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Erica Carle
October 17, 2005

ALLIANCE TO ORGANIZE PUBLIC OPINION -- Our theory of Public Opinion shows us at once how far we have already gone in organising this great regulator of modern society; how far we still fall short of what is wanted. The Doctrine has at last arisen: there is no doubt of the existence of the Power; and even the Organ is not wanting. But they do not as yet stand in their right relation to each other. The effective impulse towards social regeneration depends, then, on one ultimate condition; the formation of a firm alliance between philosophers and proletaries. SPP, Vol. I. P. 119.

COERCING POWER OF PUBLIC OPINION -- The irresistible power of public opinion does at the same time create a really coercing force, because men submit to it, apart from any sense of wrong in the conscience or the understanding. SPP, Vol. II. P. 339

SYMPATHETIC INSTINCTS LEAD TO UNIFORMITY IN OPINIONS -- Even in the most trifling opinions that we form from our own personal observation of facts, we may every day see how needful to us is the assent of others. Unless we have it we hardly dare trust our own judgment. The serious mental confusion experienced by highly intellectual men, when they have been too much in the company of lunatics, proves that this mutual influence extends even to pathological cases. Its intensity depends on superior strength of character rather then of mind. Such is the double path by which our sympathetic instincts lead us naturally to uniformity in all our opinions, not excepting those which are most largely derived from our own inspirations. The tendency is in this case the more powerful because it concerns more important doctrines, with regard to which we feel greater need of agreement. SPP, Vol. III., P. 28.


INTERCOURSE FOR PRIESTS -- Our priests will then frequently feel the need of tempering afresh their true dignity in a noble intercourse, at first subjective, then even objective, with the loving sex. CPR. P. 196

REVULSIVE TREATMENT FOR SEXUAL INSTINCT -- But without waiting for the realization of the utopia as to women, it is possible to effect, if not the atrophy, at any rate the inaction of this instinct, (Note: sexual instinct) now stimulated unduly by the brain; and to attain this result with more ease than might be inferred from the ineffectual efforts of Theology. Not merely will the Positive education make all feel the defects of the instinct and raise a hope of its entire desuetude, but the whole tendency of the definitive regime will be to institute a revulsive treatment of greater efficacy than the austerities of Catholicism. SPP V. 4, 251.

PROTECT WOMEN FROM THE TYRANNY OF HUSBANDS AND SONS -- The priesthood will protect them (women) against the tyranny of their husbands and the ingratitude of their sons, judiciously reminding both of the precepts of Positive religion as to the moral superiority and social office of the affective sex. It is mainly by the powerful reaction on it of public life that private life was gradually raised in the past. The fostering this preponderating influence is by the final regime vested in the priesthood of Humanity, which alone can enter on a right footing the circle of the family, in order to ennoble and to strengthen all the domestic affections by connecting them constantly with their social destination. CPR, P. 229.

THEY WHO REFUSE TO LIVE OPENLY TO BE UNDER SUSPICION -- It is in domestic life that the fundamental maxim: Live for Others begins to take practical complement: Live without concealment, without which it would soon become inadequate, nay even too often illusory. No precautions suggested by the self-interest of metaphysical legislators will long bar the instinct of the Western nations from regarding full publicity of private conduct as the indispensable security of right civic action. The natural school for command and obedience, family life cannot answer its main purpose if withdrawn from the healthy influence of the judgment of the priesthood and even of the public. They who refuse to live openly will be justly liable to the suspicion of not really wishing to live for others. SPP Vol, IV,

ALL TO BE OFFSPRING OF SPOUSELESS MOTHER -- Place in direct juxtaposition the worship of the Virgin-Mother by the West, and the worship of Humanity by mankind, and we see the fundamental affinity of the two by virtue of which the one is the unconscious preliminary of the other. For the Great Being is a realization of the feminine utopia in that it needs no external agency for its fecundation. . .This is how Positivism realises the Utopia of the Middle Ages, by presenting all the members of the great family as the offspring of a spouseless mother. On the basis of this conception, the worship of the transitional period will, from the very beginning, definitively systematise, and by systematising, give its full effect to the unconscious transformation, which, since the twelfth century, has been the growing aspiration of the Southern nations, and that more than ever since the outbreak of Protestantism. At the same time the feminine Utopia becomes an inseparable part of the Positive religion, for all whose heart enables them to use it subjectively, without waiting till it is an objective fact. . . the opening period of the final transition will be a preparation for its decisive form, in proportion as the natural course of events of all kinds shall present the religion of Humanity as the only religion which can terminate the Western revolution. SPP Vol. IV., P. 359.


UTOPIA OF THE VIRGIN MOTHER -- When Positive reorganisation of opinions and manners shall have given women the first place in the Sociocracy, their share in reproduction will be largely increased, as a result of their increasing accessibility to the combined influences of continuity. If so, the Utopia of the Virgin Mother will become, for the purer and nobler women, an ideal limit, well adapted to stand as the concise expression of human progress, carried to the point of systematising and so ennobling procreation. SPP V4, 212.

