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Erica Carle
November 22, 2008

We have founded the new Science of Sociology, and as a deduction from Sociology, the Universal Religion. Auguste Comte, System of Positive Polity (SPP), Vol.2, 1852, 344.

The final blow was inevitably given to Theology . . . when the establishment of my system of Sociology cut from under it its old title to teach Morality and direct Society . . .SPP, Vol. 2, 290.

In a word the new doctrine will institute the worship of Woman, publicly and privately, in a far more perfect way than has ever before been possible. It is the first permanent step towards the worship of Humanity. SPP, Vol. I, 1851, P.2

Consequently it is the primary condition of social reorganization to put an end to the state of utter revolt which the Intellect maintains against the Heart . . . Positivism has at last overcome the immense difficulties of this task . . . every part of our nature is brought under the regenerating influence of the worship of Humanity. Thus a new spiritual power will arise . . . better calculated than Catholicism to engage the support of women which is so necessary to its efficient action on society. SPP, Vol. I, 1851, P. 285-287

If one considers the peaceful cooperation of all men as the goal of social evolution, one cannot permit the peace to be disturbed by priests and fanatics. Liberalism proclaims tolerance for every religious faith and every metaphysical belief, not out of indifference for these "higher" things, but from the conviction that the assurance of peace within society must take precedence over everything and everyone. And because it demands toleration of all opinions and all churches and sects, it must recall them all to their proper bounds whenever they venture intolerantly beyond them. The Free And Prosperous Commonwealth, Ludwig von Mises, 1927, P. 56.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN SOCIAL SCIENCE? Are you willing to give up your property?

In order then to regulate or to combine mankind, Religion must in the first instance place man under the influence of some external Power, possessed of superiority so irresistible as to leave no sort of uncertainty about it. This great principle of social science is at bottom merely the full development of that primary notion of sound Biology--the necessary subordination of every Organism to the Environment in which it is placed. . . A sound theory of Biology thus furnishes the Positive theory of Religion with a foundation wholly unassailable; for it proves the general necessity for the constant supremacy of an external Power as a condition of unity for man, even in his individual life. SPP, Vol. II., P. 12.

The Great Being in its full prime, will take possession of its domain, the Earth, marking its proprietorship by effecting all the improvements compatible with the order of the whole, in accordance with the principle that particular action must in all cases be subordinate to the general unity. SPP, Vol. IV., P. 54.

PUBLIC OWNERSHIP should be looked forward to as the normal development of the co-operative spirit in all communities, at least in lines of business and industry which are suited for public ownership. -- The Reconstruction of Religion, by Charles A. Ellwood, Professor of Sociology at the University of Missouri, 1923. P. 231

It is not on behalf of property owners that liberalism favors the preservation of the institution of private property. It is not because the abolition of that institution would violate property rights that the liberals want to preserve it. If they considered the abolition of the institution of private property to be in the general interest, they would advocate that it be abolished, no matter how prejudicial such a policy might be to the interests of property owners. The Free and Prosperous Commonwealth, Ludwig von Mises. 1927 P. 30

Land, which is the gift of Nature, must not remain in the hands of private individuals. Land must become the property of society and controlled and directed for the welfare and benefit of society. . . There must be an international authority which is much more than was the old League, and powerful enough to administer certain international subjects, for example, control of raw materials, armaments, communications, banking and currency systems, public health, war and peace, territorial limits, emigration and immigration, laws affecting racial and national minorities. These are just a few subjects. We could enlarge upon this point. -- Rohit Mehta in THE THEOSOPHIST, MAY, 1946.

FICTION: As to the land, the farmers by millions were only too glad to turn over their farms to the Government and accept employment on them, with the security of livelihood which that implied for them and theirs. The government, moreover, took for cultivation all unoccupied lands that were convenient for the purpose, remitting the taxes for compensation. Equality, Edward Bellamy, 1897, D. Appleton Co. P. 356.

