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By Al Duncan
May 31, 2013

“Thus, the plan has begun to reduce the population.”

In my previous article, May 24, 2013, Why I wrote The Master Plan, I shared how I discovered the master plan. I explained how, through private Central Banks and their ability to print each nation’s currency, these master planners were able to take control of each nation’s financial system. And by implementing a world reserve currency, through the Federal Reserve Bank, they were able to control the world economy.

I demonstrated how the elite, powers that be, enticed each country into relinquishing its sovereignty and coming together under one head, one rule of law, and one powerful military enforcer dominated by the United Nations.

I even included a quote from the foremost leader of these power elite that patently proves that these master planners are helplessly intoxicated on power, supremacy, and the domination of everyone and everything on the planet. And, that they not only possess an insatiably lust for complete ascendancy of the world, they actually believe that they are gods and that their sole purpose of existence is to micro-govern the entire universe.

I quote the British historian, Lord Acton (1834-1902), “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

I accepted the fact that their goal was a New World Order, but I wanted to know what their plan was once that New World Order was achieved, and when reconstructed, under what form of government would they maintain that control. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to relate to individuals who possessed such an insatiable lust to rule the world and everything in it. I knew that most people were like me; their life could be content with the means to make a decent living, a person that they loved and could produce a family with, and thus live happily thereafter. Most people just wanted to be left alone to live a normal life, but not so with the master planners.

The folks that have designed this New World Order have concluded that by reducing the population to five hundred million people, they would be able to traverse the earth and enjoy any location without the threat of being accosted by us common folks. A ninety-five percent reduction of the population would give them that comfort, and they would also be able to procreate freely.

Thus, the plan has begun to reduce the population. This is being carried out through a number of processes that I call slow-kill. The elite have deduced that by reengineering human cells to self-destruct in various ways, and deploying an all-out assault upon the body’s immune system, after a few generations humanity will cease to exist.

This assault is being implemented through harmful food additives, genetically modified and processed foods, chemicals dispersed into the atmosphere, a constant barrage of low frequency electronic and radio waves, a variety of poisonous chemicals placed in the public water system, poisonous food containers, cosmetic products, drugs and vaccines, just to name a few. Combine all of the aforementioned with a reduction of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the food supply and the body has no defense system to fight against this continuous onslaught.

None of this kills a person instantly, but under a combined assault over a period of time, the human race is being culled. And while this is being done, the elite are extracting your hard earned dollars through health care and Big Pharma.

Some may ask, “If they kill us off, who will run the world; perform the chores, and perform the tasks necessary to build their homes, cars, clothing and equipment?” Or, “If we are gone, who will buy their goods? The plain and simple answer is robots. Robots can perform all of the tasks above and they don’t need food, water, rest, or days off. Robots can now repair robots. Therefore, the elite, master planners, powers that be do not need human beings anymore.

The other question you may ask is, “How will they be able to escape the effects of these poisons?” The plain and simple answer is that they are the ones who have ordered the creation of these harmful products, so they know what and where they are and they simply avoid them. As an example, they have what is called a clean vaccine; clean of mercury, cancer, Hepatitis A, B, and C, etc.

With the recent purchase of the 200+ billion bullets—that approximately five bullets for each American, the 2700 armored assault vehicles for the streets of America, the 30,000 drones for the skies of America, the 4200 assault rifles and the one million practice-targets with faces of American citizens that include pregnant women, senior citizens, kids and infants, it is obvious that they are planning to escalate the process to outright extermination. The laws are all in place, strategic plans have been written and the process is ready to commence whenever they are ready.

I asked myself, How can anyone be so evil? And then I discovered a little book by Dr. Stanley Monteith, entitled, The Brotherhood of Darkness, and the lights came on, it was the missing link that fashioned it into clarity.

Documented in The Brotherhood of Darkness, with excerpts of their personal writings, was their admission that they were Luciferians. They believe that the God of the Bible is the devil and that Lucifer is god. They claim that in the Garden of Eden, God intentionally withheld the knowledge of good and evil from humanity in order to deprive them of this secret knowledge that they could become gods. They also believed that Lucifer (the light bearer) intervened, in order to enlighten humanity by revealing this secret knowledge that was capable of transforming them into gods. Therefore, these elitist believe that the God of the Bible is the devil, and by following and worshipping Lucifer, Satan, the true devil, they can acquire the secret knowledge of enlightenment that can transform them into gods.

Since their account comes from the Bible, I examined that source, in order to learn the characteristics of the one they openly profess to worship. Lucifer outwardly appears to be an angel of light, but he is described as a lair, the father of lies and he cannot tell the truth. His ulterior motives are only to steal, kill and destroy God’s creation. Lucifer means light bearer, Satan means accuser, and the devil means slanderer, tempter, and perpetrator of that which is evil. They worshipped the devil and through channeling, they are receiving instructions directly from him.

Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant, the fact is, those who are on the threshold of controlling the world in which you live, believe it. And therefore, you need to be aware of it.

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In the same manner of study that convinced me they control the world’s finances, and that they rule each country through the United Nations, I was persuaded that they possessed the same characteristics as the devil of whom they worshipped. A perfect example of proof was the Middle East, where every country that has rejected their New World Order takeover is attacked under the banner of terrorism; the leaders are killed, all resources and treasures are stolen, and the country is then destroyed.

While I have clearly demonstrated that a takeover has been accomplished, and what these master planners have devised for humanity, I have yet revealed how they intend to live, once The master plan for a New World Order is complete. I will do so in succeeding articles.

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None of this kills a person instantly, but under a combined assault over a period of time, the human race is being culled. And while this is being done, the elite are extracting your hard earned dollars through health care and Big Pharma.