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By Servando Gonzalez
October 26, 2013

In the last few years irrationally has been growing exponentially in America. The list of examples is very long, so I will mention just a few outstanding cases:

- After an alleged terrorist attack on the U.S., President George W. Bush declares a "War on Terror." Since then, the government has been fighting a War of Terror against the American people and wants to deprive them of the firearms they need to defend themselves from actual terrorists.

- Americans complain about high taxes, so the U.S. government approves loopholes to guarantee that big corporations pay lower or no taxes at all.

- America is losing jobs, so the government encouraged big corporations to outsource their jobs abroad.

- Two macho butch gays kill an effeminate homosexual. As a result, the government passes a law to protects gays.[1]

- Thanks mostly to a veritable tsunami of illegal aliens from Mexico, many Americans lose their jobs. Now the government is passing laws to encourage Mexicans to enter the U.S. illegally.

- Government officials have declared their right to spy on Americans, but they get very upset when some Americans try to "spy" on them.

- Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a beneficial gas that allows for maintaining life on this planet; therefore, allegedly to avoid the extinction of some forms of life on this planet, the government approves laws banning CO2 emissions.

- In some countries the US government is fighting a war against al Qaeda, a terrorist organization, while in other countries it is supplying arms and money to al Qaeda.

- Government officials declare that military weapons do not belong on American streets, so they are arming the police to the teeth with military weapons.

Now, is there logic to this madness? Well, perhaps there is.

In The Morning of the Magicians, a seminal book written in the 1960s, French writers Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, made a shocking assertion that took me some time and intellectual effort to understand. According to the authors, though politically and socially opposed, there were no essential differences in the ultimate goals of two political systems such as the U.S.S.R. and the the U.S.

Stalingrad was not the just the triumph of Communism over Fascism or, rather, it was not only that. Looked at from another angle, at the distance from which the meaning of such vast and far-reaching events can best be judged, it will be seen as a victory of our humanist civilization over a civilization of another kind a Satanic and magical form of civilization designed, not for Man, but for ‘something more than Man’ . . . It was not, in reality, a mere temporary coalition of basic enemies that went to war with Germany, but a new whole world that believes in progress, justice, equality and science. One world having the same vision of the Cosmos, the same understanding of Universal Laws, and the one that assigns to man the same place, neither too exalted nor too humble, in the Universe. One world that believes in reason and the reality of things. A world, in a word, which was to have disappeared altogether to leave room for another of which Hitler felt himself to be the prophet.[2]

According to Pauwels and Bergier, a civilization entirely different from our own, in the sense that it belonged to a different world from the one we have known for the last six or seven centuries, had appeared in Germany and flourished there for several years. And they provide some illustrating examples.

Contrary to the Fuhrer’s predictions, in December of 1941, the temperature suddenly dropped to 40 F. Lacking appropriate winter clothing, German soldiers on the Russian front began dying by the hundreds of exposure to the cold. As oil froze, automatic weapons ceased to work, planes dropped from the skies and locomotives froze on the tracks. Risking losing of his rank, and perhaps his life, General Guderian flew back to Germany to inform the Fuhrer of the situation and to ask him to give the order to retreat.

Hitler didn’t even hear him. He was convinced that the war was actually a fight between the Aryans, symbolized by fire, and the Slavs, the race of the cold. He believed that he had made a magic alliance with the forces of fire, and that the cold would retreat to his advance. Therefore, he refused to give an order to retreat. No retreat, said Hitler. “As to the cold,” he added, “I will see to that. Attack.”[3]

In the later years of the war, German engineers were frantically working at Peenemunde preparing the V2 ballistic rockets, a weapon that would have tipped the balance of war in favor of Germany. But suddenly, the tests were interrupted by the Fuhrer’s order. Hitler had dreamt that the using V2s would call vengeance from heaven upon the Germans. As this dream occurred during one of Hitler “trances,” the Nazi leaders attached more importance to it than to the opinions of the engineers.

The unavoidable conclusion is that, in the background, behind the façade of a scientific and highly-organized Germany, lurked the spirit of the old magicians.[4]

In April 1942, while Germany was putting her whole effort on winning the war, an expedition surrounded by the greatest secrecy set out from the Reich. It had been organized with the approval of Goering, Himmler and Hitler himself. The members were some of the greatest German experts in radar, under the direction of Dr. Heinz Fisher. The group, equipped with the latest models of radar, disembarked on the island of Rugen in the Baltic. Immediately on arrival, Dr. Fisher aimed the radar at the sky at an angle of 45 degrees, and it remained there for several days.

