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By Al Duncan
May 1, 2013

Excerpt from The Master Plan

“We are not content with negative obedience, or even with the most abject submission. When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will.”

One evening after returning to our quarters from a dinner engagement with Monique, I turned on the radio and whispered in her ear, “I believe I've finally discovered a safe way to escape.”

Before I could continue, she interrupted me. “Look, Lance,” she countered in a rather loud voice. Before she said anything else, I motioned for her to lower her voice as I led her out to the terrace. “I do not care to talk about that,” she continued in a whisper. We were now at the far end of the terrace and the farthest point from any listening device. “And why are you so hung up on this business of escaping anyway? I have enough on my mind without worrying about that kind of foolishness.

“You should have enough to worry about, too, with all the work they have been dumping on you lately. Besides,” she continued, sweetening her tone, “it was such a lovely evening. Please, let us not spoil it with such talk. Okay, Lance?”

I understood then what she was telling me, but I needed to be certain: “Do you ever intend to leave this place, Monique?”

“Well, yes. But where would we go? What would we do when we got there? Let us be realistic about this, Lance. I have worked all of my life to reach where I am today. I love working with computers, and I am naturally gifted with numbers. If I apply these talents, I can truly advance the cause of all humanity; it is my reasonable contribution to the State and its allowing me to utilize my talents for the benefit of all. And you want me to disregard everything for a selfish impulse?”

Before I could comment, she continued.

“Furthermore, if we were able to escape—and that is a huge if—we would be wanted by the authorities and hounded for the rest of our lives. And if, I should say, and when they caught us they would either kill us instantly or bring us back to the labor camp to be tortured to death. If—and here is another mighty big if—if they allowed us to live, they would never trust us again; we would never be permitted to work in any complex again—I couldn't take it in another labor camp, Lance.

“But that is only my situation, what about you? You're not doing too badly here. I mean, you are the number one man in your field. If a building project is desired, no matter how high their greatness, no matter how extravagant or absurd their desire, they must come to Lance Roberts. The State needs you, the same as the State needs me. Don't you understand that this is our calling in life?”

That’s when I stopped her, “I understand. Believe me, Monique, I understand.” And I did understand. I recalled the Elite's words:

Each state of life must be trained within strict limits corresponding to its destination and work in life. The occasional genius will always manage to slip through into other states of life. They will rejoice that we have regulated everything in their lives as all wise parents who desire to train their children in the cause of duty and submission.

For the first time in Monique's life, she realized that she was needed. She was accomplishing her objective and I was asking her to disregard it. I couldn't blame her. Had this been three weeks earlier, and she asked me to escape, I would have argued against it as strongly as she had.

My rise to power had caused me to deviate entirely from my original plan. Once again, but this time fully aware of what I was doing, I had offered my life as an instrument to further entrench a diabolical system designed, constructed, and sustained by a diabolical force. Until now, I hadn't realized how far I had fallen.

It took this conversation to make me realize that I was the one who had lost direction, not Monique. She hadn't vowed against furthering the destructive forces of the Elite, I had. It took a major threat and Monique's honesty for me to come to my senses. I had regressed to chasing a dream of being the best, and I thought I had put childhood dream to rest. If I still longed to be the greatest in my field, I should have kept my secure position at World Construction.

There was something Monique didn't understand, though. Even in the case of her father, she never fully realized the grave adversity the Elite was committing against humanity. For decades, they had devastated the earth, and every living creature on it. Everything on earth suffered under the vile hand of the Elite.

I recalled a pompous boast I had read from The Master Plan:

We are not content with negative obedience, nor even with the most abject submission. When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will. We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us. We convert him, we capture his inner mind, and we reshape him.

It was difficult to accept that I was the only one aware of what was taking place. I remembered how appalled I was when I learned about the Elite and what they were doing. Ironically, everyone I told refused to believe it, or simply accepted it as the way of life. Was I the only one right and everyone else wrong? I wondered if the natural way of life truly included taking advantage of others the way the Elite relentlessly took advantage of everyone.

Suddenly Mr. Freeman came to mind. “No!” I heard myself shout aloud. There are people who understand. The people living in Peaceful Valley know that the human race could not exist by devouring itself, and so they live their lives opposing everything the Elite's secular system represented. My determination had been revived. Again, I vowed to devote my efforts to escaping and returning to Peaceful Valley.

The next morning Monique and I attended the Sunday service. It was obvious to me that our discussion the night before had created a chasm between us. We were going in different directions, and because of it, I was at a definite disadvantage. If I angered Monique, she could easily tell them my plan. I would certainly be confined to a cell, or maybe executed.

Suddenly one of Haile's warnings came to mind:

An accomplice may hinder your escape and cause more trouble than help!

I had taken Monique into my confidence. But now that I was on my own, I wasn't obligated to Monique any longer. Knowing that she wasn't my responsibility gave me a sense of relief. I felt as if a weight had been lifted.

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All of this, however, was secondary to the threat of undergoing another memory-scan. The authorities would not only learn what took place the forty-eight hours before my arrest, they would even know my immediate thoughts.

Again, Haile's words of advice came to mind:

You have a plan within you. You must search within yourself until you discover the way that is perfect for you. When the time is right, and you will know that time, execute your plan with precision.

When I sensed the time was right, I would make my escape.

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You have a plan within you. You must search within yourself until you discover the way that is perfect for you. When the time is right, and you will know that time, execute your plan with precision.