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By Thomas R. Horn

May 20, 2012

Things move at a glacial pace, until the time comes…

Author and publisher Tom Horn has repeatedly revealed a wonderful talent for discerning events that are ripe for disclosure. In combination with the scholarly research talents of Cris Putnam, they are now bringing a major development into the light of day. Working behind the scenes in a world characterized by swirling currents of challenging information, they have discovered that certain obscure documents now have a startling pertinence.

From these, they have distilled a clear stream of scholarship. A dark prophecy has now been illuminated as a real and present event on the verge of springing into reality. A great unveiling seems near.

As Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

In the pages of their new book Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here, you will be challenged by the assertion that the timing of a long-awaited event is about to crystallize before the unbelieving eyes of the world.

Something of gigantic proportion is shifting in the landscape. Institutions worldwide are discovering that their foundations are turning to sand. Everything is changing. There is a mad scramble for ascendancy.

One of those organizations, the world’s oldest continuing bureaucracy, the Roman Catholic Church, has reached a critical point…a crucial turn…that many among its ranks have quietly whispered about for centuries. The predicted time has arrived. Soon, as you read, you will find answers that have lain dormant for centuries.

By careful design, the Vatican stands as a monument to timelessness. Its theology nurtures thoughts of ushering in a Golden Age, in which the pontiff reigning in the end times welcomes Christ at His Second Coming and hands Him the keys to the Kingdom. Until that precise moment arrives, the Catholic hierarchy is obsessed with maintaining the status quo. It envisions itself as the guardian of the coming Millennium, and plans to be at the center of Christ’s earthly reign from the rebuilt Royal City and the Third Temple.

It takes the role of this guardianship quite seriously, regarding the world outside as its enemy, the devil. It sees itself as the pure, strong preserver of the faith. Its traditions, though often self-generated and recent in origin, are deemed rock-solid. It has built what is perhaps the world’s most convoluted, jurisdictional and bureaucratic barrier.

Its procession of popes, cardinals, and multileveled administrators extends back into the mists of the Dark Ages. Carefully, oh so carefully, it feels its way along as the centuries pass. Taught by the dramatic procession of passing eras, wars long and short, and delicate negotiations with the royal houses of Europe, its reflexes are finely tuned. It has perfected the art of camouflage, appearing as one thing while acting as another.

At the surface, it is a church with hundreds of traditions and beliefs. It is a teaching system with a global network of schools. Beneath that surface, it has a long history of manipulating power in ways that will accrue to its benefit.

Visually, the Vatican stands as an impassable monument to the religion of the Western world. Its labyrinthine archives are unequalled in historical scope. They are concealed beneath the layers of history…over a millennium and a half of history! Its libraries and laboratories are a maze of careful indexing and subterranean secrecy. It even maintains its own observatory, from which its directors issue occasional tantalizing announcements concerning the possibility that alien societies may soon visit Earth!

Viewed from the outside, the Vatican is implacable, inscrutable, and impenetrable. Those external to the faith see what the “Mother Church” wants them to see, and only that.

But on the inside, there are those who know. Institutionally, it is the originator of classified documentation, having invented the system that is known in our current parlance as “above top secret.” The place is an amalgamation of vaults, rooms within rooms, and arcane traditions, stolid and self-righteous. It is the vision of quiet composure.

One is allowed to view its inner secrets only on a “need to know” basis. It is well known that the spoils of many wars are stored in its lower levels. They occupy many sites and secret locations, going back to the days of Vespasian’s siege of Jerusalem, and the sacking of the Jewish Temple by his son Titus.

Near Capitoline Hill, and the Holy See of Vatican City, the Arch of Titus stands to this day as a memorial to the looting of Jerusalem in AD 70. Among other plundered items, it depicts the Temple Menorah in a triumphal parade through the streets of Rome. Illustrative of the Vatican’s penchant for concealment is the following episode:

In 1996, during the tenure of Pope John Paul II, Shimon Shetreet, Israel’s Minister of Religious Affairs drafted an official state letter, which was hand-delivered to the papal offices. In it, he asserted that he had uncovered clues in recent research from the University of Florence. He said that certain ancient documents had revealed that the Menorah and other valuable Temple artifacts were carefully and clandestinely stored in pristine condition, within the Vatican’s underground vaults.

The mind reels in the attempt to imagine what might be in long-term Vatican storage. It’s a certainty that there are scrolls from the first century, lying in nitrogen atmospheres where the temperature never varies by more than a fraction of a degree. Or, might there be cloth samples from robes once worn by the disciples? Paintings from the first century? Captured Hebrew scrolls that resided in Herod’s Temple? Original New-Testament manuscripts?

Its traditions are deep and complex, often verging into breathtaking mystery, punctuated by deceptive “leaks” that point in the wrong direction. Recent motion pictures have publicized the dark and secret nature of this ancient institution. The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons have placed a strong suggestion in the public consciousness. Something is about to be exposed!

As self-protective as the Vatican can be, it somehow never dampened the ancient twelfth-century prophecy of St. Malachy that spoke of a great evil that would spring forth one day from the Papal Throne—the final pope would appear, and with him, the events of the last days.

Petrus Romanus exists to throw a brighter light upon the famous prediction, along with captivating new information that makes sense in a chaotic world.

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The future has arrived in a coalescing whirlwind of events which reveal a global background that seems aligned for the appearance of the prophesied pope. His mysterious figure appears on the brink of leaping full-blown into the modern world. When he does, he will be totally aware of the astonishing disclosures that are about to be laid wide open to the dumbfounded eyes of a naïve and deluded world.

Secrets from the vaults of history are about to erupt into a flood that flows through the streets of the world. Is this man of fundamental and solemn significance rising, even as the world is falling into moral, spiritual, and financial disorder? Some have called him “Peter, the Roman.”

Who is he, really? Read Petrus Romanus and discover his secret. His time seems to have arrived, and timing is everything. —Gary Stearman, Prophecy in the News

[See the U-Tube clip: Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here]

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One of those organizations, the world’s oldest continuing bureaucracy, the Roman Catholic Church, has reached a critical point…a crucial turn…that many among its ranks have quietly whispered about for centuries.