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By Al Duncan

March 27, 2013

Excerpt from The Master Plan

“The Illuminati, who also called themselves the Society of the Elect, had united with one aim in mind, to create a New World Order ruled by a Global Governance.”

One evening I was working late on a special project that was scheduled to begin the next day. Because it was marked Top Priority, I wanted to study the set of specifications thoroughly before briefing my draftsmen in the morning. After a complete search of the office, I was unable to find the set of specs for the job. Isaac and I had discussed the details of the project earlier that day, so I wondered if he had mistakenly kept the files or merely failed to have them delivered to my office before leaving. While searching through his out-basket, I found them attached to another set of specs for the same project. Puzzled, I studied them side-by-side. They bore the same Special Project heading, but the physical location of the site was different. One set of specs was apparently used to conceal electronic surveillance devices, secret codes, and a different location of the construction site. To complicate matters, Isaac's set of specs made repeated references to a mysterious Manual IV. I wasn't familiar with this manual but assumed it had to be important since the references were necessary to interpret the specs.

Stimulated by curiosity, I started hunting for this mysterious Manual IV. After searching Isaac's office without a clue, I decided to wait until the following morning and ask Isaac about it. Then it occurred to me that I hadn't examined the walk-in safe that contained the firm's financial estimates and accounting records. Knowing the safe was only accessible to Isaac, the firm’s accountant and me, I thought it might be a likely place to keep the manual.

I dialed the combination and entered the safe. After examining the shelves and searching through the filing cabinet, I was still unable to find the manual. I didn't thoroughly check the last three drawers of the file cabinet because they appeared to be empty when I opened them. Having drawn a blank everywhere else, I decided to check them once more before leaving the safe.

Examining the drawers again only confirmed my first conclusion, but when I slammed the last drawer shut, I heard a thump. `Yes!' I whispered, while opening the drawer again. Lying in plain view were two books. They had obviously fallen from their hiding place when I closed the drawer.

I gathered them up and walked over to the leather chair positioned behind Isaac's desk. The smaller of the books was the mysterious Manual IV, which contained the information I needed to complete the project. The other book was much larger; it was bound in black leather and it resembled a well-used Bible. Posted throughout the book were warnings against it falling into the hands of unauthorized personnel. It was titled: The Master Plan of the New World Order, revised edition 1999, an exposé of Global Governance, designed by the Elite for world dominance.

Although the information I needed to brief my staff would be lacking, I knew that Isaac had access to the information contained in the Manual IV, and he could brief them in the morning. My curiosity to investigate The Master Plan intrigued me beyond restraint.

I opened its cover and began to read. Astounded by what I was discovering, I lost all concept of time. Realizing that I would never finish in time, I rushed to the copy machine to make photocopies. I had copied seven hundred pages of the seven hundred and fifty-page document before noticing that the dark skies had turned the gray of dawn. I quickly finished, hoping that no one would come to work early, rushed back to the safe, and replaced the books. My watch showed 5:30 a.m., and I was due back at work in three hours. I had to rush home if I wanted to return on time.

As I pressed the elevator button, I pulled my handkerchief from my pocket and wiped the perspiration from my brow. During the ride down to the garage-level, a number of thoughts flooded my mind. I was positive Isaac was one of them, his copy of The Master Plan proved that. I didn't know how high he ranked within their structure, but his position as President of World Construction gave him a privileged monopoly over all major construction projects within the Western continent. I thought about the special meetings Isaac attended out of the country. Each time he returned, he would have Special Projects like the one we were about to start.

When I reached my car I placed the briefcase containing the copied document on the seat beside me. With jangled nerves, I started the motor. Suddenly, as if on their own volition, my hands dropped into my lap. Overwhelmed by my discovery, I sat for an undetermined amount of time staring into space with a deluge of unanswered questions surging through my mind.

Judging by the severe warnings against the manual falling into the hands of unauthorized persons, I was certain that knowledge of its contents constituted a threat to their organization. If I attempted to make any overt efforts to reveal their plans, I was certain my life would be in danger. Suppressing my fears, I regained my composure and drove out of the multi-level parking structure. Nobody knew about my discovery, and I wasn't about to breathe a word to anyone.

