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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
November 15, 2007

This article is a companion piece to my Part I on symbology, and is the third part of several installations on secret societies and symbols.

Symbols, which are all around us, serve as a form of communication, especially by the secret societies which find a need to shroud their ideals, their philosophies, their plans, their religious beliefs, their ugliness in camouflage, lest the average person figure out their evil.

These signs, also called pictographs and ideograms, are not created idly. Instead, each is extensively thought out, sketched, re-drawn, voted on, re-designed, and finally approved. The symbol not only represents the object, group, product, but it also offers inside information to those who are a part of the clan.

Symbols may be characters, numbers, or other abstract or concrete depictions. A simple example is a yellow triangular road sign in the middle are black figures looking as though they�re walking. To Americans, this represents �pedestrian crossing,� even though no words were used to convey this message. There are many symbols that we don�t even think about but rather just naturally react to, such as a red traffic light. Instantly, we know it represents �stop.� Thus, symbols reach us not only on a conscious level, but subliminally as well. The lamb is symbolic of Agnes Dei and the sacrificial Jesus Christ. And astrological signs are filled with various meanings.

Another good example of the use of symbols and double entendres (multiple hidden meanings) is the commercial where a character named Bob needs to enrich his sex drive through a drug. The commercials feature him with a long iron in gulfing, and a narrator who uses words that subliminally give the meaning of an erected penis, just as the golf club conveys. Many symbols are subliminal in nature.

The globalists front endless volumes of symbols to convey their ideas to the same of their ilk without revealing what they mean to the general public. Just as Satan used Scripture to his advantage, he is equally notorious for perverting Christian symbols in mockery of Christ and in deception of the unknowing person. Such symbols, of many, include an inverted cross, the black mass, and a circle around a hexagram. Occultism often parallels the godly or what is holy, such as a raven instead of a dove. Most secret societies and their symbols operate out of Hegelian Dialectics, with the intent of taking something existing and manufacturing its opposite to create a blend or something new. As an example: Capitalism would be the something existing (thesis); Marxism would be its opposite (antithesis) and Fascism or Totalitarianism would be the blend or the new (synthesis). Symbols help clarify this for those in the Inner Circle. Freemasonry is built on symbology, with each symbol bearing several different meanings that can be manipulated by whoever is using them for whatever purpose is being presented. The malleability of symbols and their double entendres (multiple meanings) is what makes them so useful to the shadowy entities.

Below are some symbols, many of which are New Age in nature, and representative of the New World Order. Much detail could be offered on each of these signs but due to lack of space, a brief overview will suffice. The authors of, or the sites where these cryptograms exist are noted in the text. Many of the ideographs or images below have alternative symbols.

The Great Seal = As seen on the one-dollar bill, it�s e front is dialectical as it has an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch; one means war, the other peace. The reverse size is a truncated pyramid with the eye of Horus. Notice the pyramid/pantograph shape. It is believed that when the New World Order is entirely in place, the capstone will fit completed at the top of the pyramid. Triangles are very important in paganism and with the dark forces. (Diagrammed by Pastor Billy Bissell).

Circle = This connotes a son god. The circle is referred to because it plays a key role in both evil and good. A point or smaller circle inside a larger one is New Age, and is also used as a Masonic symbol. Evil do-ers often uses a pentagram inside a circle. Opponents say the circle is a sign of oneness, wholeness, unity, eternity. But many see it as life-death-birth cycle. The dot or point inside the circle represents the completion of intercourse with masculinity being the point, and femininity, the circle (also discussed elsewhere). Illuminati and NWO founder, Adam Weishaupt, used the dot within the circle to bring about the Antichrist through his Luciferian coven.

Black Cats = are associated with the moon, and attributed to darkness and Satan, and evil, though some countries see it as a good luck charm. In general, they are seen as representative of Wicca and witchcraft, and are at times subjects of ritualistic sacrifices by non-witches. Of course, unfounded superstition is attached to this creature.

Satanic Cross = is an upside down question mark with a horizontal bar at its top, forming the cross. Its reference is to questioning the divinity of God and symbolizes the absolute power of the devil, with three of his demons being the princes Satan, belial, leviathan. It is a most diabolical emblem that occultists instantly recognized (Diagrammed by Pastor Billy Bissell)

Three = The number three is used both in Satanism and Christianity. In the latter, three fishes in a circle (see Atriangles below), represent Christ because the first five words, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior spells Ichthus which in Latin means Afish as in ichthyology, the study of fish. A thamaturgic triangle which is a plain triangle represents the entrance to hell which the beast must pass through. It=s also used in diabolic rituals.

Trefoil = Similar to the number three above, the trefoil is often seen in different shapes representing the number 3 or 6, and has several meanings. As the swastika (see below) represents evil in the West, likewise the trefoil can represent evil or good. In the holy trinity there is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Trinity = trefoil). The unholy or evil trinity is Satan, the father; the Antichrist, the son; and the False Prophet, similar to the Holy Spirit. The number three plays a major role in occultism and mysticism. The Trilateral Commission[1], with its arrows revealing the Aoccult teachings of satanist Alice Bailey ... refer[s] to a triangle of powers via Satan. The Trilateral Commission�s trefoil has three arrows revolving in a circle in the shape of sixes (see below).

