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By: Devvy
October 3, 2016

Millions of Americans were stunned on July 5, 2016 when Banana Republic FBI Director James Comey announced there would be no charges against career criminal, Hillary Rodham Clinton. I say millions because her deliberate and intentional actions in setting up a private email server system was being followed by millions on the Internet, television and radio. Comey spent 14 minutes on television laying out the case that would get anyone indicted and then spent the next three minutes explaining why Hillary Clinton is above the law.

Many speculated Comey didn't want to meet an untimely death as have nearly 100 people closely associated with or known enemies of Bill & Hillary Clinton. On that day James Comey threw away his impeccable reputation. Those who admired and respected him like former judge, Jeanine Pirro who has her own show Saturday night on FOX. Leaks inside the FBI raved if Comey did not recommend charges there would be a mass exodus of agents. Well, that did not happen because FBI agents like tens of millions of Americans have mortgages to pay and need their paychecks to put food on the table for their kiddies.

However, inside leaks these days say morale is in the toilet and a large majority of agents involved with that investigation want Comey to resign. He has soiled and fouled the FBI and further eroded the public's confidence in that agency confirming what millions already know: the game is rigged and James Comey sold his soul to the devil. Report: FBI Turns Against Director Comey - Comey's ties to the Clinton family exposed:

“When President Obama nominated Comey to become FBI director in 2013, Comey promised the United States Senate that he would recuse himself on all cases involving former employers. But Comey earned $6 million in one year alone from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin became a Clinton Foundation donor that very year. Comey served as deputy attorney general under John Ashcroft for two years of the Bush administration. When he left the Bush administration, he went directly to Lockheed Martin and became vice president, acting as a general counsel."

As more evidence continues to trickle from the State Department it is glaringly obvious to anyone following the monster email scandal there should be a slew of indictments against key operatives for conspiracy to cover up crimes by Hildebeast as well as obstruction. Key employees in the State Department have been crapping in Congress' face for years ignoring subpoenas and deliberately hiding evidence.

Last Wednesday, El Hefe Comey, who looked like he was resurrected from the dead, was once again on the hot seat in front of a Congressional oversight committee. Since tens of millions of Americans are working they only see snippets in the evening. But, I can assure you, Comey buried himself. At one point and this is not an exaggeration, I actually thought Comey was going to start crying. Comey said 'we're still the same FBI you know and love'. Make me gag.

I know time is an issue as I so frequently say, but I've done the homework for you, dear reader, so please bookmark this column and take the time to watch these short video clips from the hearings.

Trey Gowdy grilling Comey
Jim Jordan so done with the FBI's incompetence in Clinton investigation
Comey "That Was "O S-H-I-T" Moment"! Chaffetz, Gowdy, Issa, Jordan! Issa Reveals Lies! Comey Rattled!
Representative Collins tells FBI Director Comey "You Blew It"
Watch: Judicial Watch Clinton Email/Foundation Expert Panel to Help Unravel “Complicated Mess of a Scandal”

These are important in exposing the truth:

'Fat shaming' dominated news as Comey's defense collapsed - Damning evidence Hillary should have been prosecuted
Judicial Watch: FBI Used Redacted Documents to Question Clinton Aides
WikiLeaks Drops Another Bombshell On Hillary Clinton And The FBI And The Latest Assange Interviews
Comey: ‘I Don't Remember’ Why FBI Let Hillary Aide Lie

Rep. Jordan to Comey: Clinton IT Guy You Gave Immunity Is “Trying To Cover Up The Cover Up”
Gowdy Says FBI Failed To Ask Clinton Right Questions About Email Server
Hillary couldn't be proven guilty without proving the president guilty as well

Gowdy Destroys FBI's Immunity Deal With Hillary's “Triggerman”- “If the FBI and the Department of Justice gave this witness transactional immunity, it is tantamount to giving the triggerman immunity in a robbery case,” the former prosecutor said. “It looks like they gave immunity to the very person you would most want to prosecute.”

