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By Thomas R. Horn

October 18, 2013

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. —David Rockefeller, Memoirs, 405

The world is in the process of a great shaking, and not just physically (although in fulfillment of prophecy we can expect much more than we presently are experiencing in the physical realm as well). We are being shaken together in order to “even out the playing field,” as it were, both socially and economically. The only way to accomplish this is if each nation surrenders its individual sovereignty to the leadership of a world-governing body or leader, who will in turn see to it that all nations will capitulate, either voluntarily or by force. Naturally, all of this will be “for our own good and/or convenience.” What will finally “shake out” will be that which we have heard so much in recent years: the New World Order.

Many nations would benefit greatly from this “evening out” of the playing field, which, of course, would be at the expense of many others. For them it will cost everything—economy, military, health, education, natural resources, self-rule…in other words, all personal liberty/freedom and possessions.

However, some will not be deceived by this old line that they are “doing it for our own good” and will refuse to “roll over and play dead.” Exactly what can you do about all these rabble-rousers and troublemakers? The only way for such a turnover of power to occur successfully is if everyone complies and cooperates. The “powers that be” have been planning this scenario for centuries. Now that the plan is about to see fruition, they are not going to look kindly upon dissenters or uncooperative types. (In a speech, Rockefeller stated that there was too little time left to get the plan accomplished gradually, because the fundamentalists were waking up, so they are stepping up their speed.)

The first thing the “powers” must accomplish is to remove as many as possible of our constitutionally protected rights and freedoms—legislatively and judicially—in effect, making all dissenters outlaws. Once they have succeeded in declaring their opposition to be the bad guys, then they have all the power of the police, military, and judiciary behind them. You will either join the system or oppose it. Of course, if you refuse to join, you are automatically in opposition and are thus one of the rabble-rousers or troublemakers mentioned above.

The only way that those who enforce the new regulations (for lack of a better word) will be able to achieve their goal of bringing everyone into the New World Order is through surveillance and control. They can’t control you if they can’t find you and keep track of your movements, activities, communications, purchases, et cetera. In other words, there must be a grand and global scheme for the surveillance of everyone before you can hope to control everyone.

An article by Richard Falk states, “It is evident that the new world order as conceived in Washington is about control and surveillance.” Lest you be misled, do not mistake Mr. Falk for a right-wing conservative; on the contrary, he believes that their motives are anything but pure toward equality in the New World Order. In fact, he continues, the New World Order is “not about values or a better life for the peoples of the world” (Richard Falk, contributing author in: Tareq and Jacqueline Ismael, “The Gulf War and the New World Order: International Relations of the Middle East,” University Press of Florida, 1994, 545). He believes the wealthy nations are using their technology as an advantage to keep the poorer nations from being a threat to them.

Although the major thrust of the upcoming book, Beast Tech, is identification and tracking systems, a certain amount of foundation needs to be laid first. Therefore, we will cover a number of subjects in addition to tracking technology.

Some people find this subject matter to be science fiction, some consider it fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and still others consider it the raving of some lunatic who sees a conspiracy under every rock; but the ones who study it carefully see it as the next logical step toward establishing the New World Order. Most, however, are somewhat staggered by the pervasiveness of the proposed systems and its seeming inevitability lurking just on the horizon. In other words, they are experiencing what has come to be known as “future shock.” So we will touch on future shock and its effect on the masses, as well as on the individual.

We will address the New World Order: What is it? When is it? How will it take over? Who’s in charge? Where did the idea originate, and how old is this plan for a one-world government?

Other subjects will include loss of privacy and electronic bondage, the new constitution, the Illuminati, biometrics, barcoding, GPS (Global Positioning System), the cashless society… Let’s pause here for a minute. There are other subjects to mention, but we want to address this subject before we proceed, because we are far down the road toward a cashless society…farther than most of us realize.

