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By CJ Graham
December 28, 2008

For decades, the foundation of our great nation has been chewed away, bit by tiny bit, by very shrewd and dirty fighters for whom, neither integrity nor truth is an issue. In many ways, this has been to their advantage and to the disadvantage of honest patriots who have fought for what they believe, in earnest, with great passion, and righteous pride.

Patriots, alert and protective of our Constitutional foundation, have jousted with opponents who do not value nor respect such honor. These Patriots have lost ground in fight after fight, not because they were unworthy opponents, but because they were playing a gentlemen’s game with ruthless, conscious-less, morally corrupted, soulless animals in human form. It is not a fair fight, and a fair outcome cannot be certain under such conditions.

Those who would destroy what has made this nation great have lied, cheated, stolen, ridiculed and shamed patriots who have fought to secure our borders, defend our citizens, maintain our way of life, our cultural identity, and the very fabric of our Republic.

The Patriots have fought back intensely, but the very moral code by which they have conducted themselves, may be their undoing. They have used the courts and the courts have failed them time and again, having been themselves corrupted by appointments, made to sway opinion and outcome.

Patriots have tried to fight back with the media, but the media is also a stacked deck, and finding fair play in the public arena has been impossible. Truth is slanted and information deficient to warn a complacent public.

Patriots have fought to raise funds, to fight back against civil organizations that are funded, by the Rockefellers, the Soros’, the Gates, the Hollywood elite and unseen foreign entities. How can a middle class patriot struggling to feed his children and keep a roof over their heads, compete with that?

What the Patriot needs is a benefactor. Alas, money and patriotism don’t seem to make good bedfellows and when corporate greed and Marxism rule the day, integrity and honor go to bed hungry.

A good and decent Mayor, Lou Barletta, of Hazelton, PA. fought back against the onslaught of illegal immigration and an avalanche of organizations, La Raza, ACLU, MALDEF and others funded in large part by socialists, idealists, progressives and our very own Federal Government, swooped down to destroy the town financially and to make an example of them, lest any other small American town be so bold and so foolish as to dare fight back.

Americans around the country, sent ten or twenty dollars to save the town under siege, but the tsunami of funds from anti-American organizations, that pretend to promote democracy, in a Representative Republic, was too well and deeply established.

This scenario is repeatedly played out around our country, on a daily bases. Ask Farmer’s Branch Texas, they will tell you.

With far too few resources, and far too many well funded and organized adversaries, what is a Patriot to do?

When our very President and congress, past, present, and presumably future, sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, seem to do the very opposite of what any intelligent thinking person, seeking to secure a nation, might do, when the money is all on the left and the media is their bedmate, when the only entertainment comes through our radio, TV or movies, slant and omit the truth, obscure facts, hinder freedom of speech and information, and use every possible platform from children’s television to Hollywood Award shows, to indoctrinate passive and innocent or complacent minds, what is a law abiding Patriot to do?


How can a Patriot fight for the country he loves, defend his Constitution, remain law abiding, put no innocents at risk, and yet still achieve his objective of returning the USA back into the Representative Republic she was born to be?

Well, the best way to catch a fox is to be a fox. In other words, know thine enemy and then beat him at his own game.

What moral, decent, rule respecting, integrity laden, patriots have not yet learned how to do is to step back from the game, assess the tactics of the opponent, adopt them, adapt them and then turn them back on the opponent.

In terms of some of writers and emailers, I very much appreciate; I do respectfully disagree with the assessment that the end result must somehow be some kind of civil unrest, watering the Tree of Liberty.

It isn’t that I am cowardly or fear a tussle, it is just that I am occasionally practical and pragmatic and the idea of a regiment of angry Patriots with shotguns in the streets of DC against tanks and jets and, oh I don’t know….. NUKES…well, what good is our Republic, if all of the Patriots are reduced to Man Jerky?

Truth be known, I think there are plenty of opponents of Liberty who would like nothing better than to raise the hair on the neck of the patriots and cause a brouhaha. What a perfect excuse to lock the rest of our freedoms down.

Such public outburst and a few resultant beat downs by black clad riot police with tazers and tear gas, would surely work to turn the public opinion against Patriots and would be an effective message to quell public anger.

More effective, would be to outsmart the opponent by changing the way WE play the game. They are used to us; they know our moves before we make them. That is what must change. That is how they always better us.

Those of us who want our Constitution reinstated, borders secured, amnesty forever forbidden, fair trade restored, worker dignity repaired, imports inspected and rejected when inferior, and good
American companies rewarded for being a part of the American dream, have been playing fair, by the rules, just as we live. That has been to our opponent’s advantage.

Thus far, they have used the tools of public ridicule, shame, fear, filthy lies and rebuke to silence and defeat the Patriot. It has worked well for them.

They ridicule and the innocent cringe.

They race bait and the innocent recede.

They call us heartless and we reach out and try to show our humanity.

The innocent are constantly on the defensive. This is a very ineffective posture.

If we want to win, to return America back to the care of Americans who truly love and cherish her once more, we must fight our opponents on our terms by their tactics.

