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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
May 2, 2007

This article goes in conjunction with my first piece titled �Overview of Secret Societies,� of 2005. This is the second part of several articles on shadow groups and symbols.

All the secret societies, particularly the Inner Circle, are involved in all or in some aspect of hidden agendas, and all have their own symbology. The Power Elite or just the �Elite� are the deep core, decision-makers of the combined various societies.

Symbols and signs, which are used as a means of communication among society members, also serve to represent a thought�called ideograms�and behave in a manner that allows all members to know who belongs to which societies. Freemasonry is perhaps the best example of a society that employs symbols as well as physical contact signals, such as specific handshakes or hand formations as seen in the sign of the Diablo.

Below are several examples of all too many symbols, and no doubt, others exist that we don't even know about, or just aren�t included here because of their lack of relevance. Succeeding articles will include many more symbols.

From the era of Antiquity and on, signs, symbols, numerology, and societies have been a major part of civilization. When symbols or signs are put together in a certain way, they form a picture or a message, so they serve as the building blocks of communications. There are also other ways to commune, such as through body language, but symbols are a part of every society, and most are derived from the intent to represent something else or to depict a private message, a meaning buried in innocent images to convey something other than what they seem to be. Some messages with their symbols are intentional; others appear inoffensive at a glance but have subtle hidden meanings, perhaps so minuscule that unless you know the organization, you may never notice or understand the message as the Elite do.

Subliminal messages and symbols have always been a hallmark of subversive or shadow groups, and they represent a reality and a system of their own. For example, Freemasonry (such as the tools of stonemasons), and witchcraft (the pentagram, as one example) have a very high number of symbols--some are numbers--that distinguish who they are and what they believe. A common pattern that you=ll see unfolding in many of the symbols is the nature of duality and dialectics--meaning that many of the emblems reflect the opposites in one, while its same kind might be represented in a similar or different form. Dialectics is a powerful philosophy on which most cultures are built, and on which most secret societies thrive. It�s based on the thesis (problem) � antithesis (solution) = creating a synthesis (something new). This comes from philosopher Wilhelm Hegel and is referred to Hegelian Dialectics.

Many of today's myths are derived from ancient history and its symbols, logos, and sayings. When early humans didn�t understand something, they often referred to it as a god or goddess who was endowed with supernatural abilities and immortality. Through time, the names of these "supreme" beings have come to represent other concepts. For example, the Roman god Bacchus represents gaiety and fertility, as he is the deity of drink. Over the centuries, fraternities, for instance, have put on affairs called Bacchus parties, and are often featured with the symbol of wine. Bacchus was a youthful god who liked to indulge in drugs and revelry. His Greek name is Dionysus. Another example is the god Cupid who symbolizes love, using arrows as a sign for piercing the heart and putting the person in a "tizzy" with romance. Over the years, arrows crossing the symbol of a heart � have come to mean love, just as the heart symbol itself does as well.

[To learn more about the secret societies, see the new videos "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings and part two Riddles in Stone The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C."]

A goodly number of symbols and numerals come from the occult, such as the pentagram; numerology is the use of numbers to denote things, philosophies, and people, such as 666 which is the sign of the devil. Richard Kew states that ". . . our civilization . . . abandoned its religious underpinnings, and is therefore losing the strong sense of identity and conviction necessary to sustain itself in this multi-polar world."[1] He goes on to add ". . . secularism gnaws away at a civilization=s moral and spiritual vitals from within."[2] And this very gnawing away, this erosion is attributed to secret societies and their symbology.

Some symbols are buried in pictures or in number codes that work on one's subconscious level, such as a picture of angels buried within puffs of clouds. These are subliminal messages. The movie theater was the first to experiment with this by running a hidden communiqu� of the words "eat popcorn" across the screen at such a quick speed that the conscious mind didn�t pick it up, but the subconscious did register it and, presumably, many movie-goers did get out of their seats and buy popcorn and soda. Other researchers say that the effects of such subliminal messages are inconclusive, even though advertisers who regularly use it claim that it is effective.

Religions also make wide use of symbols; consider the Catholic Church as only one example. The cross is common to all Christian religions, just as the menorah or the Star of David is to Judaism, or the Mosque is to the Muslims, and the Buddha is to the Buddhists.

The globalists of religion, culture, education, economy and government employ endless symbols to convey their ideas to the same of their ilk without revealing what they mean to the general public. Just as Satan used Scripture to his advantage, he is notorious for perverting Christian symbols in the like of an inverted cross, a circle around a hexagram, and much more. Let's look at some of them, many of which are New Age in nature and representative of the New World Order. Here is a spatter of them with sketches of what they might look like; the authors of, or the sites where these symbols derived, are noted in the text and endnotes. Many ideographs or images below have alternative symbols.

