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By Mary Starrett
26, 2004

When we're groped at our nation's airports� when we're pantsed and shoed and bloused and our suitcases are pawed through and our wallets picked apart by ham-fisted T.S.A. agents who are "just doing their jobs"?

Where's the outrage when the votes just don't add up, when America, hell bent on securing "honest elections" in third world countries, institutes "black box" voting leaving no paper trail, just questions and numbers that don't add up; despite the warnings of the sharpest computer minds (at places like Stanford and M.I.T.) that Electronic Voting cannot be trusted?

Where's the outrage when the yearly dire predictions about flu "pandemics" don't pan out and the highly-sought flu vaccines do little more than make people sick and create wealth for Big Pharma? Where's the outrage when year after year we're whipped into a frenzy over the "scarcity" of these precious vials of poison only to find out a) now they can't GIVE it away[1] and b) these vaccines never contain protection from the strains they're supposedly vaccinating against to begin with!

Where's the outrage when millions of America's Christians vote for a president whose funding of abortions via Medicaid (Title XIX) was more than $11 million dollars higher than President Clinton's budget for the murder-for-hire agencies, including Planned Parenthood?[2]

Where's the outrage when the President of the United States "assure (d) Mexican President Vincente Fox that he will press to ease U.S. immigration laws despite resistance"? (And you thought the president was supposed to do the will of the people here, at home!) Bush's promise to Fox "we want people from Mexico treated with respect and dignity" iterated at Chile's Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum last week underscores his complete disregard for the American people who daily lose their "dignity" with the back-breaking economic consequences of an immigration policy gone mad. The cost of Bush's immigration debacle in terms of higher crime, a devastated public education system and social service budgets gone bust do little to show "respect" to those who (allegedly) re-elected him.

Where's the outrage when the F.D.A- government's watchdog drug-safety overlord- can't quite get it right when it comes to determining the safety of the latest miracle pill but by golly are Johnny-on-the-spot with phony warnings about how taking too much Vitamin E is bad for you.

Where's the outrage when, by next summer we, the free people of the United States will be marching in lockstep with Europeans who can't buy the nutritional supplements they want to keep healthy. Thanks to GATT and the like, Codex Alimentarius will be the law of the land come July, 2005.

Where's the outrage when despite proof to the contrary, we continue to promote the notion that Iraq needs to be bombed more; that more blown apart bodies and ruined lives will somehow vindicate our false premise?

All in the name of promoting "democracy"- 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' or some such thing.

Any bets on when we'll start bombing Iran?

No matter, there won't be any outrage, then, either.


1 Arizona Republic 11/23/04
2 Issues and Strategy Bulletin/Phillips, H. 10/31/04

� 2004 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Where's the outrage when the President of the United States "assure (d) Mexican President Vincente Fox that he will press to ease U.S. immigration laws despite resistance"?