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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
October 7, 2005

Case Reports Illustrating Important Points About Root Canals

Dr. Robert Atkins had a patient who knew of the danger of root canals. This woman had an 11 year old child as a neighbor. The child had a root canal three days earlier and had slipped into a coma and was “going fast”.

When this information was given to his patient, the patient insisted that the MD contact Dr. Atkins. After much arguing with several of those caring for her, an intelligent Maxillary-facial surgeon asked the obvious question, “What do we have to lose?” Within an hour after the removal of the root canal tooth, the child was awake and up and walking. This case does illustrate that a presumably healthy young person can face possibly deadly consequences from root canal surgery. My impression is that this child almost certainly had some serious defect in her immune system that permitted her to become critically ill in a few days.

Another example of the diagnostic complexity that can be seen after root canal surgery is provided by G.G. age 51. This patient was seen by Dr. Robert Rowen because of progressive crippling of the left leg of 10 years duration. He had been advised to have surgical removal of part of the heel bone (calcaneus). His history revealed several root canals including one that was complicated by recurring abscesses before he developed the crippled leg. German acupuncture meridians connect his infected root canal tooth number 14 to the spleen meridian that runs from the inside of the foot through the arch to the inside of the leg. After Dr. Rowen injected a local anesthetic into the gum below the No. 14 tooth. this abnormal electrical circuit was broken and normal movement resulted in the leg. Removal of this infected tooth and gingival tissue led to complete recovery from his foot deformity.

What Is A Jawbone (Mandible) Cavitation?

A mandibular cavitation (MC) is a hole appearing in the mandible because of loss of bone tissue and marrow from this part of the mandible. Another name for MC is NICO. This stands for Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis (bone death). Cavitations can appear in any bone in the body but are relatively common in the mandible and the femur. The cause of most bone cavitations appears to be loss of blood supply to this portion of bone. While most MC are painless mandibular cavitations can be a source for severe difficult to eliminate pain problems. Most patients with a MC have had one or more root canal operations. Cavitation tissues contain toxins which are probably waste products of anerobic bacteria. Toxins inhibit enzyme function and are able to combine with mercury from amalgams to create even more dangerous toxic substances. When facial pain appears in this setting it can be a difficult challenging problem. This pain is frequently confused with trigeminal neuralgia. Factors that can contribute to the development of a mandibular cavitations include:

  • Root canal and gingival infections of a tooth
  • Hormonal therapy in women may cause decrease in the size of the small blood vessels nourishing the mandible
  • High long term dosage of cortisone can lead to loss of blood supply to a bone.
  • Any blood disorder which produces a clotting tendency
  • Trauma The force needed to extract a wisdom tooth or root canal tooth may tear the delicate blood vessels supplying the adjacent portion of the mandible. This produces a clot in the injured blood vessel followed by death of a bone fragment and marrow tissue The most common place for a cavitation to be found is the site of a previous wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Injection of vasoconstricting medicine (adrenaline) prior to surgery may cause permanent loss of blood supply to the mandible if a clot occludes the vessel. during the anesthesia while the vessel is constricted and more vulnerable to clottimg.
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Alcoholism
  • Elevation of homocysteine blood values which produce premature aging
  • The human body reacts to infection by causing the blood to become sludgy. This acts to wall off the infection to prevent spread to other sites. This thick slow flowing blood is prone to clotting and if the clot occurs in a blood vessel going to bone the bone tissue dies from no blood flow and the marrow in the center of the bone gets reabsorbed into the body. In this manner a bone cavitation can be created. Infected patients are known to be prone to blood clots in leg veins that may pass to the lungs causing serious even fatal results.

Cavitat Diagnostic Equipment

Mandible cavitations are hard to identify on conventional xrays which makes them very difficult to diagnose. By far the best method of establishing the diagnosis of a cavitation in the mandible is by use of a sophisticated advanced ultrasound technology instrument called Cavitat.. Use of the Cavitat instrument has revealed that 94% of wisdom tooth removal sites and 100% of root canal removal sites have cavities of varying size in the adjacent mandible bone.

