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By Servando Gonzalez
April 22, 2015

A recent opinion piece by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook in the Washington Post tells a lot about Apple. According to Mr. Cook, “There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country.”[1]

What are the very dangerous things Mr. Cook is concerned about? The dismal state of the economy? The growing gap between the hyper poor and the mega rich? The continuous pouring of illegal aliens through the Southern border? The growing unemployment and sub employment among American workers? The outsourcing of jobs by American corporations to Third World countries?

Or perhaps Mr. Cook is concerned about the loss of freedoms, the growing police state, the militarization of the U.S. economy, the pervasive corruption at all levels of government, the sycophantic mainstream press, the two-party charade, the attack on private property, the use of public schools as centers of indoctrination, the Council on Foreign Relations’ attack on the U.S. Constitution, or the globalist conspirators use of the U.S. military to impose their New Gay World Order upon the peoples of the world?

Of course not. Mr. Cook, who a few months ago came out of the homosexual closet and, by such a political act metamorphosed himself into a militant gay, is concerned about a law recently passed in Indiana that allows business owners to turn away customers for religious reasons. Mr. Cook believes that it could enable discrimination against gays.

An interesting detail, that Mr. Cook conveniently ignores, is that the alleged discrimination is not against homosexuals, but against gays. The distinction is obvious for the simple reason that a business owner, whatever his religious faith may be, has no way to know if a person is a homosexual or not for the same reason that is impossible to know if a person is a Christian or an atheist — unless the person makes a statement about it. One of the ways gay people make a political statement about their sexual persuasion is by excessive, public displays of affection, but this is something some people, and even the U.S. military, used to object to even among heterosexual couples. Another way is by openly displaying known gay symbols, like the multicolor gay flag.

So, one has to conclude that the law is not about denying service to homosexuals but to gays, that is, homosexuals who, one way or another, use their persuasion as a tool for gay propaganda. Now, one may ask, do business owners have the right to deny service to a person who tries to use his business to propagandize ideas that go against their ethics, philosophy or beliefs? Can a black business owner deny service to people carrying KKK flags on their lapels? Can a Jewish business owner deny service to a person sporting a Nazi flag on his T-shirt? Can a gay bar owner deny service to people carrying anti-gay signs? Can a Jewish-owned bakery deny service to a group of neo-Nazi gays who want to order a cake decorated with multi-colored swastikas to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler?[2]

Of course, they can. Actually, they should. Now, why cannot a religious business owner deny service to persons carrying gay symbols or making a statement by displaying in public affection some people consider inappropriate —the only ways to know they are gay?

On the other hand, even though I think that there is nothing wrong about discriminating against some types of behavior, I don’t see the point of passing a law regarding them. American politicians apparently believe that the best way to solve a problem is by passing a law. The result is that America is the country in the world with more laws — many of them illogical and outright stupid.[3] Moreover, by ignoring the cardinal difference between homosexual and gay, most American religious leaders, wittingly or unwittingly, are helping the gay movement to achieve the secret goals of its totalitarian agenda.[4]

In his opinion piece, Mr. Cook said: “This isn’t a political issue. It isn’t a religious issue. This is about how we treat each other as human beings.” Now, coming from Apple’s CEO, a corporation known for their iniquitous exploitation of semi-slave workers in China and other countries, to the point that some of them have committed suicide to escape from their slavery, as well as doing business with countries such as UAE, where homosexuals are harassed, and Saudi Arabia, where homosexuals are flogged, chemically castrated, imprisoned and beheaded, Mr. Cook’s words don’t ring true. Actually, they seem very hypocritical.[5]

While Apple has a long pro-gay stand — the initial Apple logo depicted the gay flag colors—, the company has never treated low-level employees like human beings. Since its very creation, Apple discriminated against its janitorial employees in Cupertino, paying them very low salaries. Currently, it doesn’t treat its employees in China and other parts of the world like human beings,[6] a fact that gays at Apple have callously ignored.

Now, what was the reaction of gays at Apple when Cuban gays led by Raúl Castro and Che Guevara, following orders from the maximum gay-in-the-closet and Nazi sympathizer, Fidel Castro, were harassing homosexuals and interning them in concentration camps? What was the reaction of gays at Apple when Cuban homosexuals infected with AIDS were captured like mad dogs on the streets and interned in isolated “sanatoria”?

None that I know, and the reason for this is because Apple’s gays discriminated against Cuban homosexuals because those homosexuals were not pro-Castro, and that’s the key of the issue: contrary to a homosexual, a gay is a person with an agenda, and this agenda is political, not social as American gays want people to believe. The fact explains why Apple’s gay sympathies were with Cuba’s gay-in-the-closet leaders, not with anti-Castro homosexuals.