“You don't give immunity to the person who actually robbed the bank,” Gowdy explained. “You may want to give it to the getaway driver. You may want to give it to the person who helped them count the money afterwards, but you don't give immunity to the person who walked in and robbed the bank. That ain’t that complicated, but that's apparently what the FBI did.”

State Department Admits It ‘Lost’ Clinton Foundation Email. Lost? Let me remind everyone about these two crimes. If you haven't been to the National Archives it's the most wonderful place. It's also the repository for tens of thousands of original documents that can't be replaced. Sandy Berger was a national security adviser under Billy Clinton:

Convicted document thief Sandy Berger secretly worked for Hillary Clinton: "Former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, who was sentenced in 2005 — as the result of a plea bargain — to two-years probation and fined $50,000 for stealing highly classified documents from the National Archives and intentionally destroying some of them, had also been functioning as a Hillary Clinton campaign adviser before his death last December."

James Comey and the Stinking Fish Factor

"Affirming this unflattering opinion, Jerome Corsi, journalist and NY Times bestselling author, says that Comey has a long history of cases ending favorable to the Clintons. In 2004, Corsi says, Comey was a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department when he “apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger…[and Berger’s] removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.”

“Curiously,” Corsi continues, “Berger, Lynch and Cheryl Mills (Hillary's longtime advisor and Chief of Staff during her years as Sec. of State) all worked as partners in the Washington law firm Hogan & Hartson, which prepared tax returns for the Clintons and did patent work for a software firm that played a role in the private email server Hillary Clinton used when she was secretary of state.”

"Corsi said that “various statements Comey made about Berger’s mishandling of classified documents bear comparison to his comments regarding Hillary Clinton’s email server” and that Berger, “a convicted thief of classified documents, had been advising Clinton while she served as secretary of state and had access to emails containing classified information.”

FBI Files Chronicling Hillary Clinton’s Connection To Vince Foster’s Death Missing From National Archives - Not the first time Clinton files apparently vanished. “This is not the first time documents related to the Clintons have apparently vanished from the National Archive. In March 2009, the archives found that an external hard drive from the Bill Clinton White House containing confidential documents was missing. “When it could not be located, the inspector general's office announced that it had opened a criminal investigation,” he added. A $50,000 reward was offered for information leading to the recovery of the hard drive. "

Those of us who followed the Vince Foster death know it was murder not suicide. The same as I know as sure as the sun shines Ron Brown, then Secty of State under Bill Clinton, died in a plane crash in the ocean, not crashed into the side of a hill. Lies, lies and nothing but more lies. Looting OUR National Archives is a crime against we the people and it's got to stop.

State Department Admits It ‘Lost’ Clinton Foundation Email: "The email contained an attachment memo about Greek bonds — a significant detail given the heavy investments Clinton’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, was making in the Greek economic recovery during that same period.

"Chelsea Clinton, Mezvinsky’s wife, is a board member at the Clinton Foundation. The fact that one of Clinton’s closest aides shared insider information about the economic climate in Greece with the foundation — just one year after Mezvinsky and fellow Goldman Sachs alum founded a hedge fund that operated primarily by placing bets on international economic trends — raises questions about the many potential conflicts of interest that could have arisen from the Clintons’ web of connections."

FBI Director James Comey Took Millions from Clinton Foundation Defense Contractor
Corruption! FBI Director James Comey Exposed: Received millions from Clinton Foundation on their Corporate Partner Board, his brother works for law firm that does Clinton Foundation taxes:

HSBC Holdings

"In 2013, Comey became a board member, a director, and a Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee member of the London bank HSBC Holdings. “Mr. Comey’s appointment will be for an initial three-year term which, subject to re-election by shareholders, will expire at the conclusion of the 2016 Annual General Meeting,” according to HSBC company records. HSBC Holdings and its various philanthropic branches routinely partner with the Clinton Foundation. For instance, HSBC Holdings has partnered with Deutsche Bank through the Clinton Foundation to “retrofit 1,500 to 2,500 housing units, primarily in the low- to moderate-income sector” in “New York City.”

[Devvy's hot new book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions is now available. The most important issues destroying America are presented along with constitutional solutions neither the Republicans or Democrats will pursue. Get your copy now. Excellent discounts for 2 or more books, or bulk orders.

