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By: Devvy
September 5, 2016

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch stated in a recent interview: "One of the dirty little secrets in Washington is that Mrs. Clinton can be impeached now. A federal official leaving office does not end congressional jurisdiction over impeachment for misconduct in that office. And if she was convicted by the Senate the sanction could be ineligibility for future office."

There have been calls for a special counsel but corrupt Attorney General Loretta Lynch will never allow that to happen. Fitton went on to say in another interview:

“You know, the other interesting thing is, Mrs. Clinton’s still the subject of impeachment for her conduct as Secretary of State,” Fitton observed. “Republicans in Congress, rather than complaining about what the Justice Department is or isn't doing – which is fair to do – they also have independent obligations to uphold the rule of law and the accountability of government. They could do that through the impeachment process, and Mrs. Clinton no longer being the Secretary of State is no impediment to impeachment."

We know that a couple members of the U.S. House have written the FBI about Hildebeast committing perjury during her testimony before a House Benghazi committee and those ever so elusive emails hanging around her corrupt neck. Judicial Watch has been carrying the legal battle against corrupt Hillary. Finally, a couple members of Congress have decided, despite it being an election year, to go after that lying witch:

Goodlatte, Chaffetz Outline Case for Perjury against Clinton, August 15, 2016

Washington, D.C. – "Today, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) sent a letter to U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Channing Phillips identifying several examples where Secretary Hillary Clinton’s sworn testimony before Congress is incompatible with evidence collected during the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) investigation into the Secretary's private email server.

"The letter is in response to a Department of Justice letter sent to Chairmen Goodlatte and Chaffetz last week saying the department will “take appropriate action as necessary” on the Chairmen's request for an investigation into the matter."

We wouldn't have to be dealing with THE most corrupt individual ever to run for U.S. president if Republicans had done their job in 1998 and impeached Bill Clinton for treason. Millions of Hillary supporters have no idea what happened during the phony impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton. It was a set up orchestrated by prominent Republicans. One only need read David Schippers book, Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment:

"While no one came out of the Monica Lewinsky scandal looking good, David Schippers, the chief investigative counsel for the Clinton impeachment, wants to be sure Americans know just who contributed to the debacle and how. A trial attorney and a Democrat, Schippers was hired by Republican congressman Henry Hyde to lead an oversight investigation of the Justice Department, then was redirected to handle the impeachment. The quintessential honest man, Schippers was shocked, not so much by Clinton's actions (which he calls a far-reaching conspiracy to obstruct justice with perjury, lies, and witness tampering), but by Republican and Democratic politicians who sold out the impeachment process.

"If you ever want to vote again, you might not want to know what went on behind the scenes in the Capitol Hill meat grinder leading up to and during the impeachment proceedings against William Jefferson Clinton.... Lies, cowardice, hypocrisy, cynicism, amorality, butt-covering--these were the squalid political body parts that, squeezed through the political processor, combined to make a mockery of the impeachment process.

"Of course, Schippers does want you to know what happened, and he also wants you to vote--against those who made the mess. And so he names names--of Republican senators who refused to allow evidence on the floor, of the five Democratic congressmen who never examined the evidence, of the GOP senator who said, "You're not going to dump this garbage on us," and also of the politicians who did an honest job, or at least asked reasonable questions (such as Joseph Lieberman). Schippers also reveals the evidence he was building against the Clinton administration regarding illegal INS actions and Chinagate, but that he was forced to drop. He reviews the successful struggle to get a full hearing in the House and the "flat-out rigged ball game" in the Senate. He discusses the president's pattern of abuse and intimidation of women, including some highly disturbing information regarding Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, and Dolly Kyle Browning."

I saw Schippers speak at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC. I think it was the year 2000. It was an event put on by Judicial Watch; Schippers was the keynote speaker. Instead of going after Bill Clinton for treason (read the Cox Report), the stupid Republicans went after him on a sex charge.

Had Republicans gone after Billy Clinton for treason, selling our most secret, sensitive military secrets to the Communist Chinese for trainloads of campaign cash, we would not be dealing with Hillary Clinton today. Billy would be in a federal prison and Hillary the Hun would be jabbering for some social change group or another instead of running for president.

But, the November election is a little over two months away and Republicans are desperate to keep power in the House and Senate. Virtually the SAME incumbents in both parties will go back to Congress to continue selling us out and destroying this country. If Republicans lose control of the House it's likely that despicable (expletive) Nancy Pelosi wouldl tragically again be Speaker of the House.

Clinton lapdogs like Lanny Davis, Kaine, Podesta, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin and others are morally and ethically bankrupt. They don't care how corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton is, just get her into office. Game plan: disappear, no pressers, deny, deny, deny, lie, lie, lie. This close to the election if Hildebeast is no longer their candidate they know it's over. No one except zombies would vote for Kaine.

Will Republicans go after Clinton post election? From my lips to God's ears, but don't hold your breath. Every time a new president is elected crimes committed by the outgoing president are simply swept under the rug so we can "move forward". The criminal impostor in the White House is going to get away with usurping the office of president thanks to every cowardly Republican in Congress. Bush, Jr., got away with an undeclared 'war' in Iraq and Afghanistan all based on damn lies. With a dirt bag like Mitch McConnell at the helm and corrupt rotten senators like John McCain, the only thing that would move them is Trump going public and shaming them into doing what's right.

If elected will Donald Trump go after crook Hillary? I would say the chances are good as long as he gets rid of Loretta Lynch and that SOB, James Comey, head of the FBI. You know how it's done. The president whispers in a few ears and next thing we know someone is resigning to spend more time with the family. Just as long as they're gone I don't care if they want to spend their time eating maggots.

In the meantime, the first debate is September 26, 2016 during Monday night football. Those who care about this election will skip the ball game. I believe that debate will be the game changer. First, with Hildebeast's health problems she cannot take stress. We've seen her zone out during public appearances. Her drooling sycophants can deny it 'til the cows come home but she has serious health problems. Hillary knows she's going to be standing next to a Great White Shark named Donald Trump and wait until he opens his jaws. They can only medicate her so much.

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Of course, Trump will have to temper things to some degree so it doesn't appear he's ganging up on a woman but that will only sell with her ignorant supporters. Oh, no, Clinton is so corrupt Trump will be able to slay her on that stage without much effort. All he needs is to keep his temper in check and practice, practice, practice. Keep his eye on the only goal: Keep that criminal out of the White House.

And, last but not least, Julian Assange (Wikileaks) has been giving many interviews the past two weeks. Assange has said in no uncertain terms another load of emails will be forthcoming before that debate that will not only be devastating but could finally cause Hillary the Hun to drop out and possibly (I pray everyday) get her indicted for her crimes.


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We know that a couple members of the U.S. House have written the FBI about Hildebeast committing perjury during her testimony before a House Benghazi committee and those ever so elusive emails hanging around her corrupt neck. Judicial Watch has been carrying the legal battle against corrupt Hillary.