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The Gods of Globalism: The Devil Is In the Details










By CJ Graham
December 12, 2009

Personal Note: It has been almost eight months since my last article. A nasty computer virus followed by urgent family obligations required me to set aside my activism for a time. It was difficult to watch from the side lines and I am grateful to be back in there swinging for the home team. Thank you for the kind and caring emails and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Now, on to the purpose of this article:

Why is globalist ideology incompatible with liberty?

The Inter American Democratic Charter was adopted by all 34 member states of the Organization of American States (OAS) with the leadership and influence of Secretary of State Colin Powell in Lima Peru on September 11th 2001 just hours after the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

The following is one article from the Charter. Please take the time to click the link and read the rest of the charter. It is the epitome of the globalists’ socialist agenda in its world view and lack of American focused ideology.

The Inter American Democratic charter


Article 12

[Poverty, illiteracy, and low levels of human development are factors that adversely affect the consolidation of democracy. The OAS member states are committed to adopting and implementing all those actions required to generate productive employment, reduce poverty, and eradicate extreme poverty, taking into account the different economic realities and conditions of the countries of the Hemisphere. This shared commitment regarding the problems associated with development and poverty also underscores the importance of maintaining macroeconomic equilibria and the obligation to strengthen social cohesion and democracy.]

The following excerpt was written to explain the profound signing of the Inter American Democratic Charter. In reading the excerpts below, one begins to understand the why the globalist mindset works in direct contradiction to the ideas of our founding fathers and our beloved Constitution.

The Magna Carta of the Americas

Written by John W. Graham


[John W. Graham is the Chair of FOCAL’s Board of Directors. He was the first head of the Unit for Promotion of Democracy in the Organization of American States (OAS) and in that capacity led a number of OAS election observer missions in Latin America, participated in OAS mediation in Guatemala and was the principal international mediator in the Dominican Republic post-election crisis of 1994…]


[The terrorist catastrophes in New York and Washington swept away media comment on other global events taking place on September 11, 2001. Virtually obscured was the historic agreement reached that day in Lima by the foreign ministers of the Organization of American States (OAS) on the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

The OAS foreign ministers met scarcely an hour after the terrorist attacks. As they gathered in Lima the previous evening, there was apprehension that one or more of them might introduce wording that would blunt some of the Charter’s teeth. By the time the meeting was underway, it was clear that then terrorist attacks had removed that concern.

Instead of departing immediately for the airport, Secretary of State Colin Powell delayed his return flight to Washington for several hours in the hope that he could leave with a strong and unanimously approved Charter
While giant TV screens outside the hotel replayed the tumbling towers, the Charter was adopted by acclamation and Powell left for the airport. He had rightly judged the impact that his decision to remain even briefly at the meeting would have on the other foreign ministers.

On the first day of the terrorist crisis, Powell had given priority to multilateralism. ]

Our nation was under attack and Secretary Powell’s priority was multilateralism. What John Graham wrote with apparent admiration, I read with utter dismay.

It has been difficult, these past months, to watch the continued destruction of our treasured nation at the hands of scoundrels, but beautiful to watch American citizens begin the process of restoring our Republic, bravely speaking out and assembling peacefully, to voice their legitimate concerns.


I watched the inspired gatherings of energized, determined, patriotic Americans defending our nation, our constitution and our tradition. People who, in the past, might have considered it sufficient to vote every four years, coming to understand they must be the patriots of today and ensure a new destiny for a nation under socialist siege.

The behavior of some elected ‘representatives’ has been truly disgraceful. The rising sleaze in Washington DC continued to ooze into the heartland with vile contempt for anything Americana. Elitists made no pretense of their distaste for the peasant class. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, at the opening ceremony of the Capitol Visitor Center, which Americans taxpayers funded, remarked shamelessly, that you can “smell the tourists coming into the Capitol.” That’s how they see the American people, as interlopers to their rightful throne.

Nancy Pelosi called decent Americans Astro-turf and worked to invalidate their sincere efforts, She labeled Americans who are righteously indignant as if they are dangerous, this rhetoric from a woman who praised supporters of illegal immigration as patriotic.

Jimmy Carter broad brushed the anti socialist movement as racist and his race baiting was validated but refined by our first black president, Bill ‘the cigar’ Clinton. A Non-descript ‘so called’ actress called tea party participants racist redneck tea baggers (a sexual slur-recognized and practiced, I am sure, by many Hollywood, leftwing, American-hating Elite). I was shocked at the level of incompetence, lack of integrity, or any attempt at moral fair play displayed by our pathetic excuse for a media. They followed the lead of their DC masters and painted town hall participants as angry mobs.

Elitist Senator Barbara Boxer seemed surprised when town hall meeting attendees didn’t show up in wife beater undershirts and ripped jeans wearing confederate flag head scarves and carrying crosses to burn.

Such a lack of basic understanding of the American public betrays their globalist identity, their lack of respect for our Republic and our democratic process. How upside down things have become when those who would destroy are portrayed as enlightened, while those who protect and defend become ridiculed as extremists.

Globalists, shocked by the outpouring of patriotism they thought long extinguished, dropped any pretense of civility and unleashed reprehensible rhetoric. Race baiting, class warfare, religious ridicule, media manipulation and pretended indifference from leadership unleashed on the public, proved ineffective.

Interestingly, the public shame fest, with time tested ridicule, seems to have lost its power to silence and intimidate. Americans, aware they were in a fight for the very soul of America, have stood in unity undaunted. All races, political leanings, religious and non religious, all manner of financial means smelled a giant rat and began the process of true democracy in a Representative Republic.