WOMAN MAY BECOME INDEPENDENT OF MEN --If in human reproduction the man contributes merely a stimulus, one that is but an incidental accompaniment of the real office of his generative system, then it is conceivable that we might substitute for this stimulus one or more which should be at women's free disposal...I need not dwell further upon this hypotheses, the sole object of which is to implant a presentiment, as it were, of the degree in which woman, even in her physical functions, may become independent of men...The highest species of production would no longer be at the mercy of a capricious and unruly instinct, the proper restraint of which has hitherto been the chief stumbling-block in the way of human discipline. SPP, Vol. IV, P. 60,61.

ALL TO BE OFFSPRING OF SPOUSELESS MOTHER -- This is how Positivism realises the Utopia of the Middle Ages, by presenting all the members of the great family as the offspring of a spouseless mother. SPP Vol. IV, P. 359

HUMAN REPRODUCTION TO DEPEND SOLELY ON WOMEN -- Our progress will be sounder, if I first explain a religious institution, the special object of which is to condense our whole advance towards perfection, physical, intellectual, and moral, by concentrating it on one capital step. This is, the systematisation of human reproduction, by making it depend solely on the woman. SPP, Vol.IV, 239.

WOMEN IN CONTROL OF CHILDREN -- The change would complete the just emancipation of women, thus rendered independent of men, even physically. it would no longer be possible to contest the full ascendancy of the affective sex over children which were its offspring exclusively. SPP, Vol. IV, P. 244.

FEMALE FRIEND BETTER THAN THE FATHER -- a female friend, if well chosen, who could make herself a member of the family, would in most cases do better than the father himself. SPP, Vol. IV, P195.


REGARD LIFE AS AN EVOLUTION, DISCARD NOTIONS OF CREATION -- In Biology we now regard all forms of life simply as an evolution, and we discard any notion of creation in the proper sense of that word. But this great axiom of science has especially its place in Sociology, where studying a course of development yet more complex, more extensive, and more gradual, we are forced to recognize the fundamental unity which runs through all the successive phases. SPP, Vol. II. P2

SOCIAL EVOLUTION HIGHEST DEGREE OF ANIMAL ADVANCEMENT -- We see that our social evolution is only the final term of a progression which has continued from the simplest vegetables and most insignificant animals up through the higher reptiles, to the birds and the mammifers, and still on to the carnivorous animals and monkeys, the organic characteristics retiring, and the animal prevailing more and more, till the intellectual and moral tend towards the ascendancy which can never be fully obtained, even in the highest state of human perfection that we can conceive of. This comparative estimate affords us the scientific view of human progression, connected, as we see it is, with the whole course of animal advancement, of which it is itself the highest degree. SPP, Vol. II., P. 299.

SOCIOLOGICAL SPIRIT MUST BE SUPREME -- On both logical and scientific grounds, the sociological spirit must be recognized as supreme...When the action of man upon nature is duly systematized under the new body of doctrine, it must be done under the guidance of sociological philosophy, which alone is able to combine all the scientific aspects requisite for the great work...The Positive Philosophy of Auguste Comte, Vol. 6 (1842) Translated and condensed by Harriet Martineau, 1853.

SUPPORT FOR POSITIVE SCIENCE MUST AWAIT NEW GENERATION -- It might have been hoped that the renovation we are anticipating would have been largely aided by the scientific class of society, as that which must be most familiar with positive science. But it is not so. At present, the anarchical tendencies of that class appear to be as strong as any...we must abandon all hope of their cooperation in extending the positive method to the study of social phenomena. If we may anticipate anything in that direction, it must be from a rising generation for whom a more adequate training must be provided. The Positive Philosophy of Auguste Comte, Translated and condensed by Harriet Martineau, 1853.

SOCIOLOGY DISCIPLINES ALL SCIENCES -- Thus the very dignity of Science itself, when rightly understood, calls for the discipline which Sociology imposes. SPP, Vol. I. P. 386

STUDY OF INDIVIDUAL MIND DISCARDED -- But as the true progress of the intellect takes place in the race and not in individuals, intellectual science can only be thoroughly appreciated when it is identified with sociology properly so called--sociology which I established on its true basis when I discarded for ever the worthless study of the individual mind pursued by metaphysicians. SPP Vol. III., P. 38.

POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY REQUIRES A THEORY OF EVOLUTION -- Political philosophy made a great advance during the last century, inasmuch as social development became more and more the express object of historical treatment. The process was defective, of course, from the absence of all theory of evolution, by which alone any scientific dignity can be given to works which, without it, remain essentially literary. SPP Vol. III, P. 270.

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REJECT FACTS THAT EMBARRASS HYPOTHESES -- Sensible that the value of true theories lies in their practical results, men will even reject inopportune facts, a premature attention to which would but embarrass our hypotheses on the plea of an idle accuracy not practically needed. When disciplined by religion, the scientific spirit will never forget its principal office, but will resume with dignity its rational freedom, which at present is fettered by the scruples of the empirical school. A theory subjective in its origin will be held admissible when it sufficiently explains the essential phenomena, without waiting for the objective verification, and even where that complement to demonstration can never be obtained. SPP, Vol. III, P. 21. Click below for part 3.

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This is how Positivism realises the Utopia of the Middle Ages, by presenting all the members of the great family as the offspring of a spouseless mother.