FACT: Harare, Zimbabwe (AP) -- Zimbabwe's government dramatically increased the number of farms it is targeting for confiscation, a move farmers' leaders said means almost all white-owned farms are set to be nationalized. The government said last July it planned to nationalize 3,000 of about 5,000 white farms in order to hand them over to landless blacks. A new list of 2,000 properties published Friday brought the number to about 4,500, the Commercial Farmers Union said. WAUKESHA FREEMAN, June 30, 2001.

FACT: White farmers in northern Zimbabwe evacuated families from their homes Sunday as rampaging black mobs attacked and looted more farms amid a week of violence.. . . About 300 family members had fled from about 100 raided farms by Sunday. MILWAUKEE JOURNAL, August 13, 2001 P. 7A.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MACRO ECONOMICS? Should the International Chamber of Commerce economists decide what you can own?

The Committee for Economic Reconstruction was organized by the International Chamber of Commerce and is sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. . . Our Committee is making studies by which we hope to develop plans for distribution of the resources of the world on a basis that will be fair to all countries. -- Thomas J. Watson, President of IBM and Hon. President of the International Chamber of Commerce on May 27, 1940 at the Golden Gate International Exposition.

The postwar experience of European countries and Japan shows conclusively that technology gaps can be narrowed and that technology transfer is an effective instrument for gradually bringing countries to similar levels of technical development. "North-South Technology Transfer: The Adjustments Ahead" OECD OBSERVER, No. 109, March 1981, P. 3.

Because of the complexity of the process of technology transfer, it is the multinationals which are often best equipped to handle it. These firms play a leading role in the world economy because of their size and worldwide scope and they account for a large part of technological transfers. There are several explanations for this. The multinationals have the ability: * to operate globally and monitor inputs and outputs in their field of technical competence * to rationalise their subsidiaries' production on a worldwide scale * to take advantage of favourable wage conditions and the opening up of new markets by relocating in whatever part of the world seems desirable. "The Threshold Concept" OECD OBSERVER, No. 109, March 1981, P. 9.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN SOCIAL SCIENCE CONTROL OF EDUCATION? Are academic studies a waste of time?

Education thus will from the beginning have its goal marked out for it, and will thus never be wasted in useless academic studies. Auguste Comte, System of Positive Polity, Vol. II., P. 299.

The requisite convergence of the best minds cannot be obtained without voluntary renunciation on the part of most of them, of their sovereign right to free inquiry. Auguste Comte, Positive Philosophy, (1828-1842) Translated by Harriet Martineau, George Bell, London, 1896, Vol. II., P. 170.

The purpose of this chapter is to emphasize the responsibility of education for making us all alike. A Sociological Philosophy of Education, Ross L. Finney, Ph.D.; MacMillan Company, 1929; P.416

Human institutions, sociology shows, are in every case learned adjustments. As such, they can be modified provided we can obtain control of the learning process. Christianity and Social Science, Charles A. Ellwood, Professor of Sociology, U. of Missouri; MacMillan Company, 1923, P. 18.

The young mind is as absorbent as blotting paper. The ideas of other people exert an insistent pressure even upon adults unless we are already possessed of ideas with which they seem to conflict. As a young child's mind is so meagerly equipped as yet with knowledge, it can offer no such resistance. Accordingly it absorbs whatever cognitive material happens to be extant in its social environment. A Sociological Philosophy of Education, Ross L. Finney, Ph.D.; MacMillan Company, 1929, P. 61.

Perhaps the greatest single shortcoming of our school system is its tendency to concern itself almost exclusively with the dissemination of information. A Foundation Goes To School The Ford Foundation Comprehensive School Improvement Program 1960-1970.


Traditionally there was little question that the school should promote such values as the following: 1. Respect property, 2. Be respectful of adults, 3. Say please and thank you at appropriate times, 4. Do not use profane language or bad grammar, 5. Be neat and clean, 6. Do not lie or cheat.