This is one of the first few steps that must be enacted to get us ready for mandatory biometric identification, and it is an action that will be taken under the guise of what is “best for the people.” If studied fairly, without consideration for the prophetic implications, there could possibly be a valid argument about whether a cashless society really is for our own good. However, the end result and drawbacks far outweigh any temporary convenience or good it will accomplish. Some of the positive theories and facts you will be hearing more and more about as the time draws closer to being a completely electronic-currency nation are that it will: inhibit terrorism; stop theft, robberies, and muggings; stop international drug dealing; stop income tax cheaters; prevent parents from ducking out of paying child support; and render obsolete the fear of misplacing a wallet or purse containing a roll of cash, among other things. Think of the convenience and safety.

But what are those drawbacks I mentioned? To start with, it probably does not come as a shock to you that everything you have, owe, or own is in a machine somewhere (including your health records, family history, religious affiliations, job history, credit history, political leanings, and much more), which gives anyone with the proper authorization all the information about your personal business. (Yet, currently, it does not take someone with privileged access or authorization to still tap into information about anyone else that should be considered “private” by the standards of yesteryear. A simple search of a non-famous individual’s name on Google will easily prove my point. Have you looked up the satellite and street images of your home property on lately? If you haven’t, it’s more of an intimate view than you think, complete with the kids’ pool toys and tree house, right where you left them, accessible by anyone with the Internet. And oh yeah, they didn’t bother to blur out the license plate on your parked vehicle in the driveway, either.)

The identification system (SMART cards, MARC cards, or whatever they be called) must be tied unalterably to you in order to prevent theft of the card and fraudulent use thereof. The card must be used in conjunction with some other source of positive identification, such as a retina scan or fingerprint match. Can you already see the direction this path is taking? What if your card were lost or stolen? We can fix that. This tiny little biochip no bigger than a grain of rice (and maybe smaller as technology progresses) can be slipped under your skin and give you lifetime access to everything the New World Order will afford its happy members.

Historically, the technology needed to unravel the Revelation 13:16–18 mystery of the Mark of the Beast in this light has been unavailable (no one can buy or sell without the Mark in his or her right hand or forehead). Naturally, the manufacturers of this technology try to assure us that it wasn’t designed for that purpose, but even as they speak, plans are being discussed to implant the “difficult” cases, i.e., the prison population, runaway teens, the elderly who have a tendency to wander off and become lost, and even babies before they leave the hospital to put an end to kidnapping. Doesn’t that sound like a really GOOD thing?

It is old news that the method is already being used widely in pet identification and agricultural animals, but within recent years reports have emerged of tracking and punishing poachers of salmon with implants, and the government ruled that all surgically implanted body parts will henceforth contain a biochip (of course, that’s also for your good, as it retains the information about its manufacturer, your surgeon, how and why it was implanted, etc.), and breast implants are some of the first to be manufactured with the biochip. Another use of radio transponder identification (biochips) was in permanently riveted vinyl bracelets applied to over fifty thousand Haitian and Cuban refugees at the Guantanamo Bay US military base. Since children’s wrists were too small, they were applied to their ankles.

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Have you noticed lately how everything on television is smart? Pay close attention to how the rash of commercials has played out over the last couple of decades—AT&T actually called its technology the “Smart Card,” but the term “smart” is used in so many different advertisements that, if you start to pay attention to the evolution of that term in the media, it will amaze you. They want you to be so acquainted with the term (read that as “desensitized to the term”) that it will seem like second nature to you to recognize when something is current.

Throughout the upcoming book Beast Tech, we will document the evolution of biochip technology—its origination, manufacture, current uses, proposed uses, and unlimited possible future uses. We will summarize these facts and introduce the prophetic connections as described in the Bible. We hope, by reading this book, you will be informed and awakened from your slumber—if, indeed, you have been blissfully, but ignorantly, slumbering along, enjoying all this new Star Trek technology without being cognizant of the dire consequences.

In the next entry we will discuss how Future Shock Is Here.


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© 2013 Thomas Horn - All Rights Reserved

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This is one of the first few steps that must be enacted to get us ready for mandatory biometric identification, and it is an action that will be taken under the guise of what is “best for the people.” If studied fairly, without consideration for the prophetic implications, there could possibly be a valid argument about whether a cashless society really is for our own good.