The rest of the members of the expedition thought that a test was being carried out. It was not until some time later that they learned the true reason for the experiment. A firm believer of Hans Hoerbiger's theory, Hitler was convinced that the earth was hollow, and that we were actually living inside its concavity. The object of the expedition was to try to find a scientific proof to his beliefs.[5]

Whoever still sees in National Socialism nothing but a political movement doesn’t know much about it. The Nazis belonged to a brand-new civilization founded on contempt for classical culture and reason. In such a civilization intuition, mystical and magical illumination were elevated to the same level as scientific research and rational thinking.

The same could be said about today’s America.

Some years ago, Alan Sokal, a university Physics professor, wrote an academic article titled “Transgressing the boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity.” In it he asserted:

"in quantum gravity, . . . the space-time manifold ceases to exist as an objective physical reality; geometry becomes rational and contextual; and the foundational, conceptual categories of prior science among them, existence itself become problematized and relativized. This conceptual revolution . . . has profound implications for the content of as future postmodern and liberatory science."

After close scrutiny by a peer review committee, the ridiculously-titled paper was published by the respected “scholarly’ magazine Social Text, (No. 46-47, Spring/Summer 1996), the organ of American academic constructivists, modernists and the like. However, in a subsequent article for Lingua Franca magazine, Sokal explained that the whole Social Text article was a hoax, a parody of the philosophical school advancing a doctrine known as deconstructivism.

Some months later, in another article titled, “Transgressing the Boundaries: An Afterword,” Dissent 43(4), pp. 93-99 (Fall 1996), Sokal explained in some detail his motivation in writing the initial article. “One of my goals is to make a small contribution toward a dialogue on the Left between humanists and natural scientists ‘two cultures’ which, contrary to some optimistic pronouncements (mostly by the former group), are probably farther apart in mentality than at any time in the past 50 years.”

The revealing fact tells a lot about current cultural and scientific thinking in the United States.[6] Is America, as Sokal pointed out, quickly becoming a “different” culture similar to the one that appeared in Nazi Germany? The overwhelming approval by most of the American public of a ridiculous theory like the so-called “global warming” highly resembles the overwhelming approval the German public gave to the ridiculous "hollow earth" theory advanced by Hoerbiger.

In place of Newtonian physics Nazi militant Ernst Hoerbiger maintained the existence of a cosmic force called vril, which only pure Arians could control, as well as his hollow earth theory. He was also the creator of a frigid cosmology a sort of global warming in reverse he called the Welteislehre, the doctrine of eternal ice.

A truly rational-minded person may perhaps think that the things I have mentioned above can only happen in backward, “mongrelized” countries where such type of beliefs can exert a strong influence over primitive, irrational people who lack the strong traditions of Western culture. But History teaches us a different story. Germany, a non-mongrelized, rationalistic country with direct ties to the Western tradition, became the fertile soil for an evil genius with strong irrational beliefs, which took control of the country and sent it on a disastrous path.

Hitler and some of his close associates were deeply involved in occultism.[7] Hitler’s Nazi party was more a cult than a political organization. Like in most fanatic religious sects, its rank and file was mesmerized by their demented convictions. The origin of Nazism was linked to secret societies. Himmler’s SS, for example, was a lot more than a Nazi police force and terror unit. It was modeled following the lines of a secret society. It had mystic rites, oath, and internal rankings, or degrees the clear trademarks of a secret society.

Unbeknownst to many Americans, the CIA intersects again and again with secret societies. William Casey, Reagan’s free-wheeling director of central intelligence, belonged to the Knights of Malta, a Catholic order formed several hundred years ago in the tradition of the Knights Templar. Both John McCone, CIA director during the Kennedy administration, and CIA director-turned-president George Bush, were members of Yale’s quasi-Masonic, elitist Skull and Bones secret society.[8] Another important Knight of Malta, Alexander Haig, was instrumental in setting the Watergate trap for Nixon’s debacle. It is known that Nancy Reagan consulted a psychic on important decisions, and Hillary Clinton, while visiting Billings, Montana, in May 1993, arranged for an Indian “spiritual healer” and shaman to purify her.[9] Moreover, some top members of the American political elite belong to the super secret Bohemian Grove, a club with strong ties to the occult.

Most people ignore that Hitler’s true motive for the annexation of Austria was not politics, but occultism. In his book The Spear of Destiny, Trevor Ravenscroft mentions an occult legend, which stated that the “Spear of Destiny,” also known as the “Spear of Longinus,” was the actual spear with which a Roman soldier pierced Jesus’ side at his crucifixion. Like some occultists, Hitler believed that whoever possessed this spear and understood the powers it served, held the destiny of the world in his hands for good or evil.

The “Spear of Destiny” belonged to the Hapsburg Family in Austria, and was housed in the Hapsburg Treasure House Museum in Vienna. Hitler made many visits to see the Spear when he was young and spent long hours admiring it. After he assumed absolute dictatorial powers over both Germany and Austria, the first thing he did was travel to Austria, and steal the Spear from the Museum. From that moment, Hitler believed he controlled the power of the occult, and was invincible in war.

It is useful to remember that modern Iraq is located in the center of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization on planet earth. The history of ancient Mesopotamian culture begins in 5000 B.C., with the Sumerians, then the Babylonians and Assyrians. Some occultists believe that, in earlier times, planet earth was visited by intelligent beings from outer space. Most of them landed and colonized the area now known as Iraq. Some archeological pieces in museums of the area are believed to be artifacts, or depictions of artifacts, brought by extraterrestrials. The fact may explain the strange, systematic looting of the museum in Baghdad.

Moreover, some occultists are convinced that at least some of the visitors came from Planet Mars. 2003, the year of the US invasion of Iraq, was an important year for occultists all around the planet. It was one of the closest that Mars has come to our planet in nearly 60,000 years.

In 1935 the Nazis founded the Ahnenerbe, a pseudoscientific institute, to research the supposed archaeological and cultural history of the “Aryan race.” Under the direction of SS Chief Heinrich Himmler, the Ahnenerbe conducted experiments and organized trips to Tibet and other countries in an attempt to prove that prehistoric and mythological Nordic populations had once ruled the world. The official mission of the Ahnenerbe was to unearth “new evidence of the accomplishments and deeds of Germanic ancestors using exact scientific methods.” Is NASA a sort of American Ahnenerbe? At least one researcher believes so.

According to Richard C. Hoagland, NASA is not a scientific, but a “ritualistic organization.” Hoagland maintains that NASA was born of a lie, and has concealed the truths about its true occult origins. Hoagland’s book Dark Mission documents this assertion. He also documents that at the heart of the NASA there have been some “Magicians” and Nazis of which Werner Von Braun was the most notorious.[10]

But even before the creation of NASA, some top American scientists were known for their irrationality and involvement in the occult.

On July 16, 1945, at a place called Trinity, not far from Alamogordo, New Mexico, the first atomic bomb was detonated at the top of a metal tower, beginning the nuclear age. Physicist Robert Oppenheimer, who helped create it, later commented: Upon witnessing the explosion, the first thing that came to mind was a verse from the Bhagavad Gita: “I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

What is not mentioned in any of the books that have been written on the subject is that the day before the test, near the metal tower stood a strange metal container shaped like a giant bottle. The test participants were warned not to ask any kind of questions, because the bottle was part of a top-secret experiment they should not mention to anyone.

Shortly before he died in a freak accident in 1952, Jack Parsons, an engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and founder and researcher at the California Institute of Technology, said to some friends that the mysterious bottle contained a homunculus. According to Parsons, the scientists who had put it inside the bottle expected that the strong radiation of the atomic explosion would give life to inanimate matter.

Although almost entirely unknown to the general public, Parsons was an important person and respected in scientific circles. Werner von Braun considered him the true father of the American space program. One of the craters on the far side of the moon is named in his honor. What many people ignore is that Parsons was also an avid practitioner of the occult and, according to eyewitnesses, before each launch of a test rocket he invoked the god Pan. He was also a disciple of the English occultist Aleister Crowley and a member of the California affiliate secret society Ordo Templi Orientis.[11]

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The mysterious bottle was a Darwinian experiment similar to the one performed several years before by Stanley Miller on a smaller scale.[12] But, as no one saw the homunculus alive, and he is never mentioned by died-in-the-wool Darwinists to prove the veracity of their theories, it appears that the experiment was a total failure.

In conclusion, to find irrational, magic thinking, you don’t need to go as far as Africa or Latin America. Just read the US mainstream press and watch the TV channels.

Did the surviving Nazis sneaked into America under Operation Paperclip[13] bring with them their “other” culture to the U.S.? Everything seems to indicate that they did, and the results have become more and more evident every passing day. Currently, irrational, magical thinking is alive and well and living in God-fearing U.S. of A.

I hope it would not push us to a Nazi-like catastrophic end.


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13. Operation Paperclip was a secret program carried out by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to recruit surviving Nazi scientists in the aftermath of World War II and bring them surreptitiously to America.

� 2013 Servando Gonzalez - All Rights Reserved

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America is losing jobs, so the government encouraged big corporations to outsource their jobs abroad...