Now, however, in some situations these are quite controversial. Many lawsuits and community controversies have focused on the meaning of 'neat and clean', for example. Several recent surveys indicate that cheating in school, rather than being unacceptable, has become the norm, and most students feel no guilt about cheating. Standards of profanity are constantly changing and words that one rarely heard used in public a few years ago are now heard a great deal. While many may not like these developments, it is very necessary for teachers to recognize that they are taking place. Knowledge, Processes and Values in the New Social Studies, Wis, Dept. of Public Instruction Bulletin #185 1st edition, 1964, Revised, 1967. P. 45.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY? Should your thoughts and emotions be controlled by social psychology?

Having defined the sphere within which Public Opinion should operate, we shall find little difficulty in determining the conditions requisite for its proper organization. These are, first, the establishment of fixed principles of social action; secondly, their adoption by the public, and its consent to their application in special cases; and, lastly, a recognized organ to lay down the principles, and to apply them to the conduct of daily life. SPP, Vol. I. P. 112.

Whoever wants to see the world governed according to his own ideas must strive for dominion over men's minds. The Free and Prosperous Commonwealth, Ludwig von Mises, 1927, P. 46

The irresistible power of public opinion does at the same time create a really coercing force, because men submit to it, apart from any sense of wrong in the conscience or the understanding. SPP, Vol. II. P. 339

It is clearly in evidence that the science of creating and transmitting public opinion under the influence of collective emotion is about to become the principal science of civilization to the mastery of which all governments and all powerful interests will in the future address themselves with every resource at their command. The Science of Power, by Benjamin Kidd, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1919. P. 131.

When the mind of the West comes to grasp in all its far-reaching applications the fact that the Science of Power in the social integration is the science of directing the collective will over long stretches of time to definite ends through the emotion of the ideal, it will be the first step to a new order of civilization. The Science of Power, by Benjamin Kidd, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1919. P. 189.

Once the influence of the ideal is imposed upon the individual by social heredity...he can never escape from it. It is this creation of the ideal, and the organization of the minds upon which it is imposed into the collective will, that constitute the first objective in the science of Power. The Science of Power, by Benjamin Kidd, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1919. P. 236.

Power in its highest expression is the science of organizing the individual mind in the service of the universal. The Science of Power, by Benjamin Kidd, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1919. P. 309.

Without going into all the researchers' decisions based on these experiments, it can be fairly stated that they concluded that resistance to methods changes could be overcome by getting the people involved in the change to participate in making it. HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW; "How To Deal With Resistance To Change" May/June; 1954.

We recommend the creation of a national citizen's body to assure the implementation of the recommendations of the 1970 Conference...the Forum strongly believes that a committee of citizens rather than just governmental employees holds the key to effective implementation. Certainly the membership should cover a broad spectrum of citizens and citizen groups. The committee should also be ongoing rather than short-term. Report to the President White House Conference on Children, Washington D. C. 1970. P. 412.

If customs or institutions are to be reformed it is first necessary to dig for them new channels of popular belief. Secure the prevalence of new beliefs and new programs of collective behavior will result; indeed, not otherwise can social changes be originated -- except by sheer coercion. Its prevalent beliefs are, therefore, among the most important possessions of any society, since they cause the programs of social behavior to be this instead of that. Sociological Philosophy of Education, Ross L. Finney, Ph.D.; MacMillan Company, 1929 P. 8,9.

The heart of the psychological revolution will be a new and scientifically-based conception of man as an individual and as a social creature. When I say that the psychological revolution is already upon us, what I mean is that we have already begun to change man's self-conception. If we want to further that revolution, not only must we strengthen its scientific base, but we must also try to communicate it to our students and to the public. George A. Miller in AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST, P. 1067; DECEMBER, 1969

DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE RELIGION OF HUMANITY? Should the Ten Commandments be junked so everyone, including children, can have a personal value system?


