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Erica Carle
October 28, 2009


What is the New World Order? How does it affect you?

The essence of the New World Order or WORld Management System (WORMS) is that it is management by social engineers, rather than government based on a written constitution. How you are affected by this management system, depends on what the social engineers decide the system should do for you and require of you. The social engineers and system managers think of themselves as scientists applying the scientific method to the control of group behavior. Your behavior and relationships are regarded as subjects of investigation and control by those who call themselves ‘social scientists.’ You are among their test animals, and you have no say in, and often no knowledge of experiments that involve you.

There is nothing new about the idea of managing others, or even of controlling the whole world. That has been the goal of social philosophers for thousands of years. However, we need not go back over ancient history. We are concerned primarily with what has been going on in our own generations. This we can understand quite well if we confine ourselves to the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.

Goals of the New World Order

To begin to understand the New World Order (NWO) or the WORMS you need to forget what you have learned about differences between Republicans and Democrats; left and right; Socialists and Libertarians: business and labor, liberal and conservative, black and white, etc. The planners of the New World Order know they must use, influence, and cater to all of these groups to accomplish the goals they are seeking, which are:

(1) Claim everything.
(2) Classify everything.
(3) Commercialize everything.
(4) Consolidate everything.
(5) Control everything.

We might call these goals the five C’s of the World Management System. If it is fully empowered, individualism, personality, personal decisions, personal goals, private property, private business, morality, Constitutional government, religious freedom, and national sovereignty can no longer be tolerated. Everyone must be subject to the management system. To quote Auguste Comte, one of the most significant early planners of the world management system,

"The only real life is the collective life of the race; individual life has no existence except as an abstraction."[1]

He also wrote,

"When the system is fully regulated, the effect of this will be to secure greater unity, by diminishing the influence of personal character."[2]

This means that to the WORld Management System planners you, as an individual, are considered to be without character or personality. Your personal life and personal goals are unimportant to them, unless those goals are consistent with the sociological and economic goals of the New World Order.

Public schools and The New World Order

To demonstrate how NWO sociological and economic goals are being brought about we can look first at the public schools. Most students and parents think the purpose of public schools is to teach essential and interesting information, vocational and recreational skills, and considerate and responsible behavior. After your formal education is over, your parents expect that you should be able to take responsibility for your own moral, material, and social well-being, and also the moral, material, and social well-being of any children you might have until they, too, are ready to claim such freedom for themselves.

At one time the goal of those who planned the school curriculum in the local communities seemed to follow the wishes of parents and the needs of the children. Now, however, those sociologists who have the power to affect policy in the public schools do not concern themselves with what you need, or what your parents want for you. Their primary goals are to CLAIM jurisdiction, CLASSIFY individuals, COMMERCIALIZE instruction, CONSOLIDATE policies, establish CONTROL, and train you to fit obediently into their world management system without hesitation or protest. In 1928 sociologist Ross L. Finney wrote:

"A new world is emerging in which the social structures will be of a different shape, the social resources of a different scope and calibre, than any thing that history records. It is a new deal--in fact a different game with different cards; and we who are now alive are privileged to witness its beginning, however blind most of us may be to its implications for ourselves and our posterity. And for a new age, a new school!"[3]


National Council for the Social Studies

An organization called the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) which is an offshoot of the National Education Association and a promoter of the New World Order, has CLAIMED power to determine what you should learn and what you should not learn in history, geography, government, economics, religion, psychology, etc. These subjects were CONSOLIDATED decades ago so they could be treated together under one agenda called, social studies. The leaders of NCSS CLAIM the right to decide what you should be taught, how you should be taught, and how your achievement will be evaluated.

In addition to the National Council for the Social Studies the various states have state councils for the social studies. What is passed down from the National Council can then be programmed into the states. Through the efforts of state members, bills are presented to legislators to make NCSS curriculum standards legal requirements in states. From then on your local school board and your parents have had little to say about what you should be expected to learn. NCSS CONTROLS what you should know, when you should know it. If you, your school or community have different standards and do not try to live up to NCSS standards for the New World Order, your schools can be closed or your community punished by depriving it of federal, foundation, and state money.

