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By Mary Starrett

July 22, 2003

Actually, I'd even vote for Hillary before I'd vote to re-elect George Walker Bush.

I'll tell you why.

If either of those two frankly frightening Democrats were in office we'd at least hear a whimper or cry about the toxic effluent coming out of the White House. Not so because we have a so-called "conservative" in office.

The Church is strangely silent about the decidedly un-Christian policies this president has implemented.

The "conservatives" are keeping their mouths shut, too. Neither group would put up with what's coming out of the Oval Office if Sharpton or Rodham-Clinton were in charge. While the nation and the world are focusing on the dead British scientist (which just screams "Vince Foster") and the African uranium story it's time to acknowledge the wheels are coming off Bush's red wagon. If only his supporters will admit it.

Washington Post staff writer Dana Priest quotes a senior Bush administration official as saying "everyone knew" the information about Iraq's effort to acquire uranium in Niger was "not good"� "why don't they tell the truth"? he's quoted as asking.

Good question.

But then we might start asking for explanations about the unproven link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein which would really throw a kink in the argument to go to war. So far we're seeing a whole lot of inconsistencies which I prefer to call "lies". Why can't Bush's apologists see them as well?

Italian reporter Elisabetta Burba had some early information on the uranium story. She went to Niger to check her facts and came back saying "I realized this could be a worldwide scoop, but that's exactly why I was very worried. If it turned out to be a hoax, and I published it, it could have ended my career."

Will it end Bush's?

At what point will the die-hards start adding things up? When will they get that Bush is not "our guy"?

While apologists are struggling to dismiss the severity of the lies heard 'round the world on the Iraqi war I thought I'd give you a few more reasons to take off the rose-colored glasses and see for yourself why if Bush were a democrat you'd be outraged.

One time Constitution Party presidential candidate Howard Phillips has compiled "50 Reasons (And More) We Are Not Better Off With Bush". In it he details the policies that have made our current president the most damaging-to-the-republic Commander in Chief yet.

Follow along if you can stomach facing that you've been wrong, wrong, wrong about who you elected to the nation's highest office.

How about Dubbya's proposed amnesty for close to half a million MORE illegal aliens .

Your "Christian" president stood by and allowed armed federal marshals to forcibly remove parishioners and clergy from the Indianapolis Baptist Temple because the church refused to withhold taxes from its employees, arguing that religious beliefs prevent it from acting as an agent for a secular government agency. One of the administration's earliest moves, the incident should have been among your first clues that as supporters of Bush and the heavy-handed Ashcroft you had been mightily deceived.

Bush's gun control agenda looks like a page right out of the Million Mommies play book.

The USA Patriot Act, a hallmark of W's administration, effectively abolishes the Fourth Amendment.The U.S. Senate voted 98-1 to pass this Draconian legislation.Virtually no one bothered to read it. Think if this were being pushed by Al Gore we'd have had more opposition? I'd bet on it.

The Homeland Security Act, being touted as the panacea to all that could harm Americans, contains language to allow the feds to track your email, travel, internet use and credit card purchases. Clinton could never have gotten away with what's been termed " a super-snoops dream". Congressman Ron Paul said "warrantless searches, forced vaccinations, federal neighborhood snitch programs and (a) Pentagon that uses military intelligence to spy on domestic citizens are just a few of the troubling aspects of the new legislation".

Bush's buddies at pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly were rendered untouchable by product liability lawsuits under a provision in the Homeland Security Act. What a shameless quid pro quo- but nothing compared to the no- bid contracts Bush's vice-president Dick Cheney's "former" company Halliburton snagged as a value-added bonus of the war against Iraq.

Cronyism took on a new meaning when under Bush Bechtel and Westinghouse got funding from the US government to build a nuclear power plant in communist China. The same communist China that threatened to lob missiles at Los Angeles a few years back.

W pushed-for and won an easing of restrictions on high tech transfers to China and Pakistan. Now go ahead and tell me about all the high tech shenanigans that went on under Clinton.

President Ronald Reagan bravely withdrew the US from UNESCO citing anti-Americanism and pro-abortion policies back in 1984. Your "Christian" president George W. Bush reinstated those UNESCO funds to the tune of $60 million a year. Tithe, anyone? (Liberal elitist Ted Turner has praised GW Bush for his support of the United Nations. In addition,the 43rd president has continued the policy started under Clinton of requiring US soldiers to wear the UN uniform a la Michael New, the soldier court-martialed and discharged under Clinton.)

GW got jiggy with the Executive Orders Clinton signed into law, effectively bypassing Congress. No one said a word.

While you good church-going Christians were lining the collection plate with money to help the Sudanese believers, GW opposed a bill that would have barred oil companies doing business in Sudan from being listed on the US Stock exchange.

This president has put NAFTA ahead of US security by clearing the way for Mexican trucks to haul cargo into our country and on US highways. (Remember this when you're asked to submit to a body cavity search at the airport.)

The Bush administration's choice of an openly gay man to head the White House AIDS office should be more than a little confounding to Bible-believing Christians. Bush the second also named an openly gay man to head the office of the National Security Education Board. Lobbyist Richard Lessner of American Renewal said "even Bill Clinton did not name a prominent gay activist" to head the department. He added: "Increasingly, we're seeing gestures from the president that are strikingly inconsistent with his repeated assertions that he stands for marriage and the family".

George W. Bush's cabinet is stacked high with pro-aborts like Rice, Powell, Norton, Whitman and Ridge. Both Mrs. Bushes (mother Barbara and wife Laura) follow suit on a woman's right to off her kid.)

The nuns at Our Lady of Angels grade school in Brooklyn used to tell us "your friends are your mirror and show you yourself". ( Later, I read reference to that unequally yoked theme in my Bible.) Similarly, would Christians have thought it ok if Al Gore had taken the position GW did on stem cell research? Family Research Council president Kenneth Connor questioned the abortion foes who came out in praise of the president's decision to allow the "slicing and dicing" of human embryos.

I could go on and on. Instead, I suggest you read the list of crimes for yourself. Howard Phillips has compiled a comprehensive apologetic for NOT voting to re-elect this president. Read this before you vote again in 2004.

While you're at it, pray long and hard for a man like Phillips to occupy the White House before all the wheels come off this wagon.

For copies of Howard Phillips' book on the president who spawned the most bloated federal government in the history of the world, send $35.00 (ppd) to:

Policy Analysis, Inc 9520-Bent Creek Lane Vienna, Va. 22182

Mary will be a guest on Jeff Rense show July 24th 2003 from 7 pm to ? pacific

� 2003 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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"Your "Christian" president stood by and allowed armed federal marshals to forcibly remove parishioners and clergy from the Indianapolis Baptist Temple because the church refused to withhold taxes from its employees, arguing that religious beliefs prevent it from acting as an agent for a secular government agency."