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By CJ Graham
July 3, 2010

Americans continue to struggle with high unemployment rates and fears of a turbulent economic future. Across the nation, worried citizens have gathered at town hall meetings, rallies and even Washington DC en masse. Desperately trying to voice their objections, to the crushing debt and weakened dollar, citizens fear our children will be enslaved to Communist China, a shameful fate.

We have become extremely frustrated trying to understand why our voices are not heard on issues of illegal immigration and security at our ports and borders. Recently Arizona took the brave and correct step of passing into law a bill which supports law enforcement, in its fight against years of neglect, from the federal government.

Almost immediately, cries of racism rang out from around the country. The Obama administration, which had previously been too busy to return urgent calls for help, from a desperate Governor Brewer, wasted no time calling the legislation SB 1070 misguided. Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security minced no words condemning the law; she used the carefully worded answer that the border was as secure as it ever was. Has the border ever been secure? Are you as sick as I am of people using semantics to avoid speaking plainly and honestly?

Our voices are not heard. Our actions are dismissed or ridiculed. Why? What could be more powerful than the citizens of a nation rising in protest, demanding validation?

There is more at play than most Americans understand. There is a structure, a hemispheric government, with far reaching goals and ideas. Washington DC is aware of its power and influence. They hope American citizens will not become so.

Representing the Obama Administration, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a very telling speech in Ecuador on June 8, 2010. You would not have heard about it in the MSM. The corporate owned media has no real interest in informing Americans, only in distracting them. You can read the full transcript of her speech here.

I wonder if Sec of State Clinton would have to guts to give this exact speech to a town hall meeting in Anywhere, USA. I would like to see her try and explain this to Americans standing in line at the unemployment office.

While American families struggle to find work, lose their homes and their ability to care for their children, the Obama administration is concerned about improving the lives of foreign families through micro-lending and foreign aid which he intends to foster using American dollars, drained from our economy, and paid in part, through remittances.

So many of our government leaders speak to a broader constituency and seem not to differentiate between United States citizens and citizens, of other nations, in our hemisphere.

This explains so many of the decisions they make which leave honest Americans at a loss and feeling unrepresented. The globalist mindset is completely different from the average American.

They think ‘hemispherically,’ and globally.

So quick to give to the world America’s depleted bounty, globalists express care and concern for citizens of other nations while their own struggle and suffer. Of course, they expect us to keep paying for it. They call it Macro-economic equilibrium. It is steeped in the ideology that there cannot be freedom and social justice without redistribution.

Understanding that every penny we give, we must first borrow; let Clinton’s own words define where her heart and aspirations lie. I contend it is not with the best interest of the American people.

(Excerpts from Clinton’s Speech)

[“Governments need to put opportunity at the top of the agenda. And the United States will do its part. Traditional aid and assistance programs remains one part of our approach. We will continue to deliver almost $2 billion in assistance to some of the most impoverished places in our hemisphere.


We will continue our focus through the Millennium Challenge compacts with developing countries. But we will also work to enhance trade. Trade between the United States and our partners reached more than $600 billion a year. And we have to continue to reduce barriers to commerce.

Annual U.S. investment has reached $60 billion a year. And our contributions to multilateral institutions like the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank also invest billions more in the region.

And workers in the United States send more than $50 billion a year back to the region in the form of remittances.

So how can we build on those facts? Well, we’re looking at ways that we can use the leverage from remittances to help countries like Ecuador improve infrastructure and services. Now, on an individual level, remittances are sons and daughters that help mothers and fathers, the parents who sacrifice for their children.

But taken together, that is a huge resource for a country. And so we’re looking at how we can develop new ways to enhance that money coming back, to give small businesses and communities a chance to prosper.

We’re building new ways to leverage remittances to expand credit for development and infrastructure projects without taking anything from the hard-earned dollars being sent back to the families.

We want to promote financial inclusion, and that’s why we’re using microfinance. We’ve seen microfinance not go just only to an individual but to provide innovative banking services in poor neighborhoods in Peru and providing health insurance and housing loans in Central America.

Last year, President Obama announced a new Microfinance Growth Fund, which has committed more than $100 million to provide credit to individuals and small businesses, especially women.]

If there is any question that this administration, along with former administrations, have no problem with illegal immigration, unsecured borders, issuing visas for foreign workers while Americans scrape for jobs, the words of Clinton should resolve all doubt. They are not only accepting of remittances draining the wealth out of our nation, they are endorsing it and looking for ways to exploit it.

And sounding like a true globalist, Clinton continues.

