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Erica Carle
June 17, 2009


"Global Warming Will Destroy Our Future"

Jessy Tolkan, a global warming/climate change activist and organizer, is the 28-year-old daughter of Jim Tolkan, a Milwaukee auto dealer.

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL/SENTINEL, May 17, 2009, stated that while Jesse was lobbying for higher fuel efficiency rates, her father lobbied against standards that the auto industry argued were too onerous. It is father and daughter who seem to be on opposite sides of a political issue.

Jesse is the executive director of Energy Action Coalition. This is a coalition of 50 youth organizations composed of young people who are terrified by the reports of global warming as a man-made disaster. On March 2 when she testified before the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. Jessy said, “The science gets more terrifying with every new report. The climate cannot wait. Remember that a generation’s future is on the line.”

She not only expects man-made global warming to happen, but she believes it capable of destroying the future of her own generation. She is enormously motivated and frightened, as are the 500,000 young people in groups supporting her cause. The web site of Energy Action Coalition boasts that it’s flagship campaign, the Campus Climate Challenge, founded in 2006, is now being run on over 700 colleges and universities across the country. Hundreds of thousands of terrified Teens and Twenties are mobilized to promote global warming legislation and also a strong global climate agreement at the international climate negotiations to be held in December, 2009. Read my book "Give Us The Young."

The Energy Action Coalition has a staff of 10 in Washington and 70 field staffers to help organize activities around the country. All of this takes money. The JOURNAL/SENTINEL tells us, that most of the annual budget of $5 million is provided by foundations, including George Soros’ Open Society Institute, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Surdna Foundation.

In preparation for her career as a political activist Jessy Tolkan was a political science and African/American studies major at the University of Wisconsin. While there, she used her organizing talents to promote young voter registration. After graduation she worked as the Wisconsin State Director for the New Voters Project that registered over 130,000 18-24 year old voters.

It should be no surprise to those who are informed about the goals and teachings of the social sciences to learn that Teens and Twenties are so terrified about global warming that at least half a million of them would respond to an attempt to solve the “environmental crisis” through politics.

But somehow or another those young people should be told that for more than 150 years the main goal of the social sciences has been to control people by controlling their environment. Auguste Comte, the father of sociology wrote:

“In order then to regulate or to combine mankind, Religion must in the first instance place man under the influence of some external Power, possessed of superiority so irresistible as to leave no sort of uncertainty about it. This great principle of social science is at bottom merely the full development of that primary notion of sound Biology--the necessary subordination of every Organism to the Environment in which it is placed. A sound theory of Biology thus furnishes the Positive theory of Religion with a foundation wholly unassailable; for it proves the general necessity for the constant supremacy of an external Power as a condition of unity for man, even in his individual life.”

The social sciences use students by terrorizing them into becoming social activists for the environment. It was at a National Council for the Social Studies Regional Conference, April 25-27, 1974. that I learned how mean and uncaring social scientists can be. For example, a book called Grokking The Future was recommended to the more than 1000 social studies teachers in attendance. The book advised:

“… if the teacher really wants to change student behavior through an ecology unit, something new and fresh will have to be offered. Students need to be shocked and shaken repeatedly; their feet must be held to the fire until they cry out in protest. We use a number of science fiction stories to revitalize tired ecology units, and most of them hit students hard.”

{Remember, fiction affects emotions in the same way as true experiences.}

The National Council for the Social Studies feels no guilt for terrifying students in such a fashion, for as Kenneth E Boulding wrote in the book, -- Principles of Economic Policy, Prentice Hall, 1958, P. 17, 18:

(Sociological theorists look at society) “... somewhat as the biologists look at an ecological system, or ‘ecosystem’ something like a great pond, filled not with fish and frogs, plants and bacteria, but with workers and employers, gas stations and power companies, counties, states, and nations, churches and lodges, automobiles and refrigerators, wheat and steel and uranium, and all the innumerable 'species' of social life, organizations, households, businesses and commodities of all kinds. . .Policy is the deliberate distortion of the ecosystem in favor of the objectives of the policymaker. . . we can regard social or economic policy on a broader scale as a kind of 'social agriculture', a deliberate distortion of the 'natural' organization of society in favor of the objectives of the policymaker.”

It makes one wonder, will Jessy and her 50 global warming organizations of terrified Teens and Twenties continue to have success with the legislators, or will her father and other automobile dealers and manufacturers—those who still exist in December 2009--be offered acceptable compromises?

However the answer to that question is, “Who really cares?” The social ‘scientists’ surely don’t because climate change legislation never was the primary goal. The primary goal is to organize people for the management system of the New World Order. The whole scenario is an example of the use of what the sociologist Lester Ward called, “Telesis.” Climate change legislation is one more instance of how sociologists use one goal as the means to reach another more-important goal. Here is the sociological definition of Telesis’ that Ward devised in the 1890s:

“The telec power is directed not to the end, but to some means to the end…A final cause…Telesis consists in the pure intellectual perception that a certain end is attainable through a certain means. What the intelligent agent does is to place the thing he desires, but lacks the power to move, into the current of such a force which moves it for him. This. . . is illustrated in its simplest form by the lumberman who puts his logs into the river and lets the current float them to their destination. But the most complicated cases may, by proper analysis, be reduced to this simple principle. Teleology is essentially the utilization of natural forces, causing them to do what the agent perceives to be useful and wills to be done.”

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A flood of terrified Teens and Twenties is being swept into the nation-destroying New World Order because they believe man-made global warming is a greater threat to their future than the man-made tyranny of a WORld Management System (WORMS) that will destroy their country totally and forever.

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Erica Carle is an independent researcher and writer. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin. She has been involved in radio and television writing and production, and has also taught math and composition at the private school her children attended in Brookfield, Wisconsin. For ten years she wrote a weekly column, "Truth In Education" for WISCONSIN REPORT, and served as Education Editor for that publication.










A flood of terrified Teens and Twenties is being swept into the nation-destroying New World Order because they believe man-made global warming is a greater threat to their future than the man-made tyranny of a WORld Management System (WORMS) that will destroy their country totally and forever.