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By Servando Gonzalez
August 1, 2015

Part III: The Intelligence Agencies

In Part I and Part II of this series, I mentioned how, to conservative Republicans, nothing evolves; nothing changes. To them, everything remains the same, forever and ever. Their view of the world is focused on immutability.

In the previous articles, which I devoted to the police and the military, I explained how the view conservative Republicans have of the police and the military, which was adequate fifty years ago, is outdated, because currently the police and the military have not much to do with the image conservatives keep in their minds. Far from being agencies to defend and protect Americans, today’s American police and military have become oppressive forces to guarantee submissiveness at home and abroad.

Nevertheless, tough conservative Republicans have a benign image of current U.S. intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, DIA, DHS and others),[1] contrary to the police and the military, those agencies didn’t evolve over time from their mission to serve and protect the American people. Since their very creation, the true purpose of these agencies was to serve only the interests of the oil magnates, international bankers and transnational corporations who created them.

Traditionally, the U.S. had no central intelligence agency. Usually, intelligence needs had been carried out by Military Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, the Secret Service, the Customs House the Bureau of Investigation of the U.S. Department of Justice and the State Department’s own intelligence agency. The first attempt to create a civilian, independent intelligence agency was made by a group of Wall Street bankers and oil magnates, particularly the Rockefellers.

Most books about the Central Intelligence Agency claim that the CIA was an offshoot of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). What they don’t mention, however, is that the OSS itself was an offshoot of a select group of scholars handpicked in the Fall of 1917 by Colonel Edward Mandell House, President Woodrow Wilson’s confidential adviser, acting on behalf of powerful Wall Street bankers to act as spies and intelligence analysts allegedly to brief President Wilson about the U.S. options for a postwar world, which eventually turned into a veritable intelligence agency. This secretive group was called “the Inquiry.”[2]

Since its very creation the Inquiry was organized and acted like an intelligence agency. In the first place, it was divided in several study groups. Some of these groups studied different geographic areas and countries: Africa, Austria-Hungary, Balkans, the Far East, Italy, Latin America, Pacific islands, Russia, Western Asia and Western Europe. Other groups were devoted to study Diplomatic History, Economics, International Law and Cartography. This division was quite similar to what later was known as the CIA’s “desks.”

Secondly, the Inquiry’s activities were surrounded in secrecy. Even its bland, disingenuous name, “the Inquiry,” was adopted to hide the true purpose of the organization.

Thirdly, the Inquiry’s activities were divided among four general categories: planning, collecting, digesting, and editing the raw data. This roughly corresponds to the CIA’s intelligence cycle: planning and direction, collection, processing, production and analysis, and dissemination.

The newly created intelligence agency the conspirators disingenuously called the Inquiry served the international bankers so well that they decided to make it permanent. A few days after the end of the conference, a group of conspirators from the U.S. and Britain’s Round Table Groups met at the Hotel Majestic, where the British delegation was staying, to talk about how to continue their intelligence and espionage experiment. To this effect, they planned the creation of a permanent espionage agency, with branches in London and New York, to continue serving their interests. As usual, they used an innocuous, disinforming name, Anglo-American Institute of International Affairs, as a cover to hide its real espionage and intelligence activities.

Just a few months later, however, the American branch of the conspirators decided to go independent, and created their own espionage agency. It was named the Council on Foreign Relations. Most of the Inquiry members later joined the CFR when it was created in 1921.

If you still don’t know what the Council on Foreign Relations is, who its members are, what its role is in dictating the U.S. foreign and domestic policy, or what its ultimate goal is, you are not alone, because most Americans are not aware of it. And this lack of awareness is not by mistake, but by design, which explains why the CFR is not mentioned in U.S. History textbooks or barely mentioned by the mainstream press despite the fact that many editors of the most important American newspapers and magazines are CFR members.

Though apparently just another club for the East Coast Establishment wealthy, particularly Wall Street bankers, the CFR is a very secretive organization. Since its creation, its activities have been private and confidential. It is CFR policy not to publish the minutes of its proceedings.

Since its very creation, the CFR reflected the psychology, mindset and interests of its creators, the Warburgs, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and other international bankers. The CFR’s intelligence and espionage activities increased when Nelson and David Rockefeller took control of the organization. Like their grandparent John D., the Rockefellers, particularly David and Nelson, always have shown a special fascination for the activities of intelligence, espionage and covert action as a way to advance their business interests and increase the family’s fortune.

Like all intelligence agencies, the Council on Foreign Relations is a semi-secret society: although it is not secret where its headquarters are located and who are its senior executives, nobody really knows about its secret activities, much less its secret goals. Like all intelligence agencies, the CFR has listed members and secret ones. Like all intelligence agencies, the CFR has a department specialized in information collection and analysis. But, contrary to conventional intelligence agencies, the intelligence analysts of this department do not work in-house, but live a parasitical life disseminated among other government and private institutions like the CIA, the NSC, the State and Defense departments, the Pentagon, the mainstream press, universities, think tanks and non-profit foundations.

