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Erica Carle
May 26, 2006

HEADLINE: UW PH.D. STUDY GIVEN $4 MILLION -- Madison, Wis. -- A $4.4 million grant to the University of Wisconsin's graduate school here--the largest single grant the UW ever received--was announced jointly Saturday night by the university and the contributor, the Ford Foundation in New York city.

The Money will be used to improve graduate study and cut the time it normally takes students to earn Ph.D. degrees in social science and the humanities.

The grant was part of a $41.5 million program announced Saturday by the Ford Foundation. Similar grants were given to nine other leading university graduate schools across the country as part of what was described as "a major experimental program" to help give the humanities and social sciences a boost similar to the one enjoyed in recent years by the physical and biological sciences.

The largest single amounts--$4.4 million each--were given to UW and to Harvard and Yale universities. . . About 75% of UW's doctoral students in humanities and social sciences are expected to be covered by the program.

In all, about 10,500 Ph.D. students at 10 universities are expected to benefit. MILWAUKEE JOURNAL, April 9, 1967.

With millions upon millions of children and young adults being trained in sociology, and being prepared to adapt to sociocracy, it is impossible to believe this movement can be slowed or halted without finding ways to restore knowledge-based curriculum, rather than an emotionally-based �social sciences.� The sociological religion must be excluded from public schools. The power seekers must give back the young they so brazenly claimed so many years ago.

Oh, you blind leaders who seek to convert the world by laboured disputations! Step out of the way or the world must fling you aside. Give us the young,. Give us the young and we will create a new mind and a new earth in a single generation.

The idealism which will win out in the stress of the world is that through which Power must obtain the completest expression. Power in its highest expression is the science of organizing the individual mind in the service of the universal. Truth is nothing else than this science of Power. This is the test by which every religion will have to stand or fall. THE SCIENCE OF POWER, Benjamin Kidd, L. G. P. Putnam's Sons, N.Y., London, 1918, P. 30

ONLY ONE OR TWO GENERATIONS TO MODIFY CIVILIZATION -- If it were possible to control the learning of all individuals, in the way both of ideas and of emotional attitudes, as they come on to the stage of life, it would be possible to modify the whole complex of our social life, or our civilization, within the comparatively short space of one or two generations. CHRISTIANITY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE, Charles A. Ellwood, Professor of Sociology, U. of Missouri; MacMillan Company, 1923, P. 19.

MATHEMATICS, FOREIGN LANGUAGES & FORMAL ENGLISH SAID TO BE UNIMPORTANT -- A As a matter of tradition, that college still requires for admission those very subjects which ought, in high school, to be relegated to the limbo of election: mathematics, foreign languages, and formal English. A SOCIOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION, Ross L. Finney, Ph.D.; Asst. Prof. of Educational Sociology, U of Minn.; The MacMillan Company, 1929; P. 354-356

FOR DULL CHILDREN GENERAL IMPRESSIONS SUFFICE -- And if a dull child is to remain in school until he is sixteen, social psychology would seem to suggest that he would be better prepared for life if he went along with children of his own age through, say, the junior high school, even though he got only the outlines and general impressions of what the others got, than to make him repeat two or three grades with the idea of getting their content more thoroughly. With a rationally constituted curriculum the material of each grade is not so prerequisite to that of the next as we are wont to imagine. A SOCIOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION

SCHOOLS OVERVALUE INFORMATION/KNOWLEDGE -- Perhaps the greatest single shortcoming of our school system is its tendency to concern itself almost exclusively with the dissemination of information. �A Foundation Goes To School� The Ford Foundation Comprehensive School Improvement Program 1960-1970.

WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE YOUNG MINDS ARE VULNERABLE -- The young mind is as absorbent as blotting paper. The ideas of other people exert an insistent pressure even upon adults unless we are already possessed of ideas with which they seem to conflict. As a young child's mind is so meagerly equipped as yet with knowledge, it can offer no such resistance. Accordingly it absorbs whatever cognitive material happens to be extant in its social environment. A SOCIOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION, P. 61.

An article in the September 20, 1970 issue of The Milwaukee Journal reported on the 65th Annual meeting of the American Sociological Association. It quoted William Goode, Columbia University sociology professor and President Elect of the American Sociological Association at as saying:

Sociology students are leading members of whatever radical group there is. Almost all of the data that radicals use to attack the society comes from the sociologists.

Therefore, it is no accident that many students come out of high school and college ready to protest, riot, and attempt to seize power from legitimate authorities. Sociology demands that teachers turn students into radicals.

TEACHERS INTRODUCE MUTATIONS -- The school is the germ plasm of the higher civilization. Teachers are, therefore, in charge of social selection at the source of origins for each new generation; they can even introduce at will mutations of their own invention. A SOCIOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION P. 56.

TEACHERS RUN THE WORLD -- It is the business of teachers to run not merely the school, but the world; and the world will never be truly civilized until they assume that responsibility. --A SOCIOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION, P. 117.

TEACHERS ARE AGENTS OF CHANGE -- If you want to teach history for history's sake, sociology for sociology's sake, you are the most dangerous type we could send into American education! You haven't examined your frame of reference. Kids are not interested in history for history's sake. You are agents of change in a democratic society. -- James P. Shaver, President-elect of the National Council For The Social Studies at the Spring Conference, 1975 in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

MUST FORCE-FEED NEW PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE -- And granted that the old sayings now current express as a rule an antiquated philosophy of life, that only means that we need a new set of sayings. It is only by the use of such shorthand symbols that the minds of socii can operate together; and if our old symbols no longer epitomize the philosophy by which we are living, then we need new proverbs, slogans, couplets, catechisms, epigrams, and witticisms that will express that new philosophy of life by which we are to operate the new society. As rapidly as possible we must reduce our new philosophy of epigrams, and drill them memoriter into the memories of dullards. Of course the new coinage waits upon the smelting of the new intellectual bullion; but the bullion must be minted as fast as it is produced. In the fields of the new humanities, accordingly, the phrase maker has a real function to perform. If his coins ring true, are beautiful, and of convenient size, they will soon find their way into general circulation, there to predetermine collective thought and action. We need a new Poor Richard!

And it is principally through the schools that this new coinage of the collective intellect should be paid into general circulation. It is not enough that we teach children to think, we must actually force-feed them with the concentrated results of expert thinking. . . A SOCIOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION, P. 394-395.

MASSES TO LEARN BY IMITATING "BEST MINDS" -- Two things appear: first, that the best minds are capable of gradually inventing a far better civilization than we now possess; and, second, that the masses are capable of negotiating by imitation any culture system that the brightest can invent, provided they are given opportunity for memoriter learning of, and imitative participation in, all the intellectual resources of which that culture system is constituted. A SOCIOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION, P. 409

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Every year millions of students are trained in sociology and sociocracy, sex and drugs, protest and rebellion. Less time than formerly is spent learning English, math, history, civics, and geography. Even music and art suffer while students are taught to protest, demonstrate, and fornicate. The country is overflowing with sociolatrists and sociocrats. If your bathtub were overflowing and ruining your home, what would you do first? Yell? Scream? Run for the mop? Or would you turn off the water and open the drain? If you didn�t turn off the water and open the drain you could holler, scream and mop all day and all night and still the problem would get worse. We need to attack problems at the source of the trouble. Turn off the faucet, open the drain. Sociology must go. Since it is a religion, it does not belong in public schools. Nor should it be taught in private or Christian schools. Sociocracy is not for the USA. Down the drain with it! For part 1 click below.

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Sociocracy cannot succeed in its lust for power unless all other religions, particularly Christianity, and all other systems of government are destroyed.