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By Joe Kress

September 14, 2008

“I am a citizen of the World” is exactly what the United States candidate for president said before an audience of one million in his visit to Germany. John Kennedy said, “Ich bin ein Berliner, “but in a different context than what Obama said since Kennedy inferred he was in support of the people of Berlin in opposing the Soviets walling off all of Germany’s Eastern Zone. Obama, on the other hand, stated he is a citizen of the world, (not what one calls an American citizen).

He didn’t misspeak, for he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the organization that represents those who want globalism, nations without borders, a North American Union, a Godless U.N. Charter that can be changed according to political whims of unelected elite bureaucrats to replace the U.S. Constitution; a new, universal currency to replace the dollar controlled by the central bankers of Europe to include the Warburgs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schiffs, Kuhn Loeb, Salomon Brothers, those world money manipulating gangsters and their Bilderberg friends.

All of his grandiose speeches that are contradictory to a point of gibberish are the food fed to the same type of German that bought into Hitler’s diatribes. There is no doubt, that he is just a well trained salesman who can ingratiate himself to whatever audience that has a burning desire for change. The Germans are dead set against Bush, so Obama promises to heal the wounds at the expense of U.S. sovereignty, integrity and dedication to U.S. economic interests. The German’s would make him king and so would the leftist press in both the U.S. and in most of Europe. The Green Party and the world carbon fuel haters, better known as Gorewhores would insure President Putin’s power to control the world’s major oil suppliers. Already, Russia has placed its flags beneath the North Pole’s ice cap where it is estimated to contain more oil than all of the Middle East. He now controls the flow of natural gas lines from the Caspian Sea area to a major portion of Europe. The most expensive city to visit is no longer London, Tokyo or New York, it is Moscow.

The socialist/communist left labor unions in the U.S. have placed their bets with the Socialist/Marxist Democrat Party and its candidate.

The AFL/CIO is pouring tens of millions of dollars in support of Obama, plus a political campaign unprecedented in the history of unions. Three years ago, the Change to Win Federation, a coalition of labor unions that admit to spend $300 million on federal elections alone have melded with political action committees, local and other union funders that amassed a total $1 billion in contributions. (Reference article Big Labor Places a big bet on Obama as union man by Mallory Factor, Charleston Post and Courier, Tues. July 22nd, a powerful writer who resides in Charleston, S.C. He is a financial consultant and co-founder of The Monday Meeting, a New York based monthly gathering of economic conservatives and corporate leaders.)

Is this the one of the changes that Obama foresees? Factor lays out why so much is being invested in this election. Obama has always supported the “Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).” Mallory Factor goes on to state that “if EFCA passes, employees would be subjected to a card check system which effectively requires them to declare PUBLICALLY TO SUPPORT OR OPPOSE A UNION. Without the protection of a secret ballot, workers would be subject to coercion and deceptive practices by pro-union forces. Mandatory card check union drives will mean that millions more Americans workers will be forced to join unions and face the choice between paying union dues or be fired. Both President Bush and John McCain said they would veto this union grab, while Obama is the co-sponsor and leading advocate for it.”

Can you imagine the increased power of the teacher unions will have if EFCA is passed? Those teachers that have integrity, who believe that the student comes first, that teaching is a gift to be used for the improvement of the child and for the betterment of the nation have up to now resisted all attempts to pay dues or join the teacher unions. Now, without the secret ballot, they will be outed and through the power of coercion, the bullying and intimidating kind, many will make a forced choice which will give the union bosses their day of glory. The union will protect those least worthy to call themselves teachers, as has happened in New York City where at least a couple of thousand teachers report to a building without students and paid to do nothing all day, because they are not fit to be in the classroom and the only choice for the school boards is to isolate them in order to prevent further damage to children’s lives. Union rules make it impossible to fire these teachers.

Political bedfellows Bush and McCain are linked to the global crowd. McCain and Obama are CFR members, George W. Bush, his father GHW Bush and grandfather, Prescott Bush are/were members of what was formerly the secret Order of the Skull linked to the secret outlawed Illuminati whose logo of the skull was on Nazi SS tunics. Once they were selected, they become sworn life members of Yale’s Skull and Bone Fraternity, founded in 1832 by William Huntington Russell when he visited Germany on a sabbatical from Yale College. Skull and Bones has three presidents on its membership roster, Taft, G.H.W. and G.W. Bush. The membership is imbedded in the CIA, as bankers, as part of the international elite who can use their contacts with key members of the Council on Foreign Relations who hold chairmanships of committees in congress and influenced bureaucrat operatives at every level of government in both present and prior administrations.