[But I am here with a very clear message: That the United States, the Obama Administration, President Obama and I personally are committed to a community focused on improving the material conditions of people’s lives, a community that recognizes and lifts up the diversity that we enjoy here in the Americas and translates it into a force for progress, because our hemisphere’s potential is vast.

So this is more than, at any time, a moment of opportunity for the Americas. But it is up to us to decide whether this moment will be seized or allowed to disappear. We have this moment of opportunity to consolidate democracy and economic growth, to play a role in solving regional and even global problems together, to deepen our progress and enhance our values, and to recognize we are interdependent and to use that interdependence to improve the future for our peoples. We want to elevate what is best about our shared past and rise above the acrimony that too often has interfered, even prevented us from moving forward.]


It is essential to understand that when globalists speak of equality, they speak not of equal rights for citizens of the United States; they mean equality between ‘states’ of the hemisphere. It is an embarrassment to the globalist, that the United States has such abundance, while other nations in the hemisphere have so little.

In an effort to level the playing field, there must be redistribution. It matters not, whether it comes from giving foreign aid, arranging uneven trading practices to advantage poorer nations or leveraging remittances. All are a possibility for exploitation.

Never mind the fact that the draining of our economy weakens the entire hemisphere. Globalists do not see American strength as a positive, but as a hindrance to social progressivism.
Macroeconomic equilibrium is the order of the day.

Clinton continues the progressive ideology below.

[President Obama and I share a strategic vision for our engagement in the hemisphere. We are working to build a network of partnerships for expanding opportunity and increasing social mobility. Now, we could endlessly debate the root causes of the lack of equality, but the way forward lies not in re-litigating the past, but in recognizing what works today to ameliorate inequality, to provide a model of what we can do that will give people not just hope, but the reality of a better life.

There are also important models about how to attack the lack of opportunity directly. Conditional cash transfer programs in countries around the hemisphere have used welfare payments to advance health, education, and other development goals. Mexico and Brazil have both brought about significant reductions in poverty while raising school enrollment and improving health practices. Colombia has raised immunization rates and even increased the size of the average one-year-old in beneficiary households. And these programs are now being adapted for use in other countries, including my own, which has learned from the Brazilian, the Mexican, the Chilean, the Colombian experiences.]

As the media continues propagandize for climate change and a green economy, as pundits try to convince our citizens that it is in our best interest to have a cap and tax Bill and as this current administration continues hell-bent on nationalizing key industries, keep Clinton’s following statement in mind.

[Governments have also begun to improve their tax and budget practices. In Chile, money from the country’s copper fund has helped to pay for scholarships for children from the lower and middle classes. Peru has increased tax revenues to spend more on social programs and public goods like roads and schools. Brazil has one of the highest tax-to-GDP ratios in the world today, but the results speak for themselves. Brazil is an economy and a country on the move.]

Such high praise for Brazil. What a shame Americans have other ideas to grow an economy and live as a free people. You can see the globalist’s dilemma.

Why are our borders left unsecured? Why are illegal workers doing the jobs Americans would love to do, for a living wage? Why are visas still being given out by the thousands to foreign workers, while American children become homeless? Why the push to bring illegal aliens out of the shadows, and into the light?

Secretary Clinton’s next statement should answer many questions about why this administration, as with past administrations, continue to call for ‘comprehensive Immigration Reform’ which we are all aware means amnesty.

[We need to ensure that more workers and businesses have access to jobs in the formal economy, reversing a steady increase in informality. In some places, it’s more than 50 percent. Now, informality means that workers remain isolated from credit and services. They often don’t pay taxes, and on average, they earn less. Businesses remain outside of regulatory structures and the tax system.

Many of you have traveled throughout this region and elsewhere in the world. And it is amazing how hard people work. But often times, that work keeps them not in the economy but actually on the outside of the economy. And the society as a whole loses the benefits of that productivity]
In other words, they want the illegal aliens (in the shadows) to become legal workers, to add to the tax base, but also to encourage them to obtain credit, therefore paying interest, and enriching the banks.

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Unless Americans begin to accept that globalists are rampant throughout our government, our media, and our corporate world, we will never determine how to effectively elect American focused representatives. Illegal immigration is but a symptom of the globalist disease.

I have included links to documents, websites and articles which may help to broaden your understanding of the complex issues we face. A structure has been built and fostered and is working against the sovereignty of our nation, and our citizens.

Additional sources:

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6 - Inter American Devlopment Bank
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� 2010 CJ Graham - All Rights Reserved

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Secretary Clinton’s next statement should answer many questions about why this administration, as with past administrations, continue to call for ‘comprehensive Immigration Reform’ which we are all aware means amnesty.