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By Al Duncan
April 24, 2013

Excerpt from The Master Plan

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“It’s like dreaming, but you have full control over your dream. Complex technology combined with the speed of the new super-computerized system allows the computer to instantly interpret and construct your thoughts into a world of visual images in your mind.”

That evening when Monique came in from her work assignment, I asked her about False Reality. Full of excitement, she described the concept.

“False Reality is a technology that fully immerses the operator in an interactive computer-generated environment. The operator, in a False Reality experience, interacts with the system through a series of sensors positioned around the head—every experience, I don’t care what it is, originates in the brain.

“I’ve written a number of basic programs and copied them onto DVDs as demos. With the sensors in place, you simply insert a DVD of your choice into a network box that accesses the main super-computer, and you're on your way.”

I still wasn’t able to grasp the full significance of the concept, so I asked, “What’s the difference in False Reality and sitting in front of your one hundred and fifty inch monitor enjoying a 3-D movie with 3-D sound?”

“I’ll be more specific, Lance. It’s like dreaming, but you have full control over your dream. Complex technology combined with the speed of the new super-computerized system, allows the computer to instantly interpret and construct your thoughts into a world of visual images in your mind. This allows the operator to interact with the virtual environment. Since everyone forms thoughts differently, it’s a totally unique experience to each operator. As you advance in False Reality skills, your ability to create your own environment also enhances; total participation is what immerses the controller into a computer-generated world of False Reality.”

She hadn't convinced me that her apparatus merited her scheduled promotion from a prisoner in the labor camp to a legitimate State Official. “My idea of reality,” I explained, “is being able to smell the coffee, taste the honey, and feel the pain after stumping my toe against a rock. When all of my senses respond naturally to a physical encounter, then I would consider calling it reality, whether false or otherwise.”

“You're right, Lance. Our five senses are what make life real to us. The most powerful sense-gate we possess is sight. In order to create a sense-orientated environment, I've linked authentic 3-D sound, actual aromas, and genuine tastes to the visual images in your mind. You can feel pain and induce pleasure. You can smell the coffee and taste it. Collectively, these effects produce a real-life, yet computer-generated world that the operator can enter into and partaker of interactively.

“You can fly across the Grand Canyon like a bird. You can visit the Alps in Switzerland and ski the slopes. You can go dancing in New York and eat dinner in Paris. Simply insert the DVD of your choice into the network box and you're on your way. Or, when your mental skills have fully developed, you won’t need DVD to simulate a setting, you simply create the environment as you go.

“False Reality is also capable of constructing a similitude from digital images taken with a digital camera, whether still or video. It can take one-dimensional digital images, reproduce them into three-dimensional images, and virtually recreate another world from that single image.

“Imagine, a physician diagnosing a patient's problem from the other end of the world. A surgeon can simulate a surgical procedure, watchful of any complications, and later perform the actual procedure, problem free. Thanks to False Reality, robots are able to perform surgical procedures, while a medical surgeon oversees the operation from any location in the world.

“Without leaving the room, a patient with paralysis can encounter numerous experiences never possible before. Students can receive on-the-job training while at home, and when they enter the workplace, they are well versed with hands-on experience. Explorations and experiences are endless and mind boggling with the capabilities of False Reality.

“Furthermore, by networking with others, each operator can utilize the same application and interact with one another. This aspect is listed under the group category. Each operator can see the image of the other operators on the screen. I have included a catalog of interchangeable features and body parts, which allows each operator to construct a human image according to their personal preference.

“I have also produced a catalog of existing human images. This catalog includes movie stars and the most famous people of today, and of times past. Or, an operator can create his or her own image to represent him or her on the screen; this will be the image that is viewed by the other operators. But if you don't like the appearance of another operator, you can always recreate an image that pleases you.”

“Now, I'm impressed,” I replied, conveying a sincere compliment.

Although I could see countless ramifications accompanying this invention, most of them good, I could also see various aspects of False Reality open for abuse. And yet, I quickly rationalized that fact with the idea that many technological inventions carried potential for abuse.

“Isn’t it awesome, Lance? The opportunities and alternatives are limitless. And, it can be applied as an amazing instrument for architectural drafting.

