat painful—it must embarrass and persecute people to repentance. In the agony of its death throes, their pride will hate you—but you will not find yourself hating them back as you have in the past. Like magic, you will set them free from you as well as from their pride.

Liking and being liked, hating and being hated involves you with people, even as they also become attached to you. If you are not free from the squirrel cage of egotism and emotionalism, you must remain a slave to the world. You cannot of your own effort set others free from you—your own efforts to become free yourself only involve you more deeply. Like tangling with a tar-baby.

Don't be too condescending with your children. Don't pardon their behavior so that they will adore you for it.

For the most part, men get married for the sake of pride's illusion of glory, and women get married for power that comes from obliging a man's ego. By loving their husbands and children the way they do, women eventually corrupt and dominate them. And when that love becomes oppressive, possessive, ugly, witchy and bitchy, the male moves out into the world to balance the scale; to find a female lower than himself; to excite a sense of male superiority, importance and righteousness.

Whether a man marries an older, motherly woman or an exciting female, he cannot escape the familiar spirit of his dominating mother. He cannot ever escape the shadow that corrupted him when he was a boy. Temptation draws him because it is the ground of his false being. And so a wretched man searches among women for the one who will most perfectly match his pattern of need and accept him as is—the way his mother made him through the failing of his father to be a man with her. Because like all men he was not true to himself, he was true to her for the sake of his pride.

Men look for the mother they have known, while women look for the father they never knew. But because one part of the man is the extension of original sin it draws upon the guile of the woman to save him. Because what saves him claims him, it one day dominates and smothers the life out of him.

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Friendships based on mutual admiration also bring out the worst; and when it does, friends become enemies, homosexual, mischievous and downright criminal. If the friendship (really a “fiendship”) does not break down through falling out, the parties become co¬-conspirators in many strange perversions, one person always enslaved to the other who is obliged to do the dirty work for a need which can never be satisfied. For Christ's sake, save your children from the "loving kindness" of a world geared to tempt the child of death.

Abandon all worldly friendship—so that you might be God's friend. For the Lord our God is a very jealous God indeed, and the conflict you feel with Him will no doubt destroy you if the world doesn't devour you first.

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Roy Masters—who in his 80s continues to broadcast the longest-running counseling show in talk radio history, his internationally syndicated daily radio program Advice Line, grew up in pre-WWII England. He started his journey toward understanding human nature when as a teen he saw a stage hypnotist at a vaudeville show in Brighton. The hypnotist easily put volunteer subjects in a spell and made them do outlandish things, like dancing with a broom and forgetting their own names.

Puzzled by the hypnotist’s mysterious power, Roy distinctly remembers pondering the question: “Why can’t hypnotism be used to make people act sensibly, rather than foolishly?” Inspired by the idea of harnessing this baffling force for good, he later pursued the art of hypnotism and established a successful hypnotherapy practice.

After several years of practice, Masters made his central and pivotal discovery about the root of people’s emotional problems, addictions and complexes. He realized that people did not need hypnosis, because their core problem was that they are already hypnotized—not by a clever stage performer, but by the stresses, pressures and seductions of daily life.

He used his knowledge to discover a way to help us become de-hypnotized, and discovered that the root of the power of negative suggestion lay in our wrong emotional response, that of resentment. Masters’ remarkably effective exercise, a simple observation technique called Be Still and Know—is at the core of his unmatched track record in helping people overcome even the most serious mental-emotional problems, and is the centerpiece of a successful program within the U.S. military community (“Patriot Outreach”) that is helping thousands of military personnel and their families cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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