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Erica Carle
June 17, 2010

Quotes assembled and arranged by Erica Carle


Everywhere the relative definitively takes the place of the absolute, and altruism tends to bear down egoism, whilst a systematic method takes the place of a spontaneous evolution. In a word, Humanity definitively substitutes herself for God, without ever forgetting his provisional services. -Comte, Auguste, The Catechism of Positive Religion, 1852, P. 294.

Our progress will be sounder, if I first explain a religious institution, the special object of which is to condense our whole advance towards perfection, physical, intellectual, and moral, by concentrating it on one capital step. This is, the systematisation of human reproduction, by making it depend solely on the woman. -Comte, Auguste, SYSTEM OF POSITIVE POLITY, Vol. IV, P. 239.


By substituting goddesses for gods, we sanction the legitimate preeminence of women. -SYSTEM OF POSITIVE POLITY By Auguste Comte (1851-1854), Vol. 4, P. 446.

In a word the new doctrine will institute the worship of Woman, publicly and privately, in a far more perfect way than has ever before been possible. It is the first permanent step towards the worship of Humanity. -SYSTEM OF POSITIVE POLITY By Auguste Comte (1851-1854),, Vol. I, P. 205.

When Positive reorganisation of opinions and manners shall have given women the first place in the Sociocracy, their share in reproduction will be largely increased, as a result of their increasing accessibility to the combined influences of continuity. If so, the Utopia of the Virgin Mother will become, for the purer and nobler women, an ideal limit, well adapted to stand as the concise expression of human progress, carried to the point of systematising and so ennobling procreation. -SYSTEM OF POSITIVE POLITY, V4, 212.


If in human reproduction the man contributes merely a stimulus, one that is but an incidental accompaniment of the real office of his generative system, then it is conceivable that we might substitute for this stimulus one or more which should be at women's free disposal...I need not dwell further upon this hypotheses, the sole object of which is to implant a presentiment, as it were, of the degree in which woman, even in her physical functions, may become independent of men...The highest species of production would no longer be at the mercy of a capricious and unruly instinct, the proper restraint of which has hitherto been the chief stumbling-block in the way of human discipline. -SYSTEM OF POSITIVE POLITY, Vol. IV, P. 60,61.

This is how Positivism realises the Utopia of the Middle Ages, by presenting all the members of the great family as the offspring of a spouseless mother. -SYSTEM OF POSITIVE POLITY, Vol. IV, P. 359


The change would complete the just emancipation of women, thus rendered independent of men, even physically. it would no longer be possible to contest the full ascendancy of the affective sex over children which were its offspring exclusively. -SYSTEM OF POSITIVE POLITY, Vol. IV, P. 244.

A female friend, if well chosen, who could make herself a member of the family, would in most cases do better than the father himself. -SYSTEM OF POSITIVE POLITY, Vol. IV, P. 195.


A clear majority of the world's societies allow young persons to experiment with sexual intercourse before marrying. Many societies think the idea of virgin marriage is absurd. Yet in such societies, this premarital sex experience is viewed as a preparation for marriage, not as a recreational pastime. Its principal purpose is generally to determine fertility; a girl who conceives shows her readiness for marriage. Most of these societies have not merely allowed premarital sexual behavior; they have institutionalized it.

They have defined it as a proper and useful activity and have developed a supporting set of institutional arrangements which make it safe and harmless. Since there is full social approval, there is no fear, shame, or disgrace. The family structure and living arrangements in such societies are generally of a sort where one more baby is no special inconvenience or burden. Premarital sex experience can be a useful and harmless preparation for marriage in a society which has institutionalized it. Ours has not, as many young people learn to their dismay. -Sociology (High School Text) Paul B. Horton & Chester L. Hunt, McGraw-Hill; New York, Etc. 1964, P. 244



The nuclear family structure has to be abolished before women can be totally liberated was the opinion of 100 participants in the first statewide Women's Liberation Conference...Mrs. Carl W. Thompson of Stoughton affiliated with the Center for Women's and Family Living Education at the University of Wisconsin and wife of State Sen. Thompson, compared the commune to the kibbutz in Israel. . ."Children belong to society. We're too concerned with the individuals," Mrs. Thompson said.

When asked if she would be appalled at the idea of a communal arrangement without marriage, Mrs. Thompson said no. "IT'S HAPPENING now. these are meaningful relationships. They just don't want to get into the traditional thing. "In 20 years there won't be the formal marriage as today." -MILWAUKEE SENTINEL, May 11, 1970.


Emerging experimental structures which affect children include:

Commune family, monogamous -- Household of more than one monogamous couple with children sharing common facilities, resources, and experiences: socialization of the child is a group activity.

Commune family, group marriage -- Household of adults and offspring known as one family where all individuals are married to each other and all are parents to the children. Usually develops a status system with leaders believed to have charisma.

Unmarried-parent-and-child family -- Usually mother and child where marriage is not desired or possible.

Unmarried-couple-and-child family -- Usually a common-law type of marriage with the child their biological issue or informally adopted.

Homosexual-couple-and-child family -- The child is informally or legally adopted...

Human service systems, the outgrowths of policies and legislation and common practices must be built to accommodate these diversities in family forms. -Report to the President White House Conference on Children, Washington D. C. 1970. P. 228

It is now clear that children and their families must be involved in the decision making process if we are to increase the chances that positive innovations will be accepted. Any set of recommendations should be predicated on support for diversity in family life styles. Punitive measures and tactics toward those family forms that differ from the traditional must be eliminated and experimentation in ways of living accepted. Attempts to prejudge and restrict the future shape of society should be discouraged. -Report to the President White House Conference on Children, Washington D. C. 1970. P. 232.

Sex exists for pleasure as well as procreation, the World health Organization (WHO) says in a report calling for a change of attitude toward human sexuality, the report said the cult of male dominance and the belief that sex is sinful represent major barriers to sex education. The report was drawn up by 23 experts from 15 countries . . . The report said, "Every person has a right to receive sexual information and to consider accepting a sexual relationship for pleasure as well as for procreation." -MILWAUKEE JOURNAL , January 22, 1976.

Teenage America is struggling against booming rates of suicide, venereal disease and alcohol and drug abuse, making healthy adulthood an unrealistic goal for many, the American Academy of Pediatrics says... the teen suicide rate has more than tripled in the last 20 years.

Alcohol and drugs kill 8,000 teen drivers a year and injure 40,000 others... Venereal diseases are epidemic among teens.

Gonorrhea alone occurs in 700,000 adolescents a year. -MILWAUKEE JOURNAL , December 8, 1982.

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Unwed mothers gave birth to almost half of the babies born in Chicago last year. And statewide, the mothers of one-fourth of the babies born in 1983 were not married, Illinois Public Health Department records show...In 1963, the statewide illegitimacy rate was 7 percent, while the Chicago rate was 13 percent...In 1950, 3.6 percent of total births were to unwed mothers. -CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, August 19, 1984.

In 1999 1.3 million babies were born to single mothers--a record... The problem is staggering: a 69% illegitimacy rate among black women...42.2% among Hispanics and 22.1% among whites. -INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY April, 19, 2001.

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Everywhere the relative definitively takes the place of the absolute, and altruism tends to bear down egoism, whilst a systematic method takes the place of a spontaneous evolution.