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Erica Carle
November 26, 2004

Some time ago my husband and I made an emotional decision which we later regretted. The children came home from their cousin�s with the most appealing, beautifully marked, perky-looking German shepherd puppy any of us had ever seen. We all knew what raising a pupy meant for the appearance of our beautiful garden, how the house would probably suffer from the puppy�s bad habits, the trials that would be ahead, the cold and rainy mornings when someone would have to attend to the dog�s needs; but we pushed all that from our minds. The puppy got to us, and that was it. Baron became a member of the family.

He chewed the woodwork, tore the wallpaper off the wall, destroyed a portable radio, turned a sweater into shredded yarn; but the habit that infuriated me most and made me feel helpless, stupid, and frustrated was his refusal to come when I called. He never went far so long as I was present, but he would duck and dodge and run around the bushes, then cut out across the neighbor�s yard. He�d drink out of her birdbath until I got within two feet of him, and than take off the instant I reached out. Whenever I was in no mood for games he kept it up longer. He drove me wild.

When Baron was about eight months old we finally decided we needed help. The gas man came to read the meter and Baron�s protective instincts took over. He lunged with all the ferocity of a killer wolf. Luckily the man had not quite entered the house and was able to close the screen door before Baron sampled his flesh. We knew then if we could not master the dog he would have to go.

Our trainer, who was familiar with our dog�s family tree, informed us Baron�s reaction to intrusion was good and to be expected since he came from three generations of trained guard dogs. Knowing that fact did nothing to dispel my apprehension about Baron�s future disposition, but we were assured that he could be trained to give immediate obedience and to stay on our property.

We all participated, and Baron learned to heel, to sit and lie down on command, to jump over barriers and return immediately to his trainer. He learned that every human in the family outranked him and that he would have to conform to our rules. The training made him a great deal easier to live with.

In the early training he began to be somewhat better outside. He would respond quickly to a man�s vouce, but I still had difficulty. That is, I had difficulty until I learned to use the throwing chain. The throwing chain was a moderately heavy circular chain of about twelve or fourteen links. When Baron decided to run off, the chain was thrown at him. He had no idea where it came from and didn�t understand the hit, but he was immediately subdued. He stopped dead. The next command was obeyed immediately. Two or three hits were all it took. After that it was seldom necessary to throw the chain. All that was needed was to rattle it and he obeyed. If he showed the least doubt about being willing to obey the chain was thrown just as he seemed about to take off. There was instant obedience and the power of the mere rattle of the chain was reinforced.

Such training is fine for dogs. Baron knew his place and kept to it. He was not a danger to visitors and was obedient both inside and outside. We found we could live with our mistake, and even began to admit it might not have been an error after all. Baron was a supurb watchdog and a good friend to everyone in the family.

Children need training too. They need training in personal habits, self-control, cleanliness and proper care of their surroundings, and they need training to teach them the type of behavior which has been proven over many generations to be good moral behavior. But their training should be of the type that can be rationally explained when they are able to understand. Children are not animals and should not be trained for a lifetime of instant irrational obedience. Unthinking submission and follow-the-group morality are not worthy goals for humans. Self-respecting parents will teach their children for future freedom and independence. As each year passes the children are permitted to be more and more responsible for themselves.

Few, if any, parents are perfect, but children have a better chance for free and happy lives under natural parental control than any artificial arrangements so-called social scientists can concoct because parents let go. Parents recognize that their children�s lives gradually come under their own control, while sociologists train for a lifetime of submission and obedience. Under the sociological religion individuals exist for the good of the greater whole which is collective humanity. Individuals are resources to be exploited for collective purposes. When the children grow up they have to be directed toward an emotional commitment to some sociologically manageable group.

The sociologists have been working on this type of unity and equality in our country for well over 150 years. It has taken a great deal of work and planning for them to reach the present stage of control over groups, over education, and over political decisions. Each generation has produced more individuals with a submissive mentality.

Intelligence alone is no protection. Many at the top intellectual levels conform because they fancy themselves brilliant and above the masses. They expect to be group leaders, and therefore more important than their inferiors.

Converts are made at lesser intellectual levels because it is difficult to understand bondage when there are no visible chains, and when seduction is accomplished by the bearers of gifts.

Intelligent, hard-working, self-respecting, productive individuals who seek neither mastery nor slavery are becoming more and more aware of the squeeze as their choices become limited. Yet they have appeared to accept encroachments without meaningful resistance. This does not seem to be due to lack of courage or unwillingness to sacrifice for principle, but to an honest bewilderment about the moral principles involved. True principles have been obscured by political oratory, and counterfeit values have been substituted for moral behavior and strong character. The values of sociological thinkers have been used in the same manner as I used the throwing chain on Baron.

Frequently when the sociological trainers want to restrict our individual range of action they hurl one of their chains. Sometimes they need only rattle a chain to bring citizens to heel. Unless we are able to render the sociological trainers� counterfeit values or throwing chains powerless to affect behavior, our lives increasingly will become lives of turmoil and suppression.

The trick, then, is to stop cringing when one of the chains is thrown, to become impassive when it hits, deaf when we hear it rattle. One who is aware of tricks that are being used and of what to expect is not likely to be intimidated.

One of the most effective, most frequently used, hardest to combat sociological throwing chain is the dogma of equality. Actually, equality is a mathematical term. It is useful for the measurement of things, not people. It should be confined to mathematics, not taught as a supreme value for humanity.