Like all intelligence agencies, the CFR has a department specialized in psychological warfare, subversion, insurgency, and paramilitary operations —functions that, until very recently, had been mostly carried out by one of its branches: the CIA. Currently, however, after the conspirators gained more control over most key U.S. government areas, including a large segment of senior U.S. military officers, they don’t need the CIA anymore and have transferred these functions directly to the U.S. military.

Like all intelligence agencies, the main job of some CFR members is to recruit spies and agents of influence, as a way to infiltrate other organizations they want to control, in the U.S. and abroad. In the case of ambitious and intelligent, but morally and ethically challenged young people, once the CFR recruiters find them and decide to proceed with their recruitment, the first step is usually granting them a Rhodes Scholarship. If they successfully pass this first step, they are offered a grant to study at the London School of Economics.

In 1941 President Franklin Roosevelt established the first central intelligence agency of the United States, the Office of Coordination of Information. The man chosen to head the new office, which became the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in June 1942, was William J. Donovan.[3]

Nevertheless, the authors who attribute to President Roosevelt the creation of the Office of Special Services miss a very important point: like most American presidents before and after him, Franklin D. Roosevelt was a puppet put in the White House and closely manipulated by the CFR puppeteers. Prominent in this group of close advisors, who FDR euphemistically called his “brain trust,” were Harry Dexter White, Harry Hopkins, George Marshall and Henry Morgenthau, Jr., all of them CFR secret agents. They were an early version of today’s National Security Council advisors surrounding Americans presidents.

Most officers of the OSS, the WWII intelligence agency, were Wall Street lawyers and bankers. There is abundant evidence proving that Wall Street bankers were instrumental in helping Hitler to grab power in Germany, and later did business with Nazi Germany before and during the war. Therefore it makes sense to think that not all of the men and women who joined the OSS did so out of patriotism or altruism, to fight the Nazis or to protect the interests of the American people, but to protect their own interests. Actually, one of the OSS’s main secret missions during WWII was to help senior Nazi war criminals escape with their gold and to protect German corporations like the I.G. Farben, who had been collaborating with the Nazis while associated with Wall Street banks.

On July 26, 1947, President Harry S. Truman signed into law the National Security Act establishing the National Security Council (NSC). It also created the Central Intelligence Agency as well as the Secretary of Defense, the Joints Chiefs of Staff and a separate Air Force branch of the military. This marked the official beginning of the Cold War, an artificial creation of the CFR conspirators.

As the name implies, the role of the Central Intelligence Agency was to act as a clearinghouse to gather intelligence provided by other existing intelligence agencies and collate it. It was not supposed to gather information. Even more important, it had no authority to carry on covert operations abroad.

But, less than a year after it was created, CFR agents in the NSC illegally assumed executive powers and, on June 18, 1948, they produced NSC 10-2, a directive that authorized the CIA to conduct not only psychological but also all types of covert operations.[4]

The National Security Council was the first step in the creation of an aberration known as the national security state. Soon after it was created, the NSC became an unaccountable power on its own bringing only insecurity to the American people.

The National Security Council is a key element in understanding how the CFR conspirators indirectly control the U.S. government. It is the visible head of the conspirators’ fifth column infiltrated inside the U.S. government. Though NSC members have taken an oath of allegiance to defend the U.S. Constitution, their true allegiance is to the CFR conspirators.

There is a question that may come to mind: Why did the conspirators need a new intelligence agency, the CIA, when they already had an excellent one, the CFR?

The answer is relatively simple: they didn’t need another intelligence agency, and did not create a new one, because, as I explained above, the CIA has never been an intelligence agency in the true sense of the word —at least, not for the CFR conspirators who created it. So, again, why did they create the CIA if not to profit from its intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities?

The CFR conspirators had enormous economic power to buy supporters and critics, but they also needed physical power to intimidate the cowards and punish the rebels. So, since late in the 19th century they began using the U.S. military as their strong arm to enforce their policies. The long list of American military interventions all around the world, especially the Cuban-Spanish-American war, marked the beginning of “American imperialism,” — or, more properly, “Wall Street imperialism.” These military interventions on behalf of the Wall Street Mafia, which have gained the U.S. so many enemies around the world, were the direct result of this raw deal for the American people.

But eventually the world changed, and it became more and more risky and problematic for the CFR conspirators to keep openly using the U.S. armed forces, particularly in Latin America, as the main tool to impose their will upon other peoples.

So, the CFR conspirators needed an option short of the use of direct U.S. military action when coercion and intimidation alone cannot do the job. Consequently, perhaps following Sun Tzu’s dictum that all warfare is based on deception, the conspirators decided to create their own illegal private army. And the best way to create this army without alarming the American people and the world was by making it invisible. Therefore, they created it surreptitiously, keeping it hidden from public scrutiny under the cover of a legitimate U.S. government organization.