Swastika = This is an ancient symbol (even before Hitler used it) sublimed with complicated philosophies, and is associated with the sun. It means different things to different cultures; for example, in India, it is a common symbol that represents well-being, good health, and predates Hinduism; it, too, is associated with birth and rebirth, and fertility, as many symbols are. In the West, it has come to symbolize evil because of Hitler. A trefoil is a close cousin to the swastika as is the symbol of Sicily with 3 legs turning. In some regards, the symbol of four bones crossing a skull is similar to the swastika. Many of these swastikas have hidden in them such negative concepts as circular serpents, charms, talismans. Texe Marrs[2] offers that Athe swastika, adopted by the Nazis, is a sign of Lucifer, the sun deity, and has very ancient origins . . . takes different forms meaning different things such as white and black magic, the sun wheel, and so on. For this reason, it is also referred to as the sun wheel, and may be used in Buddhist inscriptions, Greek coins, and other sublime emblems. (Diagrammed by Pastor Billy Bissell).

Peace Sign = also erroneously referred to as the Cross of Jesus, and the Cross of Nero, with a vertical line running from top to bottom, and the tip of a triangle intersecting it. Because it reflects an inverted cross, it is meant to ridicule the crucifixion of Christ, and thus is also called the ADead Man Rune. (Diagrammed by Pastor Billy Bissell)

Sixes = Three sixes (man=s number) in any form represent Satan (mark of the beast: Rev. 13:18); sometimes they look like upside down 9s, capital Fs, or three intertwined rings. (Diagrammed by Pastor Billy Bissell)

Caduceus & the Rod of Asclepius: Believed to be part of the medical practice, this symbol is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it. However, the medical symbol is actually the Rod of Asclepius. The caduceus has origins dating back to an astrological cryptogram, and is linked to Hermes, a Greek god of mythology who is supposed to conduct the dead and protect merchants. Writers and journalists understand it as a conveyor of messages, which is what writing does. It is sometimes mistakenly used as a symbol for medicine when in actuality the Rod of Asclepius is symbolic of the medical practice. It has only one snake and no wings. The �Rod� symbol represents Asclepius or the son of Apollo, as he was known in Roman mythology. Apollo was also known for his delivery of the deadly and fatal plague. The centaur taught Apollo medicine, and centaurs were a hybrid race of part-humans and part-horses. Chiron was a noted centaur noted for their raucous drinking. Disney�believed to be a serious occultist []�featured centaurs in many of his movies, such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Hercules. Both the caduceus and the �Rod� feature serpents.

Hammer and Sickle: This is the emblem used by the Communists, so symbols can be political in nature as well. It, along with the Red Star, has been incorporated into the then Soviet Union�s flag. Its representation is one of unity among workers. Americans saw it as a sinister symbol during the Cold War, as it symbolically reminded them of the threat of take-over and nuclear war.

Triangles: The triangle is often associated with Illuminism, Christian trinity or Freemasonry, and represents the number three. The dollar bill features it as a pyramid. It is frequently used in religion, and was designed by Pythagoras. A triangle pointing down represents female or the womb�goddess�homosexuality, and female sexuality. It is also a symbol for water--downward flow. (Design featured here)

A triangle pointing upward denotes male, and thus is a phallic symbol. Theologians often look at it as depicting the chalice and blade, but it is also used by the occult in their ritual magic practices. Some associate with fire. (Design featured here)

Because the downward triangle is female and water, and the upward triangle is male and fire, they create�when combined symbolically--a hexagram, a symbol of balance and divine union which is referred to as Seal of Solomon. It means the same in Hinduism and Buddhism, while the cabbalists see it as the sign of resurrection and completeness. The occult make use of it, too. (Design featured here)


Certain actions are also a part of symbology and shadow groups, such as secret handshakes, circling counter-clockwise around certain objects, holding ones� fingers a particular way, dressing in exacting colors, and much more. For example, during the MVA show, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were dressed in white and Madonna in a black tux to represent a ritualistic wedding. �Madonna stepped out of the wedding cake wearing a modified tuxedo. What ensued was a drag show of sorts in which Madonna was the �groom� and Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were the virginal brides, culminating in a french-kiss [sic] between Madonna and Britney, and then between Madonna and Christina. During the performance Madonna's dominance was clearly established through the body language and interaction between her and Britney and her and Christina.� [Read]

Recently, a picture of John Travolta appeared in the celebrity section of The Daily Times (June 21, 2007) featuring a torso shot of him with his right arm crossed at his chest and his fingers forming the Diablo sign; His left hand was partially in his left pocket, save for the two fingers forming the devil�s sign. Likely, he was conveying a message to those in the realm with him, as this is a common gesture presented by members of various secret societies.

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Thus, it can be seen that there are many ways the secret societies and evil-doers communicate their messages and plots. We need to be alert to this while also realizing that sometimes a rose is a just a rose, and not to read into everything.

Look for the next article in this series.


1, A Missions in the New World Order, Kew, Richard. 02/26/98. Page 197
2, Marrs, Texe. Circle of Intrigue. Living Truth Ministries, TX: 1995; p.196

� 2007 Gianni Hayes - All Rights Reserved

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Certain actions are also a part of symbology and shadow groups, such as secret handshakes, circling counter-clockwise around certain objects, holding ones� fingers a particular way, dressing in exacting colors, and much more.