Globalists underestimate the American spirit. We are a people who will bear much, but cannot bear injustice for long. We will sacrifice much but will not allow the theft of our liberty; we will not stand silently while the future of our nation is left in tatters for future generations. When this occurs it has been corrected. That correction is happening again now.

To the globalist, American quality of life and success is an embarrassment which must be corrected. Our wealth, that which has not already been drained away, enables many of our citizens to live above the poverty level while most of the rest of our hemisphere falls far short.


Simply put, it is not possible to bring the rest of the world, including third world economies, up to our standard of living, thus we must lower the standards of the United States to be more equal to the rest of the world to compete in the global economy.

To do this, the global elite must turn us from productive independent people into a serving class of dependents reliant on social programs and government charity, taxpayer funded of course.

Such drastic change is brought by flooding our nation with under-educated illegal aliens without means to support or defend themselves. Corporations seeking cheap labor take jobs from Americans and hire cheaper and more compliant slaves. Identity theft is a non issue for our leadership. Illegal aliens and a new welfare class of Americans use and abuse social services causing shortages in low income housing. Lack of funding for hospitals, forced to care for the uninsured, have closed all over the country leaving Americans at risk.

Greedy banks and greedy politicians betrayed the American spirit by allowing undocumented, underemployed home buyers to get in over their heads causing a flood of foreclosures by people and causing a domino effect. When the bubble collapsed millions lost their homes and investments.

They were rewarded with bailouts. Overburdened shelters became filled with homeless and desperate people and food banks, already hurting from low donation levels, have lines around the block and are in dire straits.

Without an ability to manufacture, to produce food, to trade with fair agreements, and to control our border, without hope for a returning economy, and with DC determined to bankrupt our nation with social justice programs meant to further increase dependency, Americans watch in horror as Congress further indebt our children to the Communist Chinese, exporting jobs and importing tainted goods while allowing an unending supply of cheaper workers to come into the country under work visa provisions.

Our government’s answer to this tragedy is bailouts for Wall Street, Stimulus for social agenda driven programs, Health Care reform, Job killing Cap and Trade and Amnesty. How can their intentions not be perfectly obvious?

I believe this disastrous chain of events to be treasonous and intentional. This is not time to be diplomatic; it is time for truth. Americans must put aside our proclivity to speak gently; call a rat the rodent that it is and save political correctness for those who value silence.

Globalists detest the American dream. They scoff at patriotism. They deride tradition. They laugh at our refusal to relinquish our Constitution and they are ashamed of our founding fathers. In their tortured world view, we are not citizens, but customers and workers and if we will not behave, we can be replaced, easily.

The religion they preach is consumerism; their pulpits are our Universities, our Capitols and our Media. They have loyalty to no nation or people. In a perfect globalist world, there would be no borders, no nations, and no citizens. In their bleak world, there would be no culture, no tradition, no God, just bleak grey days followed by bleak dark nights interrupted only by flashing neon signs declaring that we must buy and pay taxes to be patriotic.

Globalism is a sickness of the soul. It is a cancer to our nation and our people. It is a cancer to the world and all of her people. Globalism is tyranny, for it takes everything and allows nothing.
America has been the refuge from tyranny. Where will the oppressed go when there is no more America? Our leadership may wish to commit national suicide but our citizens have other ideas.

Our founders were American focused with loyalty for the American Citizen. That is not to say that we cannot participate in the world, of course, that is in our best interest and we have much to offer other peoples as they have to offer us but what globalists deride as protectionism, Americans call self preservation. Survival depends on taking care of home first. Once home is secured, one can look farther and help where it is needed and desired. In America today, home is not secured. It is in great jeopardy.

Our citizens understand their attention must be American focused first and foremost. We have every right to demand the same from our Representatives. While diplomats pronounce arrogantly around the world the need to spread democracy, our American election process is under attack to allow non citizens and illegal aliens representation through the Censes and to vote through mass registration. Groups such as ACORN, at taxpayers’ expense, pervert the system; voting systems are flawed and rife with fraud.

When the next ‘selection’ cycle begins, we must ask the right questions and demand the complete answers. Globalists won’t understand the distinctions. American focused future representatives will. The differences will become quite clear.

Americans know what the short sighted elites fail to acknowledge. We will no longer support globalists of any political party. As Americans, our loyalty is to our nation and not a political party.
We must insist on American focused candidates and settle on nothing less.

Democrats should fear the coming elections as the Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ tour runs aground. Republicans should not assume they will be voted in because we are upset with the current administration.

Fox news has already decided who our choices will be in the next election. They poll asking which candidate people support for President in 2012 and list a handful of past losers and globalists as options. Never do they include ‘none of the above’. We are being setup once again to pick from a selection of Democratic globalists or Republican globalists.

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Citizens are on to the game and must seek out and support American focused candidates or lose everything we have ever aspired to, as a nation and a people. We must be silent no more while our Republic is reshaped, restructured, and devoured by the very socialist agenda our ancestors shed blood to defeat. When a globalists comes knocking on your door at election time, recognize him for the wolf that he is and be wary.

� 2009 CJ Graham - All Rights Reserved

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"CJ" Graham is a Veteran and the proud wife of a retired USAF Veteran. She is a dedicated mother, activist, conservative, independent, who's allegiance is to her country and not to a particular political party. She is a firm believer in the power of the Citizen of the United States of America to whom she writes with a empowering and encouraging spirit. She knows that the Citizen of the USA can make a difference through peaceful, focused, knowledge empowered, activism working within the system and with media and legislators to effect change. As an author, she writes from the heart but backs up her work with facts.










Globalists underestimate the American spirit. We are a people who will bear much, but cannot bear injustice for long. We will sacrifice much but will not allow the theft of our liberty; we will not stand silently while the future of our nation is left in tatters for future generations.