“Yes. I can see that,” I agreed, contemplating the application of False Reality in Architectural Engineering. Once sufficiently trained, no team of draftsmen could match the speed and accuracy in which I could design a structure. I could inspect the building and make the necessary revisions before the actual construction began. Being able to make the revisions beforehand would cut the cost and completion time considerably.

My primary concern was to be able to demonstrate the vast accomplishments of False Reality as an enticement to Amanda. I would have to convince her that the advantages would more than compensate for whatever time spent learning the technical aspects of the application. I would also have to convince Amanda that I was capable of achieving what I professed. The benefits would be rewarding for all humanity, as well as for Ms. Amanda Rourke.

The plans for the Main Complex were presently on schedule, but time was always an essential attribute. If the matter were handled discreetly, I would hopefully nullify the threat of a memory-scan and conceivably obtain State Official status just like Monique. It wouldn't be easy, but it was possible.

“What do you think about the possibility of using False Reality to finish designing the new Main Complex?” I asked.

“No problem, Lance,” she answered with a sudden look of expectancy. “Architecture is capable of reaping benefits from False Reality as any other field.”

“Okay, Monique, then I have a twofold question. Can you write a program that is comparable to the Auto-CAD program we presently use engineering; and how long will it take you to teach me to sufficiently operate False Reality?” I asked.

“With your help, I can rewrite the language for any computer program and teach you the basic necessities of False Reality in two weeks. We’ll have to work closely together while I am writing the program, since I’ll have a number of questions relating to specific drafting techniques. While you're helping me, you’ll also be gaining a working knowledge of how to maneuver within FR,” she answered.

“Do you think two weeks will give us enough time, Monique?” I asked skeptically.

“Once you give me a copy of the top engineering program you use, we will rewrite some of the data, but most of it will be simply transferred into False Reality.

“When I originally wrote the program for False Reality, one of my objectives was to make it so simplistic that a child could easily learn to operate it adequately. Our obstacle will be working our way through the technical aspects of architectural design. That’s the only reason it’ll take two weeks.

“I’ve devised each program to walk the operator through one step at a time. Once you’re familiar with the techniques, there’s no end to the capabilities of what you can render. In no time at all you’ll be able to function more than adequately.”

“If I understand you correctly, all I have to do is convince Amanda Rourke that the time spent learning False Reality would expedite the completion date of the Main Complex considerably.”

“How do you plan to go about that?” Monique asked.

“I'll make an appointment with Amanda and convince her to give me a transfer to your department so you can train me. Knowing her inclination for fame, and considering the circumstances involved, I don't think she'd hesitate approving a temporary transfer for two weeks. The question remains, are you sure we can pull it off in such a short time?”

“I know we can. You get the approval from Amanda, and I’ll arrange my schedule so that I’ll be free to train you,” she replied.

The less Monique knew the better off we both were. She would simply teach me to operate the device. I would deal with Amanda. If I presented the situation properly, she would gladly make the necessary arrangements for the training session.

Monique's department would only have to know that she was training someone in the techniques of False Reality, but they needn't know any of the specifics involved. Once I became competent, I would write my own program. Then, I would be the only person needed for the operation.

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I would have to take advantage of Amanda's influence with the heads of the State. Meeting her superiors would hopefully put me in a position to gain their favor; after all, it was her idea that Monique and I become a team. At the slightest indication of her causing a problem, I would use my influence to have her stopped. Everything was hinged upon my discretion; one bad move could result in my losing everything, including my life.

Taking advantage of the invitation Amanda gave during our last meeting, I made an appointment for the two of us to have lunch. I aptly demonstrated that False Reality could revolutionize architectural engineering, and that the benefits could be limitless. I was rather surprised how readily she agreed to everything.

“So you have decided to come in out of the cold,” she stated flatly. “I must admit, you brought an enticing gratuity to secure our alliance. If the possibilities are anywhere close to what you allege, we will be able to write our own ticket.”

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I still wasn’t able to grasp the full significance of the concept, so I asked, “What’s the difference in False Reality and sitting in front of your one hundred and fifty inch monitor enjoying a 3-D movie with 3-D sound?”