We must put the Marxists, the Socialists, the Progressives, the Globalists and the Racists on the ropes.

Fight fair? That only works when your opponent fights fair as well. We need to fight smart!

We can win by remaining law abiding, turning the tables on the other guy, and back them into a defensive posture.

Why do we allow communists from Mexico, Central America and every other third world country to march in our streets, calling Americans racists, while flying their flag and burning ours? They chuckle with glee as we seethe with rage at the utter insanity and injustice of it all.


Next time, let them see American flags flying with Mexican, Guevara, or Communist colors tied to our boots. Let them lose their minds watching us grind their flags into the mud. Let them chant unheard, while we blare ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ from our boom boxes, pointing and snickering.

Why not? They have enjoyed stomping on our good manners and passive demeanors. Turnabout is fair play. They won’t know how to respond. Let’s throw them back on their heels. They won’t know what hit them. Americans have been so accepting and benevolent. I wonder how they would react to ridicule?

Next time you see a La Raza big mouth on the ‘news’ spewing racist hate toward every American of Non-Hispanic decent, call in and taunt the racists for not speaking for the Chinese, the Austrian, The Italian, The German, the Indonesian, the African. Call the Media out publically, in letters to the editor, or flyers on parked cars, for failing to be diverse, in their reporting, and in pandering only to the ever gaining Hispanic majority. Don’t they care about the minorities of African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Australian-American, Euro-Americans? How can they be so intolerant?

If you apply for a job and are not hired, scream racism. March in front of the company with a sign stating that the company is intolerant and you have been ethnically cleansed out of an opportunity.
Be loud and be proud and embarrass the hell out of them.

Make signs implying the company does not hire straight people and is Hetro-phobic. Don’t worry that what you are saying will appear untrue. If you say it, it becomes so. They know this and do it all the time. The public is not only easily sympathetic; they are easily manipulated to see your truth where it did not exist five minutes before. Trust me; our opponents are pros at doing this to innocent Americans every day.

If you are laid off because you job is sent to China, scream to everyone that will listen that the company is an oppressive fascist entity working for the Communist Chinese to enslave Americans workers and Chinese alike and shout ‘shame! Shame!’ for being so inhuman.

Accuse them of oppressing American labor standards and forcing American children to go to bed hungry and cold. Plaster flyers on every store door, light post, or community bulletin board you can.
Show pictures of American Children dressed shabbily, tearful eyes downcast. Shame the hell out of them. Make it politically incorrect to buy their products.

Next time you are in a store and you see Spanish signs, start sobbing loudly in the middle of the store that your heritage is being neglected and that you want to know why there are no Swedish signs. Ask where the humanity is for oppressed Swedish immigrants. Doesn’t the store value all of its customers?

Let’s face it; the socialist progressives AKA Marxist Communists have refined tactics that have worked very well. We would benefit from adopting them and adapting them to our own situation.

I recently heard Shrill O’Reilly make a remark that chilled me to the bone. He was discussing two recent cases during the election cycle of hanging effigies of Obama and Palin. He was remarking on the fact that the producers of the Palin effigy were not charged with a crime but the Obama effigy hanger was going to be charged with a hate crime. O’Reilly said with a shrug of acceptance that Hate crimes do not apply to whites they were only meant to protect minorities.

Bull Fertilizer.

Americans are all to be seen as equal under the law.

Remember the blindfold and the scales?

We must insist. We must make ourselves heard. We must stop being so passive, tolerant and benevolent. Act ugly. Throw a gut wrenching, tear-filled fit in the middle of a store to embarrass a store manager into making a change. They hate bad publicity. Call Public relations departments for corporations, very easy to do, and tell them that you were deeply offended and upset and just can never buy their product again until this injustice or that is corrected and that you plan to make it your life’s mission to tell EVERYONE you meet, for the rest of your life, of your plight at their social intolerance.

These Emperors Wear No Clothes. They never have.

Our Representatives, the media, corporate greed mongers, progressives who would turn our nation into a Marxist regime, educators, small businesses and agenda driven organizations, must have the light of truth shined on them. We must expose their nakedness and turn public opinion against them.

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Shame them. Call them on their inconsistency. Embarrass them. Heckle them.

In other words, take the ball and change the game. Change the course of this country.

Just a little new thinking - for a New Year.

Take the gloves off gentlemen. Get down in the dirt. Hit below the belt.

Happy New Year.

� 2008 CJ Graham - All Rights Reserved

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"CJ" Graham is a Veteran and the proud wife of a retired USAF Veteran. She is a dedicated mother, activist, conservative, independent, who's allegiance is to her country and not to a particular political party. She is a firm believer in the power of the Citizen of the United States of America to whom she writes with a empowering and encouraging spirit. She knows that the Citizen of the USA can make a difference through peaceful, focused, knowledge empowered, activism working within the system and with media and legislators to effect change. As an author, she writes from the heart but backs up her work with facts.










Those who would destroy what has made this nation great have lied, cheated, stolen, ridiculed and shamed patriots who have fought to secure our borders, defend our citizens, maintain our way of life, our cultural identity, and the very fabric of our Republic.