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By Joe Kress

September 21, 2008

Governor Sanford Was a Possible V.P. Selection

The Bilderberg Group recently invited Mark Sanford to its last annual meeting. He is governor of South Carolina, and feelers were published that he is a potential running mate for McCain in case of a miracle and McCain should win. Because of McCain’s age and history of cancer, Sanford could complete McCain’s term as president. Widely known as a fiscal conservative, both as a former member of congress and as governor, Sanford’s credentials are the perfect façade to soften the appearance of McCain as a liberal in Republican clothing. Is Sanford what he claims? Sanford chairs the Renaissance Group that meets at Hilton Head Island, S.C. on January 1st each year, with Bill and Hillary in attendance and some very important people of the Neocon kind as well as far Left Wing groupies. Sanford is not listed on the CFR roster, but neither was Gerald Ford who regularly met as a member of the Bilderbergers with Henry Kissinger (CFR), David Rockefeller (CFR) and George Soros (CFR) - all long time uncrowned consorting leaders toward the demise of the United States as we love and believe in it.

One Good President Doesn’t Insure Our Future

Reagan was for the most part a straight shooter as politicians go. He vetoed 78 bills in eight years. He lowered taxes, but Federal spending more than doubled, growing from 91 billion in 1980 to $1.25 trillion in 1990. In constant inflation dollars this was an increase of 35.8%. Means tested entitlements rose by 102% between 1980 and 1993 which is not a good record for a man labeled as a conservative. There is, however, not the slightest doubt of Reagan’s loyalty to our country. He is not an international man of the world, a man like Obama, the Bush clan, the Clinton Clan, or the space cadet Carter who see the U.S. as part of the Global Order.

I could not believe that Reagan freely chose George H.W. Bush (who no longer is now listed as a CFR member or as a former member of Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission) to be his running mate. I suspect that the hidden powers that nobody sees decided that the old man wouldn’t survive four years of the presidency, but failed to consider that it would be four more before G.H.W. Bush would reside in the White House.

George H.W. Bush, after the end of the first Iraq invasion and withdrawal, announced that “this is the beginning (a great onslaught) for the New World Order” and from that point on the United States followed through with David Rockefeller’s and the Bilderbergers’ scheme to undercut the belly of the United States to make it just one other borderless country with a new common international currency and a living constitution like the Soviets used for crowd control.

The Bilderberg had plans for Bill Clinton to succeed G.H.W. Bush as a sure fire candidate to further carry out their global plans. He managed to finish off any respect for the office of the president but he didn’t disappoint his controllers and his sexual antics made a mockery of the highest office in the land.

New World Order Launched in 1913

It was Woodrow Wilson, before he lost his mental capabilities, purported to be because of syphilis, who apologized for ruining his country because he supported the banker’s 1913 Federal Reserve Act and the 16TH Amendment, the Federal Income Tax. He sadly stated that there are powerful groups of which no one dare speak. The Federal Reserve Act was born out of the secret meetings and crooked senators in the U.S. Congress, sponsored by international banksters, a special criminal class, who launched the poisonous, fatal step to control our nation’s currency, based on debt, not silver and gold as backing for the dollar.

NAFTA was born through the efforts of Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (CFR) who lauded the globalist authors, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Toffler, a husband and wife team, whose books include Power Shift that spelled out the benefits of the service age, free trade, with software designers replacing heavy industry in the North and the mills in the South, a disaster for the blue collar working men in our country, their wages, pensions and health insurance coverage. It was Bush #1 who announced it and it was Bill Clinton (CFR) who passed the legislation. McCain is a strong advocate for expanding it to include CAFTA throughout all of Central and South America.

China Using Our Money to Purchase Land in New America

The Chinese are now buying up U.S. land and starting businesses with the dollars we send them in exchange for the low labor cost manufactured products that once were produced here. So much for the glories of NAFTA and so much for President Carter (CFR), the president that almost ruined our military; abandoned the Shaw of Iran, our friend, and gave up our Panamanian bases and thereby allowed the Chinese to locate business agencies of the Chinese Military on both ends of the Canal.

Worse than anything Carter did, are the Bush Administration’s traitorous involvements in not protecting our national borders from the invasion of up to 30 million foreign, illegal aliens, some of which have plans to create chaos, dope and murder our citizens. He consorted with the leaders of Mexico and Canada to create what amounts to a new international state formed, a triad coalition between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. There will be a 10 football field wide highway dividing up the center of what the planners conceived - a diminished United States. Beginning below our southern Texas border with Mexico, the road is planned to extend to the upper provinces of Canada with major feeder roads leading to drop off points for the fleets of uninspected trucks carrying cheap food, cheap goods and cheaper manufactured parts from China and India. The foreign ships will dock at ports located on the Mexican Atlantic coast. The highway is to be paid for by a Spanish conglomerate called Centra that will be reimbursed by collecting money at the toll road access points. There is even a planned Mexican Consulate and inspection point near Kansas City where Mexican nationals are in charge to conduct the cargo inspections. Our Congress as well as the major media, including FOX News ignores what is happening. They are more concerned about Israel’s intent to nuke Iran before the elections.

Putin, the White Knight, savior of Russia and a block to the New World Order

Maybe, the real chink in the globalist’s armor is Putin who got rid of the money changer gangsters that were destroying what was to be a new Russia and caused a remarkable turnaround to benefit Russia as a KGB operation. Putin isn’t about to join the New World Order and if we and Israel bomb Iran, look for all of the Middle East to turn into a powder keg - siding with the newly reformed Communist/Soviet/ Russia Duma and its former KGB leader.

We, on the other hand, have two candidates and one sitting in the White House that already plan that the United States shall become just another member of the third world - more a model for international socialism with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader of the Senate Harry Reid enjoying the benefits of being a part of the ruling New America nomenklatura. They will be gloating how their lemming like supporters, the millions of undocumented foreigners demonstrated in support of traitorous legislative bills to replace the nation’s sovereignty, constitution and those legal American workers. Our military will finally be wearing the blue helmets of the UN’s expanded army.

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Am I a Mad Hatter for thinking that we don’t select candidates and just maybe, both parties are so closely tied together that now our democratic republic is just one great façade where the dummied down, fat, distracted TV crowd don’t matter? Is the fix already in and are we all to be housed at the pig farm with its feeding trough where Big Brother will be our protector and welfare dispenser? For part one click below.

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Reagan was for the most part a straight shooter as politicians go. He vetoed 78 bills in eight years. He lowered taxes, but Federal spending more than doubled, growing from 91 billion in 1980 to $1.25 trillion in 1990.