All my spare time was devoted to studying The Master Plan. I wanted to know how they intended to pull off this grandiose conspiracy to control the world, along with everybody and everything in it. Directing the worlds political, social and economic events, while simultaneously controlling billions of lives, would take cunning genius, and an awful lot of money and patience to make it work.”

I learned that most of the initial references in The Master Plan were to an organization called the Enlightened Ones, or the Illuminated Ones that went as far back as the late 1700s. It was May 1, 1776, the same day America celebrates her independence, that the Illuminati, a secret society, was founded to overthrow civilization and establish a Novus Ordo Seclorum, a one world government or New World Order.

The Illuminate really took off in the early 1900s, when a multi-millionaire who made a fortune exploiting South Africa’s blood diamonds, left his fortune in the form of a Scholarship fund. This fund was designated to finance the education of tested young men who had the desire and potential to further this New World Order plan.

These elitists were some of the wealthiest and most influential men in the world. The Illuminati, who also called themselves the Society of the Elect, had united with one aim in mind, to create a New World Order ruled by a Global Governance.

Knowing it would take generations before achieving their ultimate aim, they devised The Master Plan. The ideal was universal peace, the creation of one language founded on the unity of mankind, with all individual States crushed, disciplined, and subject to one law under Global Governance. Nationalism had to be overcome, the design that the present world operated dismantled, and a common creed or ethical-religion established. Depopulation was a necessity, with a subsequent zero-growth society. They professed that mankind's desire for peace could only be realized by the creation of an authoritative New World Order so great and powerful that wars would be rendered impossible.

The Master Plan was continuously revised and covertly passed on among the members. Only the Elite's inner Circle of Initiates and the Association of Helpers knew the detailed account of their aim. Through semi-secret discussion and lobbying groups, later known as the Round Table Groups, they initiated their plan.

A strong emphasis was placed on maintaining utmost secrecy. The success of The Master Plan would be established by two determinate facts—loyalty of its members to each other and severe punishment of its enemies.

Only select, proven, and trusted men knew the true identities of the Elite's inner circle. It was the outer circle, the Round Table Groups that initially engaged others to do the Elite's bidding.

Achieving world dominance required expertise in every sector of life. Trusted subordinates were instructed to cull specialists from among their administrative brains—specialists reared on investigation, observation, and the delicacies of fine calculation. These specialists closely studied the events of history—observing every moment as it passed—and then drafted their plans accordingly. They didn't want to merely analyze and interpret international policy; they wanted to formulate it.

After succeeding in Europe, they turned their gaze upon the United States. For some time the Elite bankers coveted America's return to subjugation under British rule.

“America was a young, independent country founded upon a bureaucratic system that created immense adversity to the fulfillment of Global Governance. The North American Republic furnished its own money without cost and its Constitution was written to limit the power of government and keep its citizens free and prosperous. It paid off its debts and was without debt to the Elite international bankers. Destined to become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments, the American had to be destroyed or it would destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

“You know, Lance,” Monique interrupted, “while attending the University of Cambridge, I took a class in United States Constitutional Law. When it comes to providing freedoms for the people, no other documents come close to the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers.”

Men of genius were selected, only those endorsed by mentors dedicated to the cause of the New World Order. These men were groomed from early childhood—learned scholars specially trained at distinguished universities—to understand the affairs of the world. Various tax-exempt foundations, trusts, and endowments, all overt and covert influences that opposed the fundamental principles of the United States, funded these scholarships.

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The recipients of these scholarships were instruments of precision that believed that the first duty of any man was to serve the State. Between one and two-thousand of these men were implanted into various key positions of authority all over the world. Many of them were prominent businessmen, the heads of large industrial firms and major newspapers; many were television, movie, and radio producers. Many were placed in government bureaucracy as advisors, aides, and specialists. They remained in these positions indefinitely, while elected political officials came and went.

Like a giant octopus, they infiltrated nation, state, and city. They overwhelmed the executive offices, the legislative bodies, courts, newspapers, and every agency created for the public protection. Through these maneuver, they were able to gather the reins of government and secured enactment of legislation favorable to their cause, until there wasn’t one major industry that wasn’t contaminated by their touch.

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This spiritual aspect was the missing component to The Master Plan. Until now, it was hard to accept that human beings could be so inherently evil, but it now all made sense. The Master Plan was actually Lucifer’s strategic war-plan against the Almighty God.