Bush History in Business

GW was rescued from a bad initial investment of $17,000 that he used from his education inheritance fund for his failed Abristo Energy Company adventure by the Carlyle Group, his father’s friends and associates, when Spectrim7 Energy Corp. bought his company. With the proceeds of the sale, GW was invited to invest his money in the Texas Rangers baseball team whose partners were friends of the Bush family. He invested $20,000 of his own money, a real bargain in the Texas Rangers at the time whose partners owned Spectrim7.


The following is taken from a non attributed source except for writer Jack Calhoun who is quoted regarding the details of the Harkin stock sale in the search engine Copernic regarding Bush investments: “Bush became chief executive officer of Spectrum. After Spectrum lost $400,000, it was rescued through a buyout deal by Harken Energy Corporation. Bush and his partners were given over $2 million worth of Harken stock for the 180 well operations. Bush became Chief Executive Officer of Harken Energy and was hired as a “consultant” to Harken. He received another $600,000 of Harken stock and has been paid between $42,000 and $120,000 a year. In 1987, Bush and his fellow Harken officials met with Jackson Stephens, head of Stephens, Inc. and investment bank in Little Rock Arkansas. Stephens contributed $100,000 to the Regan-Bush Campaign.

Stephens arranged for Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) to provide $25 million to Bush’s Company in return for stock in Harken. As part of the deal, Sheikh Abdulla Bakhsh, of Saudi Arabia, a real estate tycoon and financer, joined Harken as a major investor. Stephens, UBS, and Bakhsh had ties to the infamous, scandal-ridden Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). In 1990, Bush sold his remaining stock options and left the oil business. There were questions circulated how Bush could have been so astute to unload his options for $848,000 to an unnamed buyer just before Harken announced an enormous loss, cutting the value of its stock in half.” In further research, I found that the SEC, after a thorough investigation, could not find Bush culpable, since he followed the rules, even contacting members of the Harken Board before making the sale to his stock broker who offered to buy his shares for a client. What client still remains a question and remains unanswered.

So he isn’t what one could call a self-made man, but rather a rich son in a powerful family whose father had key connections. He is superbly educated; B.S. in History from Yale and a masters degree in business from Harvard. One sometimes wonders why he makes fun of his mispronouncing words, but that might be he is playing the role of Claudius. On one side of his makeup, his convictions are in tune with the fanatical religious groups such as the Rev. Hagee. But there is another side which demonstrates a determination not to waver in his dedication to Israel’s interests and that our nation must be part of the North American Union, no matter the cost. It is as if he knows the consequences of failing his masters.

It is not so strange that Bush and McCain have some opinions that sound patriotic as in the case of their claim to veto EFCA. But who can really depend on McCain, who had part in designing the McCain Kennedy Act. S.1013, if enacted, would be amnesty legislation on a massive, historically unprecedented scale. S.1033 incorporates the worst features of every failed amnesty program since 1986. McCain is Mr. One Note and that is to stick with the Bush doctrine, but as the worm turns in this election, McCain, on most matters, other than supporting the troops has wheedled and waffled on immigration, economic and social positions. He won’t talk to reporters or his audiences about S.1033.

Although McCain and Obama belong to the CFR, the Bilderberg Group did not invite McCain to meet with those elite rascals to obtain their nod for his candidacy. Obama was invited and as if by magic became immensely popular subsequent to his interview. It seems as the Neocons, mainly those media owners who are in attendance at every Bilderberg meeting, were given a signal to coalesce their efforts in support of Obama.

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There are serious questions being raised regarding the campaign financing of Obama who has accumulated the largest war chest of any candidate in U.S. history. It is suspected that there is more than just George Soros and a couple of million nickel and dime donors, but those Middle East donors with the really big bucks. This first and primary issue concerns “bundling,” the aggregation of small individual contributions, submitted for verification for legality by the Obama campaign to the F.E.C is pointed out, but so far the Election Commission hasn’t made even a whimper. Next week part two.

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The "Curmudgeon," Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.











It is not so strange that Bush and McCain have some opinions that sound patriotic as in the case of their claim to veto EFCA. But who can really depend on McCain, who had part in designing the McCain Kennedy Act. S.1013, if enacted, would be amnesty legislation on a massive, historically unprecedented scale.