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By: Devvy

November11, 2004

There has never been any question I believe Bush's invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq is unconstitutional and an improper use of our military. However, being married to a retired U.S. Army Colonel who spent 27 years in service, I fully understand that our active duty military are owned by the government 24/7 during their time in service. They go where they're told whether they want to or not. That's the reality of the situation.

Having said all that, Christmas is coming and our active duty freedom fighters are spread all over the world. Many are being kept in service longer than they were supposed to and won't see their families this Thanksgiving or Christmas. Our National Guard are suffering huge financial hardships from extended tours for Bush and his masters. So many of our veterans of foreign wars are still having a rough time of it, having seen horrors that no human should have to endure.

We are coming upon the time of the year that is particularly difficult for our deployed troops (all branches) and those in old soldiers homes who have no one, but we can let them know we care. Even those doing service here in these united States of America don't always have the money to even take a bus from one coast to another to see their family for Christmas or can't get leave because of the mission.

While our family doesn't do the present thing, we do celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and we have a wonderful, sit down family dinner. This year I have asked my family to join me in giving a gift from all of us to one organization for active duty and one organization for veterans.

I know everyone groans when they think about the "holiday hoopla," which is one reason our family doesn't do it, but because the post office has specific cut off dates, I wanted to let Americans know that if they would like to do a little something for those who voluntarily enlisted to protect us if necessary with their lives, now is the time to make your plans. I do thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know our troops and veterans will very much appreciate your card or gift.

The most requested items are: AA batteries Baby powder Baby wipes Books and magazines (gift certificates) Cassette tapes (blank) CDs (blank) Clothes pins Cotton swabs Cough drops Dental floss Deodorant Disposable Camera Duct tape Envelopes Fly swatters Fly traps Foot powder Hand sanitizer Heating pads Lip balm Liquid soap Note pads Pens Phone cards Playing cards Puzzles Razors Shampoo Shaving Cream Soap Socks Stamps Sun block Sunglasses Tissues Toilet paper Tooth brushes Toothpaste T-shirts (white) Under shorts Writing paper Beef jerky Canned meat Cookies (in tins) Crackers Dried fruit Drink mix Energy bars Gum Hard candy Homemade candy (in tins)

Check with your local post office for mailing requirements and cut off dates.

Department of Defense web site that lists organizations of all kinds for gifts or donations - click here

You can call the Military Postal Service Agency's toll-free number 1 (800) 810-6098 to identify other programs.

Scholarship funds for children of active military, deceased and retirees - click here

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We are coming upon the time of the year that is particularly difficult for our deployed troops (all branches) and those in old soldiers homes who have no one, but we can let them know we care.