Science's contribution to life and action does not consist in establishing value judgments, but in clarification of the conditions under which man must act and in elucidation of the effects of various modes of action. It puts at the disposal of acting man all the information he needs in order to make his choices in full awareness of their consequences. It prepares an estimate of cost and yield as it were. Human Action, Third Revised Edition, By Ludwig Von Mises, Henry Regnery Company, 1966, P. 174.

All schools place special emphasis on the process of ethical reasoning and value formation. Stress should be on practice in discussing and arriving at individual ethical choices, with emphasis on both individual and social responsibility.

Teacher training institutions include in their curricula significant learning experiences in ethical reasoning and value formation. Schools and teachers must not impose values, but rather create the environment in which the child will have the incentive to affirm a healthy value construct. Report to the President White House Conference on Children, Washington D. C. 1970. P. 68.

Everything that serves to preserve the social order is moral; everything that is detrimental to it is immoral. Accordingly, when we reach the conclusion that an institution is beneficial to society, one can no longer object that it is immoral. The Free and Prosperous Commonwealth, Ludwig von Mises, 1927 P. 34.

The alcoholic and the drug addict harm only themselves by their behavior; the person who violates the rules of morality governing man's life in society harms not only himself, but everyone. The Free and Prosperous Commonwealth, Ludwig von Mises, Originally published 1927, Republished 1962, P. 35.

All moral rules and human laws are means for the realization of definite ends. There is no method available for the appreciation of their goodness or badness other than to scrutinize their usefulness for the attainment of the ends chosen and aimed at. Human Action, Third Revised Edition, By Ludwig Von Mises, Henry Regnery Company, 1966, P. 720.

HEADLINE: DOW UNCHANGED AS HARVARD 'STEAMS', By Stacy Joina - Cambridge, Mass. --The dean of Harvard Business School "steamed" at a newspaper article suggesting students here are taught to lie, has mounted a furious attack on the school's perennial ally, the Wall Street Journal and its parent Dow Jones and Co. . .
The notorious article by William M. Bulkeley ran in the Jan. 15 issue of the Journal under the headline, "To Some at Harvard Telling Lies Comes as a Matter of Course."

The article focused on the "competitive decision making course" taught by Professor Howard R. Raiffa, which includes instruction on "Strategic misrepresentation." The article indicated students were actually counseled in the art of lying so they could advance in the business world. WASHINGTON POST, 2/9/79.

The purpose of studying sociology is that mankind may learn the rational control of social relations. Our Changing Social Order, Gavian, Gray, & Groves, D. C. Heath & Company, Boston, 1941. p. 17.

We must get rid of personality in every shape, even of the personality of an imaginary being, if we would found a powerful and enduring discipline in the name of humanity. SPP, Vol.IV.249.

The hypothesis that man is not free is essential to the application of scientific method to the study of human behavior. Science and Human Behavior, B. F. Skinner The Free Press, (Div.
MacMillan Co) 1953, P. 447


Sociology is not a science. It is a religion. Every year millions of college students are trained in the Religion of Sociology, also called Positive Religion, or the Religion of Humanity. What can be done about it?

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1. Those who understand can recognize and discuss sociology as a religion, not a science
2. Discard the terms “social service” and “social workers.” Replace them with “special services” and “special service workers.”
3. Protest the fact that social science courses are required for entry into many careers.
4. If you teach a social science course include information about the history and goals of social sciences. Also talk about history, geography, civics, the Constitution, etc..
5. If you are an elected official realize that it is never necessary to accept or promote legislation written by “social scientists.”
6. If you are an elected official do not vote to grant funds to “social sciences.”
7. Remember that every time senators and representatives vote for a benefit such as education, housing, medical care, food stamps, etc. the price in the market for those necessities increases making more people unable to afford them.
8. Do not tolerate lying by elected officials and public employees or professors and teachers.
9. Read THE HATE FACTORY. It is a primer on the history, goals, and methods sociology used in the schools to corrupt children.

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Land, which is the gift of Nature, must not remain in the hands of private individuals. Land must become the property of society and controlled and directed for the welfare and benefit of society.