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By Mary Starrett
29, 2007

Presidential candidates typically wait until they�re elected before they begin selling out American citizens.

Not Rudolph Giuliani.

The man considered the �front-runner� in the GOP presidential race has engineered sinister alliances with multinational construction corporations and profited financially from a drug cover-up that ultimately proved deadly for some Americans.

This past May, the makers of the drug Oxycontin pleaded guilty to claiming to doctors that the drug was less addictive than other pain medications.

Rudolph Giuliani and his consulting company, Giuliani Partners, spent the last five years playing a key role negotiating with federal prosecutors on behalf of Purdue Pharma LP, the pharmaceutical company that made the drug.

The punishment for the corporate pushers who marketed this drug knowing it produced a heroin-like high and a commensurate addiction rate? On July 20, it was announced after a 4 hour hearing there would be no prison sentences; instead, a $634 million fine- chump change in big pharma world. The no-prison settlement was plotted by the man who wants to be your next president.

Since Rudy�s been auditioning for the job of leader of the free world, hardly a campaign speech goes by without him boasting of how he rid New York City of thugs and dangerous drug dealers while he was mayor. The next time you hear that well-worn spiel keep in mind the manufactured political maverick personally brokered a sweet deal for a large drug company�s execs who should clearly have done hard time. Giuliani made sure big pharma higher-ups each got a stay-out-of-jail card even though they knowingly marketed a highly-addictive pain medication which killed hundreds and hopelessly addicted untold thousands. It has since been referred to as a national addiction �epidemic.�

It must have reminded Rudy of his days as the Big Apple�s mayor, with all those sleazy drug dealers pushing substances they knew would keep their �customers� coming back�or die trying. Would Mayor Rudy have advocated for corner druggies who were charged with deaths associated with the drugs they sold? Not likely.

Executives at Purdue Pharma LP knew their painkiller Oxycontin- referred to as �Hillbilly Heroin�- was highly addictive and thus more subject to abuse than other pain medications. Nevertheless they marketed the drug to doctors by denying the serious addictive properties of the medication.

Oxycontin-related deaths increased fivefold from 1996-2001 during which time prescriptions for the drug shot up 20-fold. It was no wonder; patients (including Rush Limbaugh) believed their doctors who believed the drug reps who believed Purdue management who told them Oxycontin was an effective and safe pain medication. Drug Enforcement Administration officials told Giuliani personally met with the head of the DEA when the DEA began a criminal investigation into Purdue Pharma LP. references the book "Painkiller," by New York Times reporter Barry Meier, which states Giuliani (and a partner who�s under investigation for criminal activity) "(was) in direct contact with Asa Hutchinson, the administrator of DEA." Giuliani, according to the report, had raised money for a "traveling museum operated by the DEA."

ABC News was told there were questions raised about whether the donations were a bribe.

Add to that what Meier wrote in his book: "(W)ith Giuliani now in the mix, the pace of DEA's investigation into Purdue's OxyContin plant � slowed as Hutchinson summoned officials to explain � their reasons for continuing the inquiry."

The judge in the Oxycontin case said there was no �political influence� by Giuliani. Some people disagree.

Lee Nuss, of Palm Coast Florida is one of many parents whose children died after taking the drug once, just once. Nuss told the big pharma drug pushers Giuliani defended: �You are�nothing more than a large drug cartel.�

I�m betting Lee Nuss shudders to think Rudolph Giuliani might be the next president.

Residents of the Lone Star state shudder as well.

While thousands of Texans fight to keep the �NAFTA Superhighway� from becoming a horrifying reality, Rudolph Giuliani is counting the millions his law firm made by selling out Texans and the entire country as well. Giuliani�s Houston-based law firm Bracewell & Giuliani has been working for years so a Spanish corporation called Cintra can own and operate miles of U.S. highways. In essence, Giuliani has helped make sure foreign interests can turn U.S. land into mega-profitable toll roads while compromising our national sovereignty with an all-out international free-for-all freeway system. The four football field- wide highway, otherwise known as the Trans-Texas Corridor is a globalist�s dream come true; bisecting the country to allow containers from abroad to pass through Mexico, bypassing ports in California on their way through the United States and into Canada.

Now it all makes sense. Giuliani has opposed securing the southern border with Mexico by building a fence, he�s been �rah-rah� on the amnesty bill that for now lies dormant, and he�s all for a guest worker program. Giuliani�s pro-illegal alien track record goes all the way back to his well-documented policy while mayor of New York City of making sure the Big Apple remained a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

The overwhelming majority of Americans who oppose amnesty wouldn�t get, under a Giuliani administration, what they hoped for and didn�t get under a Bush administration- a comprehensive, get-tough policy to once and for all batten down the hatches that for too long have allowed lawbreakers to avail themselves of our country�s largesse.

The headlines should read:

Republican �Front Runner� Giuliani Backs Drug Companies and Foreign Corporations Against Best Interests of American Citizens.

But we�ll never read words to that effect in the main stream media. Instead we�ll hear about how Rudy donned his hero hat on September 11th and rescued the city of New York from the ravages of that day�s attack and how he�ll likewise save America.

Counting the ways the Republican Party and the current administration have let them down, surveys continue to show American conservatives want no part of the so-called �front-runners� in �08 who are sure to bring them more of the same unacceptable policies handed down by the Bush administration. That has many thinking of riding a dark horse in �08.

Whether it�s the bloody debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan, the assaults on the constitution through warrant -less wiretaps, or the continuing march to the left by the formerly grand old party, Americans have spoken. We have a president who, while masquerading as a �conservative,� has presided over more deception, obfuscation and out right unconstitutional maneuverings than Bill Clinton would ever have attempted. Bush�s pardoning of �Scooter� Libby while ignoring the imprisoned Border Patrol Agents left to rot in solitary confinement, cherry-picking the rule of law and pushing amnesty for millions of illegals- can only lead to more conservative Americans tearing up their Republican Party voter registration cards.

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The next presidential election will decide the fate of our republic. The Republican faithful will either come to and pick a candidate who�s decidedly not a so-called �front runner� like constitutionalist Congressman Ron Paul or they�ll simply pour another tall glass of Kool Aid and pin on a button that says:

�Vote Rudy.�

� 2007 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Starrett was the Constitution Party candidate for Oregon governor in November, 2006, a TV news anchor and talk show host for 25 years and a radio talk show host for 5 years.

Executive Director, Oregonians for Life, Board of Directors, Christian Family Adoptions.

She is currently the Communications Director for the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party is the fastest-growing minor political party ( and is made up of Americans who believe a return to constitutional government is imperative.












Republican �Front Runner� Giuliani Backs Drug Companies and Foreign Corporations Against Best Interests of American Citizens.