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By CJ Graham
January 11, 2009

I am pleased to announce that my latest article has apparently hit a nerve. Good!

Hopefully, it hit with the intensity of an exposed dental cavity meeting up with a metal fork.

After months of writing, I have received my first hate mail. What took them so long? It isn’t like I haven’t tried! I always wondered how I would feel when the first nasty email came in; would it embarrass me or make me sad? It did neither.

It simply confirmed what I had long suspected. Such hateful rhetoric from an outraged emailer simply because I had dared to call out illegal aliens and their proponents on their shame game, it must have hit very close to home to illicit such a diatribe towards a complete stranger. I have long suspected that these open border advocates who spew such hateful bile are thin skinned and easily knocked back on their heels and off their game.

I will share the hateful message with you because it exposes the soft underbelly of the illegal alien and those who use and abuse them. If you are easily offended at crudeness, you may want to skip over the next section. I hope you won’t. It is important to see the quality of people we are dealing with, to understand why we must change our tactics and prepare for an onslaught of obscenities and even more ugly behavior.

People who would steal into a country, unwelcomed and sponge off the public trough, people who would take jobs from Americans, use and abuse public services they have never contributed to and are not entitled to, those who would scoff at our drinking and driving laws, participate in identity theft and falsified documents, are not gentle souls deeply offended. They are bullies, scoundrels, liars and thieves who have identified a nation, willingly exploited, to take advantage of. They do not appreciate having their scams exposed to the light of day and the sooner we understand this, and exploit it, the better off we will all be.

The following is an excerpt from the hate filled email I received, after the publication of my latest article. The emailer scoffs at my assertion that Mayor Lou Barletta, of Hazleton, PA. was under attack because of his fight against illegal immigration in his city.


[The Anti-Moron™ software on my PC went crazy when it flashed the above statement. Your biased opinion only serves to illuminate your lack of substance, ignorance, and decency.
When god was handing out personalities, you must have been playing with yourself and got there late you grungy fat social outcast. Do yourself and everyone else a favor, disconnect your computer from the Internet and take a fatal overdose of your medication.

PS. You have less value than the s**t stuck to my anal hairs. If you had any sense of decency, you'd choke on your horse-size anti-insanity pill, you shameful waste of oxygen and water.]

Apparently, some who hurl racist statements at Americans for trying to protect their country couldn’t take even a little needling without throwing a fit that would make a three year old cringe shamefacedly. This loss of focus and these abusive antics will do more to turn around the American mindset than anything a Patriot could say.

I say, bring it on! Let’s see what they are really all about!

Illegals are idealized in the media as the future of America, simple and honest but poverty stricken heroes striving across hot deserts to give their children the American Dream. How romantic! Does this emailer sound like the gentle soul of a prospective new American? Does this emailer sound like a generous, loving, benevolent American benefactor who wants to help others live the American dream?


Beneath the puppy fluff feel good stories there is a venomous snake. Thanks to this emailer for making my point for me.

It is time we highlight, underscore, emphasize and identify who is the victim and who the perpetrator.

For too long, a terribly slanted and bought off media, government officials, and agenda driven, money saturated organizations have cast the illegal alien as a poor poverty stricken family who has only the desire to come to our nation of unending wealth and generosity to feed his family and live the American dream. This so called media is derelict in its duty to inform the public about the disastrous open border policies of the past few administrations. I am deeply concerned that the next administration will be no different considering the choices President Elect Obama has thus far made in choosing his cabinet.

Our ‘media’, with the exception of Lou Dobbs and his reporters, has refused to tell the American people about the deaths occurring daily on our roads, by drunken, uninsured, unregistered, unlicensed illegal aliens. They do not speak of the ethnic cleansing now occurring in cities against African Americans by Latino gang members from Mexico, Central and South America who are overtaking entire sections of inner cities and targeting anyone not affiliated with their gang. They do not report on the brutal rapes, the vicious beatings, the constant robberies, drug runners, human smugglers, and gang members who have been deported time and again, only to return and wreak more havoc on unsuspecting American citizens.

It is ridiculous to preach the “American Dream” scenario while illegal aliens from around the globe breach our borders with unknown intentions. In case it has escaped anyone’s attention, we are at war in two countries and we have enemies who would do us harm. Why do we leave ourselves open for such chaos and destruction? It is inconceivable to me that in a time of war, our borders and ports remain porous, unguarded and uninspected. There have been enough reports of security breaches at our borders by Chinese spies, Muslim extremists, Communists from Central and South America, and illegals from Africa, Ireland, Russia, El Salvador and Iran. Every country on the planet has heard that the welcome mat is out in America, get there anyway you can and get Amnesty. What a slap in the face to the immigrants we should be treating with value and respect, those who have played by the rules, respected our nation and waited in line.

Mexico is pleased to export its poverty stricken to the care of Americans, and to reap the benefits of remittances sent home by exploited farm workers, which fund the government and keep their economy rolling.

Our government is well aware of this financial outflow. It is a part of their well crafted plan. You only need to read the plans of action of the OAS (Organization of American States) a thirty-four member hemispheric international organization whose agenda is the integration of the Western Hemisphere.

You can read about this organization here and learn about their plans which will explain why our nation is being flooded with illegal workers and visa holders. Learn why our jobs are being sent overseas and to Mexico.

It is called Macroeconomic Equalibria and you can read their plans in their own words in an article I wrote titled As Our Towers Fell which details the signing of the Inter-American Democratic Charter on Sept 11th 2001 just a couple hours after our twin towers were destroyed. It is hard to read this document and think of our burning World Trade Center and dying victims without crying.

Excerpt from the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

Poverty, illiteracy, and low levels of human development are factors that adversely affect the consolidation of democracy. The OAS member states are committed to adopting and implementing all those actions required to generate productive employment, reduce poverty, and eradicate extreme poverty, taking into account the different economic realities and conditions of the countries of the Hemisphere. This shared commitment regarding the problems associated with development and poverty also underscores the importance of maintaining macroeconomic equilibria and the obligation to strengthen social cohesion and democracy.]

As we lose our homes and are forced into unrepresented servitude for the power elite of the world by way of bailouts we are giving billions in foreign aid to buildup the wealth of lesser nations. To understand the plan, is to understand betrayal.

I have written two articles which expressed my disgust at the deaths and destructions of two Americans families this past year; two families out of thousands the media never acknowledged. To the elite, they are nothing more than the collateral damage needed to bring about a global government. The Brooks Family lost their adorable little boy Frank when a drunk illegal ran off the road and hit him as he played in his own front yard and the Bologna family was decimated by a criminal alien living illegally in San Francisco thanks to its ‘Sanctuary city’ policy.

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So, my new hate-mail buddy may say my “biased opinion only serves to illuminate your lack of substance, ignorance, and decency.” But, I know what is going on and I am going to keep telling those who will listen, until we take our nation back from the clutches of the globalists, who are sucking the very life from our great nation, like the leaches that they are, and return her to the loving care of Americans who cherish and will guard her sovereignty jealously.

Hateful e-mailer and his/her ilk can take a flying leap. I would rather be in the company of one good patriot, then to have the approval of a thousand of his kind.

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It is ridiculous to preach the “American Dream” scenario while illegal aliens from around the globe breach our borders with unknown intentions. In case it has escaped anyone’s attention, we are at war in two countries and we have enemies who would do us harm.