Therefore, using their secret agents infiltrated in the U.S. government, in 1947 the conspirators forced down the throats of naive, or corrupt American politicians, the National Security Act, which created an organization they planned to use to fully exert their puppeteers’ control over the American presidents: the National Security Council. And an important component of the National Security Act was the creation of a Central Intelligence Agency, which they never planned to use as an intelligence agency, but as a cover to hide their military arm, now in the form of covert operations.

The CIA proved to be exactly the right type of organization the conspirators needed to help them accomplish their illicit purpose of conducting their pillage and plundering all around the world. In the first place, it was for free, because the American taxpayers were paying for it. Secondly, thanks to the CIA’s operational principles of secrecy, compartmentation and need-to-know inherent to all intelligence services, it was relatively easy to hide its real activities from both the American public and non-CFR-controlled CIA employees who were unaware of the Agency’s true goals.

Following the trend, and using the pretext of protecting us from foreign enemies, they later created the NSA[5] and, most recently, aberrations like the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, and the rest of the alphabet soup of newly-created intelligence agencies, many of which we have been never told about.

As the information leaked by Edward Snowden revealed, the NSA’s true goal is not spying on America’s potential enemies — a job at which they have proved to be totally inefficient — but to spy on the CFR conspirators’ potential business competitors — which include most of America’s allies all around the world.[6]

So, I think that the only rational, sensible thing to do is to terminate these so-called civilian “intelligence agencies,” and keep this job in the hands of the U.S. military.

Intelligence agencies, like all organizations, have a covert goal: the advancement of their creators’ interests. The very nature of intelligence agencies make it that the amount of effort the organization devotes to its covert goal, in detriment of its overt one, goes beyond what is considered socially acceptable.

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There is no place for such types of organizations to exist in a democratic republic. If someone wants to advance his business’ interests—a logical goal in it—the honest thing is to create his own organization for that goal, and to pay for it. That means that if Exxon, Monsanto or the United Fruit wants to advance their interest in Latin America, they should create their own intelligence services, pay for it, and use them to protect their interests.

Nevertheless, what is not ethical is using CIA or the NSA, paid by American taxpayers, to do it. Currently, however, we Americans are facing an even worse case. The CFR conspirators are using the U.S. intelligence agencies to help them impose their New World Order upon the peoples of the world, including us. Allowing them to continue doing it is tantamount to committing suicide.

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� 2015 Servando Gonzalez - All Rights Reserved


1. See, Craig Shirley, “How the GOP went ‘Psycho,’ and how to fix it,”, June 5, 2015.
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4. In 1953, CIA Director, Allen Dulles (CFR) used the CIA to overthrow Iranian nationalist leader Mohammed Mossadegh to protect the interests of the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil, the Royal Dutch-Shell, and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company had formed a powerful oil cartel after Mossadegh nationalized Iran’s oil production, breaking the oil cartel. The Iranian operation was so successful to Dulles and his associates, that they repeated it a year later. In1954 the CIA planned and directed Operation Ajax, the coup d’état that overthrew Guatemala’s democratically elected head of state. A few months after being elected, Arbenz nationalized some unused land owned by the United Fruit Company.
Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles, (CFR) were partners in the Wall Street law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell. Among their important clients was the Rockefeller-owned United Fruit. With John Foster Dulles heading the State Department and Allen Dulles heading the CIA, they were the czars of Eisenhower's foreign policy, and they made sure that the interests of Sullivan & Cromwell clients weren't ignored.
In September 1973, after a long process of destabilization orchestrated by the CIA and CFR agents Henry Kissinger and Fidel Castro, democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende was overthrown by a coup d’état. The Agency had run a powerful propaganda campaign against Allende, depicting him as a Stalinist would-be despot and a tool of Moscow and Castro. Actually, during a long visit to Chile Castro began the process of destabilization of the Allende government that culminated in the coup d’état. It was not a coincidence that ITT, one of the US corporations actively involved in the coup, was headed by John McCone, (CFR) a former CIA Director.
5. NSA’s surveillance activities, funding and manpower increased dramatically under Reagan after he signed Executive Order 12333.
6. Recent secret documents brought to light by WikiLeaks indicate that, instead of spying America’s enemies, the NSA has devoted most of its time to spy on America’s friends, in this case French presidents Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande. See, James Regan and Mark John, “NSA spied on French presidents: WikiLeaks,” Reuters, June 23, 2015.

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As the information leaked by Edward Snowden revealed, the NSA’s true goal is not spying on America’s potential enemies — a job at which they have proved to be totally inefficient — but to spy on the CFR conspirators’ potential business competitors — which include most of America’s allies all around the world.