Grouping people to control them

It is interesting to investigate how this takeover was accomplished. Like everything connected to the New World Order management system and the five C’s, CONTROL is accomplished by forming and influencing groups, and most particularly by indoctrinating group leaders. This is because people who are emotionally involved with groups respond to leadership. They also tend to feel CLASS loyalty. For example, when your elected officials CONSOLIDATE into groups with elected officials from other areas, they frequently get carried away by the oratory and comradeship. Although the ideas they legislate are seldom their own, they tend to see themselves as the ruling CLASS and forget the loyalty they owe to you and the citizens of the states, cities, and counties they are supposed to serve.

CONTROL of groups of legislators, congressmen and government officials is also part of the NWO plan. When groups of elected officials, such as governors, state legislators, city councilmen, or county board members, are CONSOLIDATED into national or international blanket organizations, one person or a small group of people can make decisions and set goals for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. They can set goals for you if you do not object. Always remember, whoever sets your goals or presents you with what they call a vision or a mission CONTROLS your behavior.

Goal setting, political management

Setting goals and designing visions and missions for groups of people is one of the favorite devices of the New World Order managers. In education, goal setting and visioning serve to CONSOLIDATE policies so the NWO/NCSS curriculum can be established in schools throughout the country. When you hear someone use the phrase, ‘We must . . .’ or variations of it such as, ‘We need to . . .’, ‘It is essential that we . . .’, etc., there is a pretty fair chance that person is trying to convince you to give up the idea of independent research and thinking.

It is unfortunate that few of our congressmen, state, county, and city legislators have been alert enough to detect the behavior management and CONTROL that have been directed toward them. Many of them have been deceived, flattered, coerced, and bribed into surrendering their legitimate authority to New World Order decision makers. This, too, was planned. In 1906 sociologist Lester Ward explained how NWO legislation could be achieved:

"It must not be supposed that such legislation can be conducted to any considerable extent in the open sessions of legislative bodies. These will doubtless need to be maintained, and every new law should be finally adopted by a vote of such bodies, but more and more this will become a merely formal way of putting the final sanction of society on decisions that have been carefully worked out in what may be called the sociological laboratory."[4]

Goals 2000 -- Control is the object

Most of the governors of the United States are members of the National Governor’s Association. They have national meetings to CONSOLIDATE their policy decisions. In 1990 a policy was declared to promote the adoption of national educational goals. The Republican Bush Administration had endorsed the idea in 1989. The U. S. Chamber of Commerce and multinational corporations supported it. Then in 1992 Congress (Democrats and Republicans) passed and funded the Goals 2000: Educate America Act.

Originally social studies were not included, but the NCSS saw to it that social studies were annexed to the national agenda. Then they appointed a task force to develop CONSOLIDATED curriculum standards. These were later adopted in most states as part of the Goals 2000: Educate America Act. Eight goals were chosen and publicized.

The eight educational goals of the Goals 2000 were not the important part of this operation. Any goals that sounded good, along with the money promised, could have enticed governors and state legislators to pass enabling legislation in their states. The real object was to CONSOLIDATE leadership in education, CLAIM jurisdiction over curriculum, and to further CONTROL what you and other students learn.

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It is no surprise to find now that the eight goals have not been reached--and were not reached by the Year 2000. Does this mean that CONSOLIDATED goal setting and visioning will be discontinued? On the contrary! To the goal-setters it meant merely that the Goals 2000: Educate America should be renamed, ‘America’s Education Goals’, and should be extended beyond 2000 without a specific deadline. Even when failure is obvious and promises are not fulfilled, CONTROL, once gained, is never willingly relinquished by the WORMS promoters.


1- Auguste Comte, System of Positive Polity, Vol. 1, LENOX HILL Pub. & Dist. Co.(Burt Franklin), New York, 1973. Published by the Author in July 1851; P.292
2- Ibid.; Vol. 2, Published by the Author in May 1852; P.237.
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4- Lester F. Ward, Applied Sociology, Ginn & Company, 1906. P.338.

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Erica Carle is an independent researcher and writer. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin. She has been involved in radio and television writing and production, and has also taught math and composition at the private school her children attended in Brookfield, Wisconsin. For ten years she wrote a weekly column, "Truth In Education" for WISCONSIN REPORT, and served as Education Editor for that publication.












To begin to understand the New World Order (NWO) or the WORMS you need to forget what you have learned about differences between Republicans and Democrats; left and right; Socialists and Libertarians: business and labor, liberal and conservative...