Equality for humans is nonsense. Equality as an ideal never can be realized -- only emotionalized and held before the eyes to dazzle and blind the vision. But an emotional commitment to an ideal that cannot be realized is what is needed to enslave. Sociologist Benjamin Kidd explained: �The science of the emotion of the ideal is the science of power in civilization. . . Once the influence of the ideal is imposed upon the individual by social heredity. . . he can never escape from it. It is this creation of the ideal, and the organization of the minds upon which it is imposed into the collective will, that constitute the first objective in the science of power in the future of the world.�

The dogma of equality fits Kidd�s purpose perfectly. It is one of the most powerful throwing chains of all those used to train citizens to act according to sociological bidding. The word equality has achieved a near religious acceptance to the point where its truth is taken on faith and seldom questioned. Yet, nowhere in nature does it exist.

The closest thing I have ever seen to human equality was in the case of identical twins. Yet, among all the identical twins I have known, I could, by careful observation, easily distinguish one from the other; and each wanted to be treated as an individual, not as half of a pair.

Dictators can keep most subjects on a more equal economic level than can be accomplished if government powers are limited, but even in the most powerful dictatorship there would be at least two economic and social classes--those who are supposed to be equal--and the more-than-equal equalizers. Freedom and enforced equality are irreconcilable opposites. Efforts to force economic, social, and intellectual equality serve only to restrict thought, intelligence, and productive capacity. Equality as a dogma or goal for humans is an unachievable crippler and killer.

EQUALITY is never saying, �Look where I came from, see where I am!�

EQUALITY is waking up every day of your life with no place to go.

EQUALITY is thinking always about other people, about whether they have more than you, or you have more than they.

EQUALITY is judging everyone the same, loving everyone the same, HATING everyone the same.

EQUALITY is the ceiling above which one dare not rise; the mental block which holds one back from superior accomplishment.

EQUALITY is hate for your superiors and contempt for your inferiors

EQUALITY is the yoke which binds us to the failures, degenerates and primitives of the world, and the wedge which separates us from the inspiration of the hard-working, successful, and morally pure.

EQUALITY, one of the sociologists� supreme values, is the source of guilt for material abundance, the excuse for oppression, the promise, which because it cannot be kept, enslaves its believers.

EQUALITY is the denial of nature, the rallying cry of the willfully blind, the source of poetic inspiration for those without dreams, the ever-gushing source of tear-stained rhetoric for hypocritical politicians who seek power.

EQUALITY is morality for the morally bankrupt.

EQUALITY is the carrot and the stick--the sociologists� goal for all who are not sociologists, and the sociologists� justification for the whip to punish those who dare achieve beyond sociologically prescribed limits.

EQUALITY is no mountains to climb, no barriers to leap, no dreams to make real.

EQUALITY is spying on other people to be sure they have not become unequal.

EQUALITY is dragging down the ones who climb too high.

EQUALITY is taking away from those who have too much

EQUALITY is seeing yourself no better than the most corrupt and no less than the most virtuous.

EQUALITY is wanting no more and no less than anyone on earth, achieving no more no less than anyone, giving no more no less than anyone, hoping no more no less than anyone.

EQUALITY is having no more joy than anyone and as much sorrow as everyone.

EQUALITY as an ideal shuts out reason, closes doors, denies nature and reality.

EQUALITY as a demand can turn potentially kind, considerate, charitable people into aggressive snarling beasts.

EQUALITY as a value replaces individual virtues of love, kindness, honesty, industry, truth, freedom, morality, faith, hope, and charity.

Politically the word EQUALITY has worked like a voodoo charm. All a politician needs to do is shout EQUALITY and the opposition crumbles to whatever new plan for consolidation of power is being pushed.

EQUALITY, if sociologists have their way, is what we will bequeath to our children.

Why must we accept sociological control over medical care? EQUALITY

Why must we suffer sociological economic manipulation? EQUALITY

Why have sociologists been given control over education? EQUALITY

Why should our substance be given to primitives and strangers all over the world without our consent? EQUALITY

Why should youngsters be forcibly transported to school many miles from home against their parents� wishes and away from their supervision: EQUALITY

Why should academic standards be lowered? EQUALITY

Why should entrants to the professions no longer be chosen on the basis of intellectual achievement, good character, and willingness to invest in their own futures? EQUALITY

Why should one be compelled to do more for others than they are willing to do for themselves? EQUALITY

Who supervises all this equality and determines what laws should be passed to punish inequality? I think you know. Because you know, you can learn to duck when the dogma of equality is thrown at you. You can learn to ignore the rattling of the chain. You can resist the command to HEEL. Be alert. Be observant. Be careful. Be good. Be brave. Be wise. Be free.

� 2004 Erica Carle - All Rights Reserved

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Erica Carle is an independent researcher and writer. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin. She has been involved in radio and television writing and production, and has also taught math and composition at the private school her children attended in Brookfield, Wisconsin. For ten years she wrote a weekly column, "Truth In Education" for WISCONSIN REPORT, and served as Education Editor for that publication.

Her books are GIVE US THE YOUNG--$5 Plus $2.00 P&H WHY THINGS ARE THE WAY THEY ARE--$16 PLUS $4.00 P&H BOTH BOOKS -- $25 Total. A loose leaf collection of quotes titled, SIX GENERATIONS TO SERFDOM is also available--$15 Plus $2.00 P&H. Mailing address: Erica Carle; PO Box 261; Elm Grove, WI 53122.








The sociologists have been working on this type of unity and equality in our country for well over 150 years. It has taken a great deal of work and planning for them to reach the present stage of control over groups, over education, and over political decisions.