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“Retrofitting” refers to a Green initiative to conserve energy in commercial housing units. Clinton Foundation records show that the Foundation projected “$1 billion in financing” for this Green initiative to conserve people's energy in low-income housing units."

HSBC Bank Executives Face Charges in $3.5 Billion Currency Case, July 20, 2016: "The global banking giant HSBC has repeatedly found itself in the cross hairs of American regulators and prosecutors in recent years. To settle allegations of money-laundering and mortgage abuses, it has paid billions of dollars — but has not been criminally charged. That has spurred an outcry that the bank is “too big to jail.” But now two senior executives of HSBC face criminal charges, accused of a currency manipulation scheme that federal prosecutors say generated $8 million in profits and fees."

Comey is dirty. Loretta Lynch is dirty. State department employees are dirty. Hillary Clinton is dirty. Her 'trusted' aides and attorneys, Abedin and Mills, are dirty. It's just one big incestuous criminal cabal.

Hillary Clinton is receiving national security updates she should NOT. Her reckless criminal actions with emails have put this country at risk. Her slobbering fool supporters who are just as morally and ethically bankrupt as Hillary can deny it until the cows come home but it's true.

Criminal Clinton must NOT ever step into the White House again. As I wrote in a previous column, she can still be impeached as the statute of limitations has not run. The Senate Could Impeach Hillary Clinton Today

Donald Trump must win this election. I know his first priorities are going to be stopping the invasion by illegals and Muslims coming from terrorist sponsoring countries as well as stop the flood of unvetted refugees. He MUST make it a priority to remove Comey and Loretta Lynch right away. I doubt Loretta Lynch wants to stick around but Comey might.

No. They both must go immediately. If I were in Congress I would get together with Trey Gowdy and the other house members on the oversight committee and forward a request now into conspiracy and obstruction of justice against Comey and Lynch. Then the new FBI Director goes after Hillary Clinton, Comey and the other co-conspirators.

Every damn president since Nixon has been either dirty or should have been impeached or prosecuted for their crimes. Iran-Contra, Reagan and Oliver North. Bill Clinton treason; the Cox Report. The list is endless. No more letting these criminals just walk away when a new president is sworn in.

The criminal impostor in the White House has NEVER been president of this country. Barry Soetoro aka Obama defrauded the American people to get into office and has done everything he can to destroy this country and support Muslim terrorists. He belongs in a federal prison. But, Trump will let him walk for all the obvious reasons.

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If Trump doesn't go after Hillary Clinton, Comey, Lynch and individuals in the State Department who have obstructed justice and yes, conspiracy it will continue sending a message to we the people that some are above the law while the rest of us would go to jail.

Trump must send a clear message: No one is too big to jail. Not even the Clintons and their daughter. His new FBI Director can still go after Hillary for her email criminal actions as well as the Clinton Foundation. It must be done if the American people are going to ever have any respect for the law again.


You can bet it's serious death threats against Assange - he should stay off the balcony:

1 - ‘October Surprise’ Thwarted? Wikileaks Cancels Highly Anticipated Tuesday Announcement Due to ‘Security Concerns’
2 - Dr. Keith Ablow: Hillary Clinton -- Inside the mind of a shameless liar
3 - The Clintons Are So Criminal They Make the Mafia Blush
4 - If you haven't watched Clinton Cash, every adult age American should take the time to watch this critical documentary. It exposes the criminal duo, Bill & Hill and their money racket.

[Devvy's hot new book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions is now available. The most important issues destroying America are presented along with constitutional solutions neither the Republicans or Democrats will pursue. Get your copy now. Excellent discounts for 2 or more books, or bulk orders.]

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© 2016 - and Devvy - All Rights Reserved

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As more evidence continues to trickle from the State Department it is glaringly obvious to anyone following the monster email scandal there should be a slew of indictments against key operatives for conspiracy to cover up crimes by Hildebeast as well as obstruction. Key employees in the State Department have been crapping in Congress' face for years ignoring subpoenas and deliberately hiding evidence.