How Acupuncture Meridians Can Be Related To Distant Health Problems

Persons with a problem root canal tooth may have pain or weakness at a distant site such as the calf or sole of the foot. This pain or weakness is due to irritation of the acupuncture meridian that passes from the affected tooth site to this portion of the leg. Injection of the damaged tooth with xylocaine may temporarily eliminate the peripheral leg pain or weakness and successful surgery on the infected tooth accomplishes permanent relief of this distant pain or weakened extremity.

Why The Removal Of Mercury From Old Root Canals And Old Extraction Sites Is So Vital

A very important problem related to mandibular cavitations is the frequent presence of chunks of mercury left in the cavitation after extraction of a root canal, impacted wisdom tooth or gingivitis destroyed tooth. This presence of mercury in the cavitation provides an ongoing site for continuing release of mercury and effectively prevents the patient from benefiting from the removal of mercury containing amalgams. The residual mercury in cavitation sites and extraction sites protects localized bacteria and viruses from being killed by the body’s killer lymphocytes. Release of this residual mercury blocks proper function of the body’s enzyme systems. When the mercury is removed from the extraction and cavitation sites the body’s enzymes return to normal function and the chronic viral or bacterial infection becomes eradicated.

The correct surgical therapy for a cavitation involves the complete removal of all dead bone debris from the cavitation site. This must be combined with a meticulous search for pieces of mercury remaining from prior extractions. The dentist who did not think that mercury has any adverse effects on health may have been cavalier about gathering up buried pieces of mercury from an extraction site.

What Is The Significance Of Dr. Weston Price’s Research?

We know that approximately 20,000,000 root canal operations are done annually in the U.S. each year. This operation generates a high percentage of many dentists income. For these dentists to admit that they are performing a dangerous operation would guarantee a significant portion of their income would be immediately lost. For this reason alone there will be considerable resistance to giving up root canal surgery by many dentists. In only a 20 year period 400,000,000 root canal operations will have been done. Even granting that many persons have more than one root canal operation there still must be a huge segment of the U.S. population at risk for a chronic degenerative disease because of root canal surgery.

What Percentage Of The Chronic Disease Population In The U.S. Is Derived From Individuals Who Have Had Root Canal Operations?

No one knows the answer to this question because root canal operations have been ignored by the medical community as a possible cause for many diseases. As a consequence of this ignorance no long term follow up studies have ever been done and it is unlikely that the American Dental Association would stand by and permit such a study to be funded and performed. Obviously an adverse outcome could result in major loss of income for a multitude of dentists. The problem of sterilizing the root canal site is so complicated there may not be a good solution for many years.

In my opinion there is a good possibility that 50% or more of the U.S. population might be victims of chronic illness caused by root canal surgery. Stopping root canal operations until an effective therapy to sterilize the operative site is available would probably greatly decrease the amount of disease that burdens the American people.

Where Does Dr. Weston Price Stand In the List Of Medical Heroes?

In thinking through the list of medical giants it does not appear to me that any prior research comes close to the value that Dr. Price’s research has accomplished. There is no doubt that Dr. Ignaz Semmmelweis saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of women when he urged hand washing before performing deliveries. This is so simple someone would have certainly have figured this out as medicine progressed. Dr. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin which certainly has saved a multitude of lives.

Currently some disconcerting findings are developing regarding antibiotic drugs:

  • Bacteria are able to change their genetic structure so they can no longer become killed by a drug that was quite effective in small dosage in the past. These resistant organisms require dangerous complicated antibiotic programs to kill and now there are several bacteria and parasitic infections (enterococci, resistant falciparum malaria) for which there is often no effective pharmaceutical therapy
  • Taking antibiotic drugs in the preceding year can be a cause for a woman to develop breast cancer. My guess is this will be found for other cancers as other kinds of malignancies are studied. This may well relate to antibiotic induced death of healthy bacteria in the intestines causing impaired function of the immune system, which depends on healthy intestinal bacteria, to properly kill tumor cells.

Dr. Weston Price’s meticulous research appears of unique priceless value in the annals of medical advances. I think history will give him the recognition that he has advanced medical knowledge more than any other person.

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This ability of bacteria to mutate and change in root canals is the same process occurring now in bacteria after exposure to antibiotics.