Pentagram � is definitely a sign of sinister behavior, thinking, and lifestyle. Representative of the number 5, it is the sum of 3 (a masculine number) and 2 (feminine number), thus signifying the whole human. Often a drawing of a man with outstretched limbs reaching the points of a circle, and the head serving as the top point, is seen in sketches of pentagrams. Other symbols, such as stars, closely resemble the pentagram. Inverted, it is especially used in witchcraft, and is symbolic of a spirit-filled world representing fire, wind, earth, water. Two points up is satanism; one point down is paganism. No matter how the symbol stands, it is sinister. An interesting aside is that Washington DC is laid out in a pentagram, with a triple Tau connecting the point of the 33rd-degree Supreme Council above the White House to the U.S. Capitol. From the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial is the triple Tau. Also from the White House to the U.S. Capitol and then to the Jefferson Monument is the Masonic square and compass.

The area of the 33rd-degree Temple to the White House forms the horned goat head image (upper four points of the goat represent the air, water, Earth, fire), while the descending fifth point symbolizes Lucifer's mind; and throughout is the Illuminati influence. One can even see the symbolic phallus (obelisk) in the Washington Monument. "The obelisk inspired Washington Monument was originally planed as a tomb for the deceased Master Mason Washington (see note below) . . . first design[ed] . . . as a truncated pyramid with interior light coming from the apex � occulus [sic]= (eye). . . . This design mirrors the Illuminati symbol of [the] pyramid with the all-seeing eye."[3] Throughout the DC area, there exist extensive connecting tunnels, long and deep. (Diagrammed by Pastor Billy Bissell)

 pentagram        inverted pentagram

Osiris � This powerful god of fertility is also called the king of the dead or underworld. His sister was Isis (who is often pictured in mummy-like posture). Osiris was murdered, dismembered, and his pieces were strewn around the Nile valley and river which resulted in the growth of crops that sprang from his flesh. When he was later resurrected, he became a symbol of rebirth. Many one-worlders worship him and his sister/wife as a god and goddess.

The Ram (Osiris) In Ancient History; by Taylor Ray Ellison

Isis is considered to be the mother goddess, a queen, and the sister and wife of Osiris. She�s frequently viewed sporting horns with a yellow halo or a solar disk on her head. Sometimes she is pictured with wings, though few deities in Egyptian mythology have wings. Often she is seen in statue form with a crown, sucking her son, Horus. Many very wrongly liken Isis with the mother of Jesus. She is also known as the Great Goddess of the Underworld (her husband/brother Osiris is referred to as the King of the Underworld), as well as a producer of fertility, a giver of life, the goddess of the harvest. The image at the right below is Isis suckling her son, Horus.

From: &

Horus � Horus was out to avenge his father's murder; his mother was Isis. This sky god denotes an all-seeing eye that is found in nearly all occult philosophies and symbols, and is the hallmark of the Illuminati. Some birds are attributed as having "all seeing eyes." In Egyptian folklore, the right eye of Horus is referred to as his "solar" (sun) eye, and his left as the "lunar" (moon) eye. Eyes, in general, represent the all-seeing eye of god. Nearly all cultures have some figure that represents the eye. Each culture has its own configuration and meanings, such as the Evil Eye in Italian, the Eye of Wisdom in Islam, or the Eye Idol in Syria, etc. Magic eye charms are often made of glass so that the eye is more readily seen and more efficient in warding of malevolence. The Illuminati built their ideologies on the mysteries of scripture via distortion to denote that they are the chosen of the world to control and regulate all finances and everyone's life.

Eye of Horus:


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Secret societies have been in existence since Antiquity, with each having their own sense of purpose and roadmaps to achieving their goals of constructing a one-world existence. Through time, these shadow groups have become more sophisticated and overbearing, with a wider spread of influence. Only in the last 50 years or so have they become so aggressive that they threaten our very existence as a civilization. They are much more than boys� fraternities or clubs for kids. Their push for power, wealth, and fame is beyond our imaginations as to what lengths they will go to, to rule the universe. Unfortunately, we are caught up in their thrust�made victims and slaves of their self-aggrandizing.

We need to stop the Power Elite�the Inner Circle�of all these shadow groups before they totally destroy us.


1, "Missions in the New World Order," Kew, Richard. 02/26/98.
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3, "Novus Ordo Seclorum." Page 1 of 2. * Note: It has been said that in spite of the Masonic-influenced monument, President Washington seldom visited the Masonic Lodge.

� 2007 Gianni Hayes - All Rights Reserved

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Symbols and signs, which are used as a means of communication among society members, also serve to represent a thought�called ideograms�and behave in a manner that allows all members to know who belongs to which societies.