But that is not the only fact indicating that the American gay movement’s agenda is actually a political one.

The powerful globalist conspirators ensconced at he Council on Foreign relations, the Bilderberg Club, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and other globalist organizations see Christians as an obstacle to their plans of global enslavement. Moreover, the eugenicist globalists are convinced that the world is overpopulated and have plans to kill no less that 85 percent of us, who they see as “useless eaters” who are consuming the earth’s natural resources that, by “natural law,” belong to them. Some of the proved eugenicist means for population control are war, famine, disease, vaccines, abortion and homosexuality. This explains why the globalist conspirators are actively promoting homosexuality all around the world.

I bet that his opinion piece in the Washington Post will gain Mr. Cook an invitation to join the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations the same way as Bill Gates won it by promoting vaccines to kill children in Africa. Eugenicists of all persuasions are always welcomed by the globalist conspirators at the CFR.

Currently, the gay movement has become a willful tool, a fifth column, used by the globalist conspirators to infiltrate organizations and countries. This also explains why the minuscule gay movement has become so powerful. It also explains why it is so difficult to find gays criticizing multinational corporations and their exploitation of the poor peoples of the world. It also explains why you can’t find any site on the web called “Gays For 9/11 Truth,” “Gays Against the New World Order,” “Gays Against the Police State,” “Gays Fighting Monsanto,” or “Gays Against Globalization,” much less “Gays Against Tax Dodging Multinational Corporations.”[7]

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Instead of protecting the rights of gays, a mostly wealthy, economically and socially privileged minority, Mr. Cook should fight for the rights of the thousands of humans beings, including homosexuals, whose gross exploitation has made Apple, Mr. Cook, and many of the gays he is fighting to “protect,” so filthy rich. And the abuses of that one percent filthy rich minority upon the rest of the people in this planet are the most dangerous thing currently happening at Apple Corporation and the world.

For many years, “Think Different” was Apple’s motto. It is time, though, for Apple to put its big money where its big mouth is and begin acting differently. That would be something insanely great.

� 2015 Servando Gonzalez - All Rights Reserved


1. Tim Cook, “Pro-discrimination ‘religious freedom’ laws are dangerous,” The Washington Post, March 29, 2015.
2. Yes, believe it or not, there are neo-Nazi gays. See, i.e., John Kelly, “Nicky Crane: The secret double life of a gay neo-Nazi,” BBC News, December 5, 2012. Retrieved 5 December 2013. Also, “Gay Russian Neo-Nazis Are Fighting And Fisting For Gay Rights…Or Something,” QUEERTY. Unfortunately, the author of the article does not realize that the gay Nazis are not attacking other gays, but the effeminate homosexuals they hate so much.
3. Contrary to Mr. Cook, I don’t see that “religious freedom” laws are dangerous. I think they are just stupid. Given the fact that the gay movement is a political organization, I still don’t see the connection between religion freedom and antigay policies. Actually, if I were a restaurant owner, for ethical and ideological reasons I would deny service to KKK members, Neo-Nazis, CFR members and supporters of the New Gay World Order disregarding their religion or sexual “orientation.”
4. 3. See, Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada, “Analysis: What went wrong in the ‘Religious Freedom’ fight in Indiana and Arkansas? Failure by pro-family leaders to see roots of problem.” Mass, April 10, 2015.
5. See, Paul Joseph Watson, “Apple CEO Slams Religious Freedom Law After Doing Deals With Countries that Execute Gays,”, March 31, 2015. See also, Doublas Ernst, “Fiorina: Tim Cook hypocritical for outrage at Indiana, silence on Saudi Arabia,” The Washington Times, April 13, 2015.
6. See, Charles Duhigg and David Barboza, “In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an Ipad,” The New York Times, January 25, 2012. also, Edward Alden, “Apple, China, Labor Rights, and U.S. Workers,” CFR blogs, January 27, 2012. In is Das Kapital, Karl Marx wrote: “Capital came into the world oozing mud and blood from every pore.” A better description of how every iPhone and iPad is created cannot be made.
7. A 2013 Senate investigation into Apple, showed that the corporation avoided paying U.S. tax on at least $74 billion in profits over three years. See, Edward Alden, “Apple and the Taxman: Why Treasury Always Loses,” CFR blogs, May 22, 2013.

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Of course, they can. Actually, they should. Now, why cannot a religious business owner deny service to persons carrying gay symbols or making a statement by displaying in public affection some people consider inappropriate —the only ways to know they are gay?