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Erica Carle
April 15, 2009


Sneaky change has been going on for decades. Most people would not approve of the New World Order management system if they had full knowledge of the management goals. But it is not easy to recognize the sneaky techniques that are being used to destroy our Constitution and national independence.

For the New World Order management system to succeed, millions of people need to be recruited as activists, community organizers, and facilitators. The system uses those who will be affected by the New World Order to help bring it about. The idea is that people who participate in the process will have little to complain about in the future. In addition to children, college students, women, workers, and executives are targeted.

No matter what group is being used, members are told they are being trained to be leaders. The following example from my book, Why Things Are The Way They Are is from personal experience. In the meeting described, women, whether they were aware of it or not, were being trained for leadership in the New World Order.

One of my opportunities to observe the System engaged in its organizing work, and to play Red Rover with a System team trying to recruit me as a New World Order facilitator, was during the Bicentennial promotion in 1976. I attended and reported for WISCONSIN REPORT on a six-county conference for women held at the Milwaukee YWCA on May 19.

The meeting was a joint enterprise of the American Revolutionary Bicentennial Administration, the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women, and various women's organizations. Reservations were required, so Mary W., who was one of the leaders and also a local alderman, was aware before the conference that I would be there.

The morning meeting was used to train women to obtain and use lawyers, seize political power, write legislation, and write programs for federal grants. Since the System is based on using problems to gain power, women were also encouraged to work together toward setting up community resource centers to find and become involved in people's problems.

This session was followed by a luncheon at which various problems would be discussed. I had questions for some of the morning speakers so by the time I arrived at the luncheon most of the people were seated. Each table was set up for a discussion on a different subject. The table nearest the door had a sign on it saying 'EDUCATION'. Every seat at the table was occupied except the seat at the head. The women seemed to be watching me expectantly. I was about to seat myself when I noticed that the next table was also labeled 'EDUCATION'. There were several vacant seats at the side, so on the spur of the moment I decided to sit at the second table.


A few moments later Mary came with an armful of packets. With a rather puzzled look she handed me one and asked if I would lead the discussion at my table. Being curious to see the contents, I happily obliged. Here were my scripted instructions:

"Congratulations! By virtue of the fact that you are sitting at the head of the table (I WAS NOT) you will lead the discussion.


(1) Introduce yourself and the resource person at your table.
(2) Appoint a recorder.
(3) Ask the resource person to cite what she considers to be the three or four greatest needs in this area.
(4) Ask if anyone else at the table sees any other current needs.
(5) Ask the recorder to review the list of needs for the group.
(6) Discuss these needs one at a time. Ask the participants to draw from their personal experience to suggest possible courses of action for each need.
(7) Pass sign-up sheets around the table to ask if participants would like to pursue further their interest in this subject.
(8) Ask the recorder to give her notes to Mary W.

Thank you very much for helping. Please distribute enclosed surveys and information sheets when you have finished discussing the issues."

I read the steps aloud to the people at my table (WHICH I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE HAD I BEEN A PROPERLY-PROGRAMMED LEADER.) Then I turned to the woman to my left and introduced myself. She introduced herself and remarked that she had been at the meeting the night before when it was decided that I would be one of the discussion leaders.

I was stunned. I had been chosen to be a discussion leader, not in a casual manner because I seated myself at the head of the table, but by pre-planning. The System's programmed leaders expected that I would be less critical of their efforts, and might possibly join them if I became personally involved as a leader.

The first table had been set up and waiting for me. The women had filled every seat except the seat at the head of the table which would have made me the discussion leader had I taken it. They were playing "Red Rover, Red Rover, Let Erica come over." I foiled their original plan without realizing it by taking another seat, which was why Mary had looked puzzled when she passed out the leader packets. Although there was no chance their recruiting efforts would succeed, I would not have known of any pre-planning had I not made the last-minute switch, and had I not been told of the previous night's meeting by my new friend.

The women's conference was used to recruit programmed leaders for the WORld-Management System, to discover problems which might be used to hold groups together, and to convince women to become social activists for a System most of them did not understand or realize they were serving.

Why did more than 100 women become so involved in this subsidized WORMS promotion? They believed they were doing good, but in addition, they were made to feel important. Some, for the first time in their lives felt like movers, shakers, and problem solvers. Their looking-glass self was brilliant and aggressive. They found identity in group involvement. They had feelings of exaltation due to their participation in what they considered to be an important endeavor. It was a peak experience.

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NOTE: Sneaky changes are an important ingredient in the effort to bring about the New World Order. Why Things Are The Way They Are reveals some of the sneaky changes in personality, education, and social conditions that are being used to bring about the New World Order. Learn to recognize sneaky changes and learn how they are being used to promote the New World Order.

Read Why Things Are The Way They Are.

Understanding past sneaky changes does help one understand the sneaky changes of the present and the future.

� 2009 Erica Carle - All Rights Reserved

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Erica Carle is an independent researcher and writer. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin. She has been involved in radio and television writing and production, and has also taught math and composition at the private school her children attended in Brookfield, Wisconsin. For ten years she wrote a weekly column, "Truth In Education" for WISCONSIN REPORT, and served as Education Editor for that publication.










For the New World Order management system to succeed, millions of people need to be recruited as activists, community organizers, and facilitators. The system uses those who will